Max smiled stepping aside to allow Grant into the apartment. Penny gave a little wave, Grant gave a smile back just as Dave moved toward him, his arm outstretched for a handshake.

"Hey Grant, great to see ya" shaking his hand vigorously

"Hi Dave, you too"

Penny turned to Dave "So Dave shall we go?" Penny inquired

Dave gave a quizzical look back "Uh, where.

Penny in turn giving a peeved look back "You know for the thing"

"UH?" said Dave still not getting it.

Max rubbed his forehead "Geez Dave, she wants you to leave with her so Grant and I can be alone. Get it?"

Dave cringed "Oh, with ya. I was just.."

"Ok genius this way" Penny said grabbing Dave by the arm, not letting him complete his sentence while dragging him toward the door.

"Bye" they cried leaving the apartment swiftly.

Max looked at Grant a little embarrassed by his friends "Sorry, they're a little unhinged"

Grant laughed "Yeah I know"

"So Penny said you're just here for the weekend?"

"Yeah, back for good in six weeks though. Sorry about that" Grant joked trying to make the atmosphere a little less tense.

Max nodded and smiled "Cool" was the only response could come up with. "Beer?" he asked.

Grant nodded and making his way to the couch, moving the mound of magazines, remotes and other random stuff from the couch onto a table and sitting down. "Wow Max I love what you" haven't" done with the place" he joked.

"Thank you, I'm so proud" Max grinned handing a beer to Grant and sitting down beside him.

"So how's it hanging?" asked Max slurping his beer.

Grant laughed answering "It's hanging very well thank you".

Max nods "Coool" suddenly finding something very interesting on the ceiling.

"Well this isn't at all awkward" smiled Grant. "Look Max, I imagined before I left I would miss you but it turns out since I've been away I really miss you like crazy". Grant paused to gage Max's reaction. Max looked down at his bottle of beer " In a weird coincidence I really missed you too"

"So" continued Grant "how do you feel about picking up where we left off before the take a break thing,. Say in six weeks time?" he asked cautiously.

Max picks up his bottle of beer and clicked Grants bottle "Here's to six weeks time" Their bottles clink and the boys take a drink.

"Just one more thing" asked Max "How come you're so good looking?"

"I don't know, what's your excuse" he said planting a kiss on Max's lips.