OUT OF THE VORTEX: Ruler Of The World

Doctor Who/Torchwood/Sherlock/Egyptian Mythology

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the original characters or concepts from any of these universes. I do own Mira. Faith Harkness is conceptualized by Rachel Brook and is used with permission. Susan Olivier and Violet Conway are OCs created by Anna Morris and Mary Kate Daily respectively, and are also used with permission. This is purely for entertainment. Do not sue my ass.

A reminder to those who have not read prior chapters. Zephyrus Ambrose and Tobias Forth grow up to be Jack Harkness and John Hart. This is important to remember.

The Alexandrian Connection

Alexandria, Egypt: July 24, 204 BC

The young Time Agent Cadets emerged from the vortex in a small, dark side street. They could smell the sea air, but the city seemed awfully quiet.

Zephyrus checked his manipulator with a groan. "Piece of crap's busted already. Let's see if we can find what we're looking for so we can go home. It's hot here."

Faith stood some distance from the others, forcing herself not to frown. She shook her head. "The Dean was pretty vauge," she said with a sigh. "Any idea what we are looking for?"

Zephyrus rolled his eyes. "Absolutely none."

Susie sighed in irritation. "So we've come all the way down here, without even knowing what we're looking for? Great…just great…anyone else got any bright ideas? I'm coming up blank."

Tobias smirked at his fiance. "Bright ideas? No. But I've got a few nice ones," he murmured, nuzzling her neck.

Susie giggled softly, trying to move his head away. she kissed him lightly on the temple, breathing in his unique scent. "Settle down lover! Sooner we get whatever we're here for, sooner we can play!"

"Aww man!" he sighed, giggling against her.

"I have an idea," said Faith, pulling her deck out. It was time to get some perspective.

She shuffled her deck and pulled her first card. It is the King of Cups with an image of Ianto Jones on it. She frowned.

"That's… interesting…" she mused. "A man who attempts to bring balance and harmony. A figure of self-sacrifice, compassion, friendly but passive. Seducible and vain."

She drew her next card, the frown still in place. It was the King of Wands with a dark haired Doctor image. "The born leader, a savior among men. Proud, commanding, brutal, noble, kind, intelligent. A man of pure creativity."

She then pulled her final card. It was the Knight of Cups with an image of older Lucian on it. "A secretive man who keeps to himself. Creative and fast-thinking, yet prone to shifty dealings. He cannot be trusted."

She sighed. "Why all men? How does this help us?"

Romana stepped forward, looking around, then at the kids. "Since Alexandria is a port city, we won't need disguises, but we do need to figure out what we're after. Everyone have their earcoms?"

Zephyrus ignored the Time Lady, rolling his eyes at Faith. "Uh, because they're Tarot cards? Everyone knows those things are bs. No offense, Faith, but I don't think the occult will help us here."

Mira slapped him upside the head. "Zephy, you jackass. Aren't we fighting the occult here? Plagues? Come on? They have to mean something. But I'm with Faith. It seems odd that they're all men."

Susie frowned. "And are they going to help, or hinder us?" She looked curiously at the cards Faith had, wondering how they fit in with the goings on.

Faith licked her lips, the barb hitting a space in her chest that she never thought would hurt again. She picked up her cards and stood, getting right in Zephyrus' face. "For your information," she hissed, "those occult cards, as you have called them, have saved my life countless times. Without them, I wouldn't be here right now."

Zephyrus winced and backs away, his eyes pained as he recognized the look in her eyes. "I didn't mean. . . I'm sorry. I. . . Gray. . ."

Faith backed off. She knew about Gray… all too well. She subconsciously rubbed her arms.

Susie leaned over and put an arm around the younger girl, holding her close. "Please don't be mad honey, Zephy just has a few issues he's working on."

She kissed Faith on the top of her head.

Romana suddenly looked up, eyes bright. "I know. It's a man's help we need, and I'm pretty sure it's the Doctor. Hang on." She dug her psychic paper out and whispered their location and time to it, then smiled. "There, let's see what happens."

Faith pulled out of Susie's arms. "I'm pretty sure the man that needs help is the Doctor, Romana, but I can't help feeling that another man is also in need of help as well."

Tobias stumbled over to his distant-eyed friend and slapped Zephyrus in the face. "Snap out of it, Zephy. You're going all weird again."

Zephyrus snorted to alertness. "What? Oh. Yeah. Sorry, Faith."

Faith nodded in Zephyrus' direction, but did not look him in the face. She was all business now. She needed to be.

Wells Time Academy, London Campus: September 30, 5090

Lucian ran to the girl's dorm, looking for Mira's friend. He wasn't sure why he had to find the girl, but he was willing to anyway. According to his sister, she was pretty important.

"Violet?" he called nervously. "Are you ok? Where are you?"

Violet peeked out of the window and saw Lucian yelling her name.

Why must my dreams torment me? Did I fall asleep?

She pinched herself, wincing. "Oww! Ok, its real. But why, and what is going on?"

She pulled on her jumper and ran outside.

"Lucian? What are you doing here? And What is going on? There were frogs and other nastiness…"

She trailed off as he stared at her in shock.

This was. . . this was. . .

"It's you!" he gasped at the flame-haired Irishwoman. "You're that girl! I didn't know you knew my sister!"

Violet blushed, a slightly worried look in her green eyes. "Um. . . I'm what girl? And yeah I know Mira. She lives across the hall from me. Is she ok? Where is she? And why are you looking for me?"

He smiled warmly at her, violet eyes bright. "Mira's fine. She's safe. And don't act like you don't know. I've watched you watching me in class for months."

She blushed even more.

Oh he noticed me staring at him? What does that mean? Oh but that smile…

She gulped. "Um. . . I didn't think I was that obvious about it… ah. . . uh. . . Did anyone every tell you that you have a really nice smile? Oh I just said that outloud! Well this is awkward…what did you need from me?"

He stared at her openly, his cheeks coloring as well. "I. . . thank you. No one's ever told me that before."

He stared at her in shock. He couldn't believe they were actually talking. If only he was more confident. . . he gulped. "I'm not sure it's important any more."

After trying to think of what to say, Violet grabbed his hand in a rare moment of bravery. "Lucian? Are you ok? You were looking for me… but you seem to have forgotten what you wanted to say. Do you know anything about whats going on with the frogs and insects around?"

He squeezed her hand slightly, as if making sure it was really there. Then, in a daze, he kissed her lightly, hesitatingly on the cheek.

Violet stepped back, still holding on to his hand. She stared for a moment and then shyly kissed him on the lips, pulling back quickly with a look of horror on her face.

"I'm sorry. I guess I assumed that maybe you did want something to do with me . . . but that was more of a brotherly peck that you gave me." She turned to flee. "I think that maybe I should go back in and hide from whatever going on here."

He frowned, his violet eyes wide in shock. "What are you talking about? I. . ."

He let out a hiss of frustration and kissed her again, this time with confidence, square on the lips.

Violet closed her eyes and put her arms around his neck, pulling them closer together.

As the kiss ended, he pulled back and smiled at her, breathless. He couldn't remember ever being this happy.

"So what were we doing?" he murmured. "Oh. Yes. I'm supposed to take you to Egypt. I think. But it can wait, can't it?"

Violet realized that not even her dreams were that marvelously perfect. "Egypt?" she murmured back dreamily. "Why? Oh why should it matter? I will go anywhere with you. And I suppose it could wait for a bit…"

He smirked. "So, pizza?"

Alexandria, Egypt: July 24, 204 BC

As the group argued, an extremely tanned Egyptian man arrived from seemingly nowhere.

"Well, well, well. You must be the kids they sent for me to play with. Hmm. . . not bad."

Mira stared at the newcomer, licking her lips slightly. "And who are you, then?"

He gulped slightly. "That's classified. But you can call me Kurios. I'm here to help you. Come with me. I've got some nice rooms set up for you in the servant's quarters. It's not much, but it'll help you keep a low profile."

Faith eyed the man carefully. He seemed nice enough. "Ok, sounds good to me."

Romana stepped in front of the younger people protectively. "Who are you, and why would we just trust some random stranger?"

She glared fearlessly at him, unwilling to back down.

Faith rested a hand on Romana's arm. "Romana… I think it's ok. I think he was sent to help us."

She relaxed slightly, but still eyed him wary. "He should choose his words more carefully then. Fine, we'll go, but I'll be watching."

Susie looked at the stranger consideringly for a moment, then her eyes narrowed dangerously. "Whatever it is you're thinking? Forget it. Answer questions, yes, but if you touch a single one of us?" She let the promise hang in the air.

Mira giggled. "He can touch me if he wants!" She made growling noises at him.

He seemed perplexed. "Why should I want to touch you?"

Mira groaned. "Of course. Damn. Why are the cute ones always gay?"

His eyes widened. "What? No, not like that, miss. I just. . . oh, bother."

Susie just raised her eyebrow. "Can you talk and walk? Yes? Good, let's go!"

She grabbed Toby by the hand and started walking behind the man, prodding him forward.

New West End, London: September 30, 5090

Violet blushed again. "Oh pizza? Yes, like I said, anywhere with you."

He chuckled. "Mira'd tell you that was a dangerous precedent to set. But pizza it is."

He awkwardly grabbed her hand, and the two of them walked to the shopping centre. The large building is seemingly unaffected by the plagues that ravaged the city, though there were far fewer people there than there normally were.

As they sat and ate their slices in the artificially clean air, he smiled at her.

"I just realized we still haven't officially met. I suppose we should. I mean, if you want to. . . you know. .. uh. . . anyways, I'm Lucian Jamerson."

Violet laughed. "I suppose that would be the right thing to do if we would wanted to uh.. date? Was that the word that you were looking for? pleased to officially meet you. I am Violet Conway. But I'm confused. Don't you have a girlfriend? There are always girls around you and I know that they are much prettier then I am." Violet looked away from his gaze, eyes lowered.

Lucian stared at her, slack-jawed. "Are you serious?"

He brushed the hair away from her face gently, smiling down at her. "Violet, you're gorgeous! How could anyone measure up to that?"

Violet stared at him, wondering what he could possibly see in her. "Your voice and your touch are so much better then I have dreamed! It's almost like this is perfect, but its not because its too perfect. It's too much like a dream to be real and, why do my dreams mock me? I'm going to wake up and be alone and have to watch you with everyone else. I never want to wake up from this!"

Tears started rolling down her cheeks. He moved his chair closer to hers and held her in his arms. "Shh. You don't have to be alone any more. I promise. I'll always be right here for you, Violet."

Violet clung to him tightly. "Thank you," she whispered.

The Palace, Alexandria, Egypt: 204 BC

When they arrived at the palace, Kurios directed the men to a set of huts outside the walls.

"Master Ambrose, Master Forth, you will be living here for the time being."

Susie let the others go ahead of her, holding Toby back by her side. "I don't know why, but I'm starting to get a bad feeling about this. Promise me you'll take care of yourself yes? I can't lose you now."

He kissed her lightly on the nose. "Don't worry. I'll keep you safe. No matter what."

She chuckled. "I can look after myself honey, you know that. But I need your promise that you will protect yourself! You belong to me! And I'm damned if I'll let anyone take you away from me, you hear me?" Her last words came out ferociously, and she gripped him so hard he yelped.

Kurios coughed. He pointed the women down a small corridor. "Ladies, I'm sorry, but this is the best I could do."

They entered a large courtyard, arrayed with fine fabrics and water features.

Mira gasped in appreciation. "This is magnificent!" Her eyes widened in surprise as they walked in, gazing around.

Romana rolled her eyes. "This is amazing! But why do I get the feeling of being in a harem?"

Kurios smirked. "Because this is a harem. But don't worry. I will personally ensure that you are not molested. Except of course for Miss Jamerson. She seems to demand it."

Romana nodded, still unsure. But she had no other choice at the moment. "That's good. Anyone touches me, or so much as looks at the girls, will have Hell to pay. So, when do we find out who is hosting us?"

Faith looked away. "Um… should I go change? I mean, the clothes we have don't exactly blend in."

Kurios smiled at the young girl. "Yes, Miss Harkness. Do change. I'll be back to introduce you to the Pharaoh in the morning."

He looked meaningfully at Romana. "Not like that. You'll not be touched. You are our guests, after all. And he does so want to meet you. After all, the object you seek used to belong to him. It was stolen not a week ago."

She turned to look at him in surprise. "Stolen? Are you sure this can wait til morning then?"

He nodded, sighing. "It has to. My master is indisposed at present."

That statement sent a shiver down Faith's spine as she walked away to change.