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(Update: August 2017) I've seen plenty of stories where Harry is a certain Naruto Character. I've seen Harry as Sasuke, as Kakashi, as Orochimaru (I'm not joking on that either), as Itachi, but for some reason, back when I first came up with the idea, I had never seen a story where Harry is Obito. In the past, it's likely due to Obito's 'death' in the Naruto series before particular reveals, but people weren't afraid to use him in Naruto x HP crossovers either (such as Team Minato going to Hogwarts to participate in the Triwizard Tournament). Where magic's concerned, especially where the 'Boy-Who-Lived' is concerned, why could it not be plausible for Obito to 'survive'? And with Obito as he was prior to the Kannabi Bridge mission, being so different in comparison to the other Uchiha, and with some very Harry-ish ideals, it's not too beyond comprehension for Obito to be Harry either. And, so, came along the idea for this story. Strangely, I actually had the idea for this story at about the same time as I came up with Uchiha Potter.

Despite my long hiatus, now that Naruto is finished and there is now all details available about Obito's arc, and the Harry Potter stories are complete, I felt that, once I had made sure certain details are as right as possible, I can finally get back to working on his story! :D So I do hope that you will all enjoy!

'Mahou' in the title means 'Magic'. But Magic Shinobi Obito didn't have quite the same ring to it as Mahou Shinobi Obito does. LOL.


(March 2012) This is the Beta'd version of the Chapter. Thanks goes to TheBlackSeaReaper for the editing.

(August 2017) This is now the Revised chapter of the story. Any changes from the original version, I shall add at the chapter's end


After Harry was orphaned and placed on the Dursley's doorstep, Petunia contacts Harry's other relatives and hands him over to them so as not to bother with him. Years later, Uchiha Obito discovers mysterious powers, only to discover that there are more out there with that same power. Hired by Wizards as guards, Team Minato discover the truth about Obito's mysterious past, a past that even Obito was unaware of…


I, Chosha Kurenai, hereby swear that ownership of Naruto and its entire relating media belongs to Masashi Kishimoto, and Harry Potter and it's relating media belongs to JK Rowling. Mahou Shinobi Obito is fan fiction only and is written purely for entertainment and not meant as infringement of any rights belonging to the artist, the author or companies who created them. Please support the official anime/manga/novel/film releases.


Chapter One:

The Birth of an Uchiha

The Dursleys of Number Four Privet Drive were proud to say that they were perfectly normal. They prided themselves on being the picture of the perfect family and the epitome of everything that was Ordinary. They lived in a good neighbourhood, on a normal street, in a normal house, where there were only mundane problems and happenings. And they were very much content with that.

Mr. Vernon Dursley was a large, beefy, red-faced man with a thick moustache and not much neck. He was the owner of a relatively successful firm called Grunnings, that made drills, and spent many a day shouting, ordering around his employees and complaining about paperwork or people slacking off. Even when he wasn't at work, nothing pleased him more than to complain about the ingrates and weirdoes of society. Mrs. Petunia Dursley, on the other hand, was thin and blonde, almost the opposite of her husband. She was quite proud to be the picture of the perfect housewife, well known for her housekeeping skills, as she always kept her home clean and tidy. She was also proud to know almost all the gossip that happened in their street, her long neck useful to crane over the fences and spy on their unsuspecting neighbours. Vernon and Petunia also had a son named Dudley, and in their 'humble' opinion, there was no finer boy anywhere.

However, there was something not quite so 'Normal' about the Dursleys. It was their deepest, darkest secret. Their biggest fear was that anyone– anyone –would ever discover it.

A secret that was currently bundled in blankets, staring up at Petunia Dursley with startling bright green eyes from its basket on the kitchen table.

Petunia whimpered.

The child, barely older than her own son, was one Harry Potter, the son of Petunia's estranged sister, Lily Potter. In fact, Petunia had been quite happy to be estranged from said sister. She had even pretended for quite some time that she didn't even have a sister. If the Dursleys were the epitome of everything that was normal, then the Potters were the picture of everything that was freakish. Lily had been born with strange powers, and she had married a man that was just as abnormal and strange as Lily herself - which had resulted in this tiny child that was currently on her kitchen table. Petunia had never seen their son prior to this. However, she already knew, without looking, that this boy would be just as weird and unusual as his blasted parents.

She even had the letter to prove it.

The day had started off like any other day (just the way the Dursleys liked it). Petunia had woken up, early as usual, and had got dressed, spending a long time – but not abnormally long – in the bathroom to make sure that she looked her best. After all, one had to look ones best to be the perfect housewife, and she wouldn't want the people on the street to think she was a common slob. After that, she had headed down the stairs to start preparing breakfast and coffee for Vernon once he had woken up, and for Dudley once he had – after all, her precious growing boy shouldn't need to wait for his breakfast.

However, things had distinctly gone downhill the moment she had gone to pick up the milk bottles from the doorstep, only to find that that hadn't been the only thing left on her porch. For, wrapped up in a blanket, a letter slipped in beside it and tucked into a basket was a tiny baby. A baby with bright green eyes, messy black hair-tuft on its head and a strange shaped scar – the shape of a bolt of lightning.

Of course, she reacted the way any 'normal' person would.

The sound of milk bottles smashing and the piercing scream that emitted from Petunia had brought Vernon stumbling down the stairs, tie crooked, shirt half unbuttoned and shaving cream covering half of his face, only to stare dumbly at the situation himself, jaw opened in utter shock. After all, it wasn't every day that you found a baby on your doorstep. Not just any baby, but the baby of your wife's estranged sister.

Once they were able to think clearly, they reacted as one, looking around to see if anyone else had seen the distinctly abnormal event that had taken place on their very porch. Thankfully, as it was still early in the morning, no one had yet seen – they could only hope the baby had been left after the milkman arrived, because who knew what strange rumours that would circulate about them otherwise! Quickly, they dragged the basket inside before they were spotted.

However, they now had a few problems. What was Harry Potter, a boy they had never met, but only vaguely knew existed, be doing at Privet Drive? Specifically, what was he doing on their doorstep? And what exactly were they supposed to do with the boy now? The fact that the baby, with Lily's emerald green eyes, was staring at Petunia as if disappointed in her was deeply unnerving. No baby should have the ability to pull of such a look.

And if Lily thought she could just dump off her freakish brat with normal, law abiding folk like them, then she had another thing coming!

Still, it seemed oddly out of character. Lily was many things, most of them weird and completely unDursleyish, but heartless was not one of them. As much as she disliked her sister and pretended she didn't exist at all, Petunia had to reluctantly admit that Lily was never the type to abandon her son. But Still! She should know better than to infect Petunia's perfectly normal and happy life with her freakishness! Especially when she didn't even have the common courtesy to show her face first.

The letter had better have a good reason for all of this, or so help her…

Quickly, Petunia snatched up the envelope, doing her best to ignore the baby's unsettling and unwavering stare and Vernon's nervous pacing, and pulled out the letter from inside. She couldn't help but wrinkle her nose at the parchment letter. Parchment! Who wrote on parchment these days, the weirdoes. Of all the ridiculous things. However, in their current situation, she was willing to overlook that if it would tell her what on earth was going on and what to do with that baby that was still drilling holes into her back with its god-damned stare!

Shivering, she began to read.

However, rather than greeted with Lily's neat and tidy handwriting that she had been expecting, she was instead faced with a strange, unfamiliar loopy script that certainly did not belong to her sister. Somewhat flummoxed, she began to read. And the more she read, the paler she got, until she dropped onto one of the kitchen chairs heavily, feeling faint.

"Pet? Pet, what's wrong?" Vernon managed anxiously, wringing his hands. "What does it say? Does it say why…why it's here?" he flapped a meaty hand in the direction of the Potter's brat.

"She…she's dead," Petunia managed weakly, feeling numb. The numbness, however, was soon replaced by indignation. "She went and got herself and that cookie husband of hers blown up. Blown up! And this…this crackpot wants us to look after her brat!" She fumed, even Vernon cowering slightly in the face of her wrath.

How dare she do something so inconsiderate? Not to mention the blasted woman had even told her that she and her lot were having some kind of trouble in an unwanted letter only a week before. If she knew she was having trouble, then she should have just gone to the police (if her kind even had some kind of law enforcement) instead of burdening honest and hardworking regular people.

"And who does this…this…" She referred to the letter once again; face contorting with disgust, "this Albus Dumbledore," Ugh, even the name sounded freakish, "think he is, dumping him here!"

"Can't we just get rid of it?" Vernon demanded nervously. He had heard about his sister-in-law's…abnormalities and he certainly didn't want his precious Dudley to be exposed to something like that. "Drop it off at an orphanage or something?"

"No!" Petunia exploded, practically crumpling the letter in her fist. "That…that man," she shook the letter, "said he would be in…correspondence, if the brat wasn't left with family. And if we dropped the boy off and the neighbours found out, what do you think they'll say? I don't want that man gracing my doorstep!"

She jumped up and paced for a moment, nibbling on her lip. "Still, he did say he had to be with some sort of blood family, but not what blood family." She said finally, cogs turning in her brain. Perhaps…perhaps there was a way out of this dratted situation after all!

"So, there's other family?"

"Not my family, but he's got some other family," Petunia jerked her head towards Harry, "at least that's what she said in that letter a week ago."

"Then why did they drop the brat off here then?" Vernon bristled.

"Apparently, they're hidden," Petunia sniffed. She would have been happy if they stayed that way too. Only weirdoes and criminals hid away. However, unless she wanted a walking abnormality plaguing them and ruining their perfectly normal life, then she was going to have to get in touch with the Potter man's family. As it was, it wouldn't be too hard, as she knew exactly how to contact them, so they could get rid of the brat and get on with their lives as if this never happened.

A week before all of this, Petunia had a letter and parcel from Lily of all people. This had been rather strange in and of itself, mainly because they had pretty much agreed never to contact each other and to get on with their lives pretending that the other didn't exist (a deal Petunia had been very happy to enforce). However, the reason for the breaking of the unvoiced vow soon became clear when she read it.

Dear Petunia, (the letter read)

I know that you would rather you never heard from me again, but please, do not throw this letter away. If you can do that for me, then I promise not to bother you again. However, if you do get contacted by 'my kind' again, then please, consider this to be my last Will and Testament.

As you may or may not know, a man called 'Voldemort' has been terrorising 'My kind' for some time now and James and I have become targets. There is a chance that, even though we are going into hiding, something might happen to James and I. I don't want to ask you to look after my son, Harry, if anything does happen to us. You have often shown your distaste of what we've been able to do and it's not fair on you or Harry if that's the case. So, I've made some arrangements.

If something does happen to James and I, and Harry is, for some reason, placed into your care, then please, open the parcel that came with this letter (if you haven't already) and use what's inside. Inside are instructions in how to contact some of James' remaining family on his mother's side – the Uchiha family. They have agreed to take him in if something does happen. Please keep the package safe and use it only if Harry is placed with you, if you feel your animosity towards me and 'my kind' would affect Harry's care.

I am aware that it is likely we can never reconcile, as much as I'd like to. However, if something does happen to us, I do hope that at least you have the heart and love your sister enough that, at the very least, you will follow through these last wishes of mine, for both your sake, and the sake of Harry, my most precious son.

Thank you, Petunia…and goodbye,


Petunia had no idea what compelled her to read the letter when she recognised the handwriting on the address, never mind what possessed her to keep the letter and the parcel (unopened) in the cupboard under the stairs for safekeeping. But now, she was glad she had. If she had thrown it away, or otherwise destroyed it, she would have had no way of contacting any of those…Uchiha people, who could actually take the boy off her hands, and she would have been forced to raise the blasted boy herself. She shuddered at the thought of the freakish child anywhere near her darling Dudley. Still, that Albus Dumbledore couldn't complain about it if the boy was being taken care of by his family, even if that family wasn't hers, and she, in turn, could happily get back to her own normal life without a care in the world.

Striding passed Vernon, Petunia hurried to the cupboard and pulled out the package that had come along with Lily's letter and brought them both back to the kitchen, ignoring Vernon's spluttered confusion – he hadn't been there when the letter arrived, having been at work at the time and Petunia had never mentioned it in hopes that it would eventually gather dust and she could forget all about it – opening it with careful fingers. After all, with those people you could never be too careful. She wouldn't be surprised if the dratted thing exploded or something. However, the parcel did not, in fact, explode. Nor did anything else happen other than two objects slipping out of the wrapping, along with an envelope.

The first object was cylindrical and, upon closer inspection, seemed to be rolled-up scroll, only about the length of one's hand from wrist to fingertip. The cover was a deep royal blue and was sealed shut with a strange insignia that reminded her of a table tennis racket. The top half of the racket was red, while the bottom half (along with the 'handle' of the racket) was white. The second object was a thin white tube with a screw top, barely the length of her smallest finger.

Typical. Of course, it couldn't be a phone.

Quickly, Petunia snatched up the envelope first, hoping that this was the instructions, because unless that scroll had some kind of telephone number inside (which she highly doubted since Lily's kind could never be that normal) then she had no idea what she was supposed to do with the dratted things.

Dear Petunia,

If you are reading this then the worst has come to pass: James and I are dead, and for whatever reason, my son, Harry, has been left in your care. As we both know how you feel about 'my kind', if Harry's Godfather, Sirius, is unable to take care of him – if he was, then Harry would not have been left with you, I promise – then my husband's maternal family, the Uchiha family, has agreed to take him in. In order to get in contact with them, you must use the blood-

"Blood?" Petunia gasped, feeling faint.

Vernon seemed to be righteously indignant on his wife's behalf. "Blood? That's barbaric! No wonder you wanted nothing to do with that lot!"

Still, if it would keep her from having to interact with that lot ever again, then she could force herself to do it as long as she wouldn't have to do any creepy voodoo crap or something. It would be a tiny sacrifice in the long run to keep her perfectly normal life (and once it was done she could pretend this day never happened). So, with a deep, shaky breath, she ploughed on.

In order to get in contact with them, you must use the blood (Petunia shuddered again) contained in the vial provided and run the blood along the symbol that is sealing the scroll I sent alongside this letter, shut. Once the scroll has opened, please write inside 'This is Petunia Dursley, in accordance to James and Lily Potter's wishes'. Once that is done, you should receive some kind of correspondence from the Uchiha family, who will arrange a meeting to take Harry from your hands.

I know these instructions sound very strange, but please, follow them, for your sake and for Harry's.


Petunia gnawed on her lip once more. She wished that she wouldn't have to go through something so….so barbaric as this. Oh, she hoped to god that no one else found out that she did it, either! (she would, in future, put it down to a moment of madness. She had no idea what compelled her to do it. Maybe her kind could force normal-minded people to do such things without them actually wanting to? Yes, that had to be it). But before she could second guess herself, she picked up the tube and opened it, trying not to gag at the coppery scent as crimson smeared over the seal. Oh, she wanted to fling the scroll away, wash her hands over and over to rid any trace of blood, because she felt utterly dirty, like she had unwillingly taken part in some satanic ritual. But the sooner this was done and the boy was gone, the sooner that all this madness could be put behind them. Still, it worked, as Lily had said. The scroll fell open in front of her, as if there hadn't been anything sealing it closed at all.

With a shaky breath, more thankful than she could put into words that Vernon's large hands were squeezing her shoulder to comfort her through the trauma, Petunia took a pen (she damned well hoped she wasn't supposed to write in blood as well, because that was where she would most certainly draw the line) and quickly wrote down the words Lily had quoted.

For a moment, nothing happened. Then, to Petunia's utter astonishment, the words seemed to vanish on the scroll completely. She rubbed her eyes and checked the scroll again. Still, no words. It was almost as if she never written anything at all. That was, until new words appeared in a very different hand than her own, and most certainly using a different tool to write with.

So, the worst has occurred. The boy shall be taken into our care. We know where you are. Expect us.

The note was left unsigned.

Petunia couldn't help but quake slightly at the thought as Vernon also read over her shoulder, the colour draining from her face. When she glanced up at her husband, it appeared he wasn't doing much better either. She'd never seen his face so white.

"Vernon," Petunia said, voice quivering despite herself. This was too weird, too weird for anyone, but especially too weird for the Dursleys, "How…how could they possibly know where we live? You don't think they're watching the house?" It was like something from one of those horror movies that had a stalker in them.

"Watching— spying — might be following us," muttered Vernon wildly. Not that Petunia could blame him when people they had never even met, related to that…that Potter had just told them that they knew where they were.

"Or maybe…maybe she gave them the address?" Petunia tried, wanting to find something normal in this situation, something not so goddamned disturbing after everything that had happened today. It had been one shock after another and it couldn't possibly do their hearts any good.

"How dare they give out our address to…to people like them," Vernon fumed, glaring at the Potters' boy as if it was all his fault. Well, technically it was. Still…

"But if they take the boy away…" Petunia said, drawing a deep, shuddering breath. "Vernon?"


"After this, I think we should move. There's some lovely houses advertised in the newspaper, in some nice, normal areas."

"Definitely," Vernon grunted.

In the meantime, it appeared that they would have to look after Harry as well as Dudley until those Uchiha people arrived. Vernon was certainly not impressed. After all, couldn't her lot just show up with some kind of instant teleportation or something like that? However, Petunia thought that it would be far stranger if any of the neighbours saw that. She could only hope that, when they did show up, they dressed normally, so that they wouldn't have to bother with the stares or the questions that they might get asked otherwise.

Petunia was honestly at a loss as to what to do with the boy, to be honest. He was just…completely unlike Dudley, with those big green eyes that just watched her unnervingly, Lily's eyes in a face unlike hers. He was unnaturally quiet, too. Petunia wasn't sure if that was a good or a bad thing, but it certainly made the boy seem even weirder.

Once, she had even found a biscuit floating in the air into the boy's hand and she almost screamed the place down.

Those Uchiha people couldn't get here soon enough!

In an effort to keep her reputation – not to mention sanity –Petunia left the boy in the cupboard under the stairs for a while in punishment. Hopefully that would teach him to use that…that unnaturalness in the house

However, it was a few months later – November had long gone, passing through December and January until the month had turned to February – before they heard anything else after that the strange incident with the message in the scroll. In fact, Petunia was beginning to think that Lily had pulled some kind of sick trick on her, if it wasn't for the fact that she knew that Lily was dead. Perhaps these people just had to sort out documents or make travel arrangements or something, but still! They should have at least kept them informed, because Petunia seriously did not know what to do with Lily's little hell-spawn.

Her trials finally came to an end late evening on February tenth, when there was a knock at the door, at a time that was rather late (and rather rude) for someone to be expecting a polite reply. Since Petunia was busy with Dudley – who needed the attention, poor dear, considering how she had needed to spare some of it (however minutely) on their unwanted houseguest – Vernon had hauled himself from his chair and stomped, grumbling, to the door, most likely to tell off the people who had come at such a strange time.

Oddly, after the door opened, she really didn't hear much of anything, which was rather odd, since she half expected to hear Vernon telling off whoever it was for disturbing them. Yet there was barely a sound.

Wait, maybe…

Licking her suddenly dry lips, Petunia placed Dudley in his play pen – who immediately started to throw his toys in Harry's direction in a tantrum – and made her way to the front door, only to freeze slightly at the sight she was met with.

Vernon was glowering at three figures that were standing at the door, one female, two males. Each of them with dark hair and fair skin that showed a distinct similarity to that Potter she had seen the few times Lily had brought him home and that bore a resemblance to the boy as well. They wore odd clothes that seemed almost military like and at the same time made her think of eastern martial arts movies. Their eyes were all dark, almost pitch black in colour and had an odd, cold intensity that made her shudder. Much like Harry's – even though they were more like deep dark caves than emerald pools – they seemed almost able to look right through her, leaving her feeling exposed. On their foreheads, they wore odd headbands with a metal plate on the front, each bearing a similar symbol on it, resembling a strange, stylised leaf. Were they all part of a cult or some kind of weird group? But the thing that drew her attention the most was a different symbol that she spotted on the sleeve of the grim-faced man at the front – the same table-tennis racket shape that had sealed that scroll shut.

Immediately, she knew – these had to be the Uchiha people that Lily had mentioned in her letter. The ones related to that James Potter.

As Petunia gasped slightly, the dark eyes snapped in her direction, freezing her in place for a moment as she somehow forgot how to breathe.

"You are Petunia Dursley, correct?" the man at the front said, in a thick accent that she couldn't quite place.

"Y-yes…" she managed to gasp out finally, once she realised that she had yet to actually take a breath since they looked at her. "P-please, come in," she offered, if only to get them off the doorstep before people noticed and ended up questioning her as to why three grim faced (but very good looking) people had been there so late at night.

"We do not wish to make this unpleasant for you, but we came here for the child and the child only." The man said shortly. Obviously, he was keen not to be seen around here either – something they could both agree on. "If you could get him, then we will be on our way."

"O-of course," Petunia stuttered, somehow managing to leave, feeling weak at the knees. How could those people seem so intense? She had to take a few deep breaths to steady herself before she headed back into the living room once more, taking Harry out of the playpen. The boy looked at her with those unnerving eyes again and Petunia shuddered.

He's leaving soon. I only have to put up with it for a little longer

That in mind, she headed back into the hall and, avoiding those piercing eyes, handed the boy over with barely a second thought. The lead man nodded to the female of the group, who stepped forwards and carefully took the baby from her, offering it a small smile that had the baby gurgle something pleasantly at the attention. As she adjusted Harry into a more comfortable place on her hip, both baby and woman's eyes softening, that piercing effect tamed somewhat. Petunia also handed over the letter of explanation that Albus Dumbledore had left her as well. Maybe they'd make more of the weird explanation that the man had left than she could.

"Anything else?" the lead man said, pulling Petunia from her thoughts.


"Then we'll be leaving," the man said. Nodding to the other two, they, as one, turned and leapt away in a manner that Petunia wasn't even sure a human could do, vanishing into the darkness so fast it was almost as if they had never been there, leaving Petunia and Vernon gob-smacked, but very much alone by their open front door. It was almost as if the entire exchange had been merely a dream.

"…Close the door, Vernon…" Petunia said finally, once her brain had started working again, making her way back into the living room and picked up Dudley once more, ignoring his squirming and whining in her arms as she cradled him. It was done. The brat was gone, and with it, the last of the weirdness. Things could finally go back to normal. Hopefully, the ache in her chest would leave as well. Not knowing that, already a good mile away, the three Uchiha were talking.

"What is his name?"

"Harry Potter."

"A weak name for a Shinobi. He will need a new name. From now on, his name is…Uchiha Obito."

To Be Continued…


Translation List:

(Please note that at the end of each chapter, a translation list will be available for any Japanese words that might be used. If any Japanese words do not appear in the list but are used in the chapter, then those words have already been translated in an earlier chapter)

Shinobi– another word for a Ninja

Uchiha– more a bit of trivia than a need to translate the Uchiha family surname. The surname Uchiha actually derives from the word Uchiwa. An Uchiwa is a kind of rounded, non-folding fan that one uses to fan themselves in hot weather. As such, the Uchiha clan symbol is actually a stylised Uchiwa fan, though if you look at it from someone who does not know Japanese culture, and then it does look a bit like a table tennis racket. Ironically, (when you consider the Uchiha clan in Naruto, especially) the fan symbolizes friendship, respect and good wishes (at least according to Wikipedia).

Chosha's Notes:

Well, I certainly hope that this idea has sparked people's interests at least. Like I said in the forward, I've had this idea for quite some time and I really wanted to try it out. For those who think it might end up like Uchiha Potter, have no fear, this won't be. Though Harry is still an Uchiha here, he is a much different kind than, say, Uchiha-Potter Harry, simply because the settings are different. After all, Obito is a different kind of person than Uchiha-Potter Harry, and the circumstances I have in mind are much different.

Before anyone asks why I had them have Harry be picked up on the tenth of February instead of right away, or even a few days later, I shall tell you that February tenth is Obito's birthday. Considering this chapter is to show the birth of Uchiha Obito, it seemed fitting that happen on February tenth, since I doubt the Uchiha would know Harry's proper birthday, thus linking things in a little with canon Obito (considering in this story canon Obito and Harry are one and the same. Also, if you consider it, the Uchiha would probably have had to make arrangements, get permission to actually leave Konoha to get there, travel out of the hidden continent, all the way to England, locate the Dursleys' home (even with the address) before they could actually get Harry from her. I'd say that might take a while, considering I doubt they have much knowledge of the transport outside of the hidden continent, as I've never seen a car or plane in the Naruto world.

Anyway, please review this story. I'd like to know what you think. Is the idea good? Does it have potential? Do you think it's a silly idea? If you want to give constructive criticism, I'm all up for it as long as it is indeed constructive (as in telling me ways in which I can improve) and polite about it. After all, there is no need to be hostile or rude. Flames will be ignored. I know it's early into the story, but if anyone has any parings they would like to see, or be hinted towards (as is my usual method so you can make your own conclusions, though these sometimes do lead on to proper parings if they feel right) then please, tell them to me, with some reasons for it, I'll be more likely to consider it if the reasons are good, though there will likely be at least one-sided Obito x Rin (as is canon).

Updates (08/2017):

Fixed a few grammar and spelling mistakes.

Changed the method of contacting the Uchiha. While the scroll and blood is still used, thinking on it, it would be far too weird to expect Petunia, of all people, to just cut herself. While I could link it to 'compulsion', it just felt wrong. Likewise, it would make more sense if the blood was James', since it is to his extended family. So, instead of her cutting herself, she used the vial of blood instead.

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