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After Harry was orphaned and placed on the Dursley's doorstep, Petunia contacts Harry's other relatives and hands him over to them so as not to bother with him. Years later, Uchiha Obito discovers mysterious powers, only to discover that there are more out there with that same power. Hired by Wizards as guards, Team Minato discover the truth about Obito's mysterious past, a past that even Obito was unaware of…


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Chapter Nine:

In Search of a Hero

Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, bearer of the Order of Merlin: First Class, Supreme Mugwump, Grand Sorcerer and Chief Warlock, sat at his office desk, resting his chin on the back of steepled fingers, a pensive frown on his face. A man of many names, titles and many responsibilities, his highest being to the school of magic, Dumbledore often had many things to be concerned about, especially due to being the man who defeated the Dark Lord Gellert Grindlewald, he was often looked up to as the face of all that was light in the wizarding world.

And with that, it also meant that other, rather different problems settled on his old shoulders. Problems that no school Headmaster, even a Headmaster to a school as mysterious as Hogwarts, would normally have to bear. And a problem that could impact all of Wizarding Britain for many, many years.

This problem bearing the name of Harry Potter.

Fourteen years ago, a prophesy had been made, a prophesy that only he had been privy to. One day, when he had been interviewing a prospective teacher for Divination classes, named Sybil Trelawney, half way through the interview, had suddenly gone rigid, and, before his eyes, spoke her first real Prophesy:

"The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord approaches. … Born to those who have thrice defied him, born as the seventh month dies … and the Dark Lord will mark him as his equal, but he will have power the Dark Lord knows not … and either must die at the hand of the other, for neither can live while the other survives. … The one with the power to vanquish the Dark Lord will be born as the seventh month dies…"

Dumbledore, at the time, had also been helping to lead a resistance against Voldemort, a Dark Wizard, stronger than Grindlewald, who had risen to power and causing chaos throughout the nation, had short listed the candidates who would be Voldemort's downfall. The first was a boy named Neville Longbottom. The Second, a Boy named Harry Potter. Both born on the last day of July, their parents had fought against and survived Voldemort three times. There was no true way of knowing which was which, so he had convinced both families to go into hiding, so that their sons would be able to grow up, and one day be strong enough to bear the responsibility of Voldemort's fall spoken of in the prophecy. As only babies, as they were at the time, neither would stand a chance against Voldemort yet.

However, on the Halloween of that year, Voldemort had got through the protections around the Potters, their Secret Keeper betraying them and had stormed the household, killing James Potter first, who had been trying to hold him off so his wife and son would be able to escape, then Lily Potter, who had been cornered, begging for the man to spare her only child, before turning his wand onto their infant son.

And that had been his undoing.

Somehow, Harry Potter had defeated Voldemort. How, no one could be sure (though Dumbledore had come up with a theory or two), but Voldemort had been thwarted. Body reduced to little more than ash, Voldemort's spirit had fled, leaving the house in ruins, and a baby boy, who had been unharmed except for a single lightning bolt scar on his forehead.

Knowing that Voldemort was not truly gone, Dumbledore had set up protections around the only known family Harry had left – Petunia Dursley – and had left Harry there on the doorstep for Petunia to find, with a letter of explanation. Surely with the letter and the fact that there was no one she could refuse to take the child from, he had expected Harry to be taken in and, while perhaps not loved the way he would have liked, he would be safe, protected, and wouldn't be a spoilt child drunk on his own fame. He had hoped that Harry, protected by the blood wards derived from Lily's sacrifice, Harry would grow up, protected and safe, from those followers of Voldemort's that might have escaped capture and wanted to hunt down Harry for being the one to defeat their master.

However, with all his protections, and plans for the safety of the boy, how could things have gone so wrong?

It had started when, about a year or so after Harry had been dropped off at his relatives' household, that Mrs Figg, a Squib that he had asked to watch over Harry as a neighbor to the Dursleys, had contacted him, all in a flap. The Dursleys, it would seem, had moved house, to where, she wasn't sure. However, it would seem that when they moved, they had taken one small boy with them – Harry, on the other hand, had not been in sight at all. Unfortunately, she didn't know what had happened to the boy, or where the Dursleys had moved to.

Worried for the boy, as there was no sign of him when he checked in on the empty house that was Number 4 Privet Drive, Dumbledore had spent some time searching for them, eventually finding them having moved to Kent after they had hastily vacated their home in Surrey.

Though it had been a bit of a problem when, upon knocking on the door to find out exactly what became of Harry Potter, that the first thing that happened was, as soon as Petunia Dursley laid eyes on him, she had screamed and closed the door in his face.

Not to be deterred, Dumbledore had ended up apparating inside.

"Get out!" Petunia screeched. "Get out now! Or do you want us to call the police? You have some nerve just…just teleporting yourself in here! Have you been having us followed? Were you stalking us? That's against the law, that is!"

"I'll leave soon enough, I promise," Dumbledore said as calmly as possible, making sure to use his wand to stop the vase that had just been about to be thrown at his head. Although, after seeing it, all that had done was made Petunia pale to the point that even parchment seem tanned and hide in one of the other rooms, slamming the door behind her. "Please," he said finally. "I just want to know where Harry is."

"Harry?" Petunia's voice came. "There is no Harry here. Get out!"

"I know that you should remember the boy that had been left on your doorstep, Petunia. He is your nephew after all."

"You! You're that…that Albus Dumbledore?" Petunia spat from behind the door. "What right do you think you have to dumping Lily's brat with me? She promised I would have nothing to do with your kind and then when she got herself blown up you dumped her brat with us? Who do you think you are?"

"My letter explained-"

"Letter? Letter?! What good does a letter do when you just dump a child on a doorstep? We want nothing to do with you…you people!"

"I promise I'll leave as soon as I know where Harry is." Dumbledore insisted, wishing that he had actually paid more attention to what Minerva McGonagall had said concerning this family the night he had left Harry with them.

"Fine," Petunia snapped. "Fine! But after this, I never want to see you, or any of your kind again! You'll stay away from us, understood?"

"Very well then," Dumbledore sighed, wishing it didn't have to be the case. However, finding Harry right now was more important than his disappointment in Petunia. "But please, at least tell me where there isn't a door that I'm speaking to."

A loud 'Hmph' came from behind the door. Nevertheless, showing, at least, that she was Lily's sister in bravery if nothing else, Petunia did, indeed, come out from behind the door. Obviously scared, since her eyes kept moving to the wand, but the knowledge that Wizards would never grace her doorstep again seemed to help, at least a little. Otherwise, Dumbledore was sadly sure she wouldn't have stepped out to meet him, even if her husband had been home and not at work.

"I don't know where he is," she said finally. "Oh, don't look at me like that," she snapped, seeing Dumbledore's expression. "Before she went and got herself killed, Lily had sent me a letter. Stupid really to send me something when she knew I wanted nothing to do with you lot, but in the letter, she said if her brat was ever dumped on us then to open up a parcel she also sent us. I thought nothing of it of course. I was hoping to just put that thing in the attic and never see it again, but of course you had to come along and force one of you lot onto our home like some charity case. So, since none of us wanted your…your freakishness in our house, we used the parcel. Lily's letter said that using the scroll in there would inform that Potter's remaining family where he is and that they'd agreed to take care of him."

Dumbledore frowned. "What remaining family?"

"Lily's husband's maternal family. Something weird, foreign the name was. 'Uchiha' or something like that. They're apparently live hidden away from people according to her."

"Where is this scroll now?"

"I don't know," Petunia snapped. "As soon as the boy was out of our hair we got rid of it. I want nothing to do with your weird…voodoo crap! Now, I know nothing more about it. I've told you everything I know. Now get out! I want to see none of you people here ever again! Leave us alone!"

Unable to find anything more, even using legilimency, Dumbledore had to leave the household, with the only name to go on being the surname of Uchiha, that was apparently on James' mother's side. This was something that Dumbledore was somewhat surprised about. He knew very little about Fumiko Potter, James' mother. Having apparently met James's father while abroad, Fumiko was from an old family, thought to have been pureblood. He had seen her only a few times in the past. They had had James late on in their lives, and when he had seen her, dark eyed, and hair night black with streaks of grey, she looked like the matriarch of a pureblood family from somewhere in Asia, but that was all he knew about her. She was very tight lipped about her family to strangers. The only ones who would have known anything about her family were all dead, except perhaps for two people.

The first was one of James Potter's closest friends that was still alive named Remus Lupin, a man who had been bitten by a werewolf at a young age and, due to law, had been unable to look after Harry and was still in depression about the loss of his friends in the fights against Voldemort.

The other was Sirius Black.

The closest friend of James Potter, closer than all of his friends – even Remus – as close as a brother, even, Sirius Black would likely know many things about the mysterious Fumiko Potter and her family, the Uchiha, since the two shared everything with each other as children. When he had run away from home, he had lived in the Potter Household until he was old enough to get by. Even then, he spent a large amount of time at the Potters' home, at least until the two elder Potters had passed away from Dragon pox, a disease notorious for killing those Witches and Wizards of old age – the senior Potters had become parents rather late in life after all.

There was, however, a problem with this, as Dumbledore recalled grimly. Sirius Black was the reason that the Potters were dead in the first place.

When they had gone into hiding, a special charm had been used to protect the Potters called the Fidelius charm, which should have prevented Voldemort from finding them, even if he had his face pressed against the windows, so long as they remained within the building that the charm had been cast on. The only way to have found the place was through the Secret Keeper. Through James' insistence, that Secret Keeper had been Sirius Black, whom he trusted with his life and even made the godfather of his only child. However, on that Halloween night, Voldemort had found them. While it had indeed caused Lord Voldemort's defeat at the hands of young Harry, James and Lily had still been killed, Godric's Hollow destroyed. And many witnesses also saw, later that night, Sirius cornering the Potter's other friend, Peter Pettigrew, before Peter himself was blown to bits, along with half the street. All that had been left of Peter was a finger.

For these crimes, Sirius had been imprisoned within the high security wizarding prison of Azkaban for life. With that, and the foul creatures called Dementors that had been used to act as jailors, who sucked all happiness from those around them, until merely a shadow of a person of what they once were was left behind, Dumbledore wasn't even sure how sane or willing the man would be in answering his questions.

He hoped, however, that Remus would know the answer to his current problem. That way he wouldn't have to be concerned how to get the man who betrayed his best friend to help find his 'best friend's' son.

When he had gone to see Remus about the situation, to learn of who these Uchiha could be, after receiving an earful from the normally soft-spoken man on what on earth had possessed him to leave him with his magical hating aunt and uncle in the first place, ("Did you not read any will that they had left? They would have yelled themselves horse if they knew you left him with Petunia!") Remus reluctantly admitted that, while he knew that Fumiko's maiden name had indeed been Uchiha and that the name had been Japanese in origin, he actually knew very little else about the family James's Mother had come from.

"If anyone alive was to know anything about it," Remus said finally, hands clenched on his lap and eyes burning amber with his quiet rage at the man who had betrayed his friends, "It would have been Sirius. Assuming he had, at any point, truly cared about James at all to help find Harry. He's all I have left of my friends now, Dumbledore. Please find him. Make sure that he's safe."

With Remus' plea ringing in his ears, it seemed that Dumbledore's only hope for any kind of lead on the Uchiha family without trying his luck at the ministry and risking the news of Harry's disappearance causing a panic to spread through the still recovering Wizarding World, was, ironically, the very man who had started everything off in the first place.

It had taken a lot of string pulling, both through friends in the Ministry and my using several of his titles to their fullest, that Dumbledore was permitted to go to the remote prison in order to question Sirius. He had needed to reveal the disappearance of Harry to Cornelius Fudge – the current Minister of Magic – to help with this as well. Fudge, a rather bumbling man who often asked Dumbledore for advice in all things political, especially when he first found himself in office, once he knew of the circumstances, immediately set about to help. After all, if people knew that Harry Potter was missing, it would cause a panic and when people panicked, they often pointed fingers at the one in charge. Considering just how famous Harry Potter had become since Voldemort's defeat, Fudge had been quite sure that he would be tossed out of office without a second thought if they knew their savour was missing. While his motives weren't as pure as Dumbledore would have liked, it suited the purposes well enough – he wouldn't reveal that the hero was missing and Dumbledore could hopefully have enough time to search for Harry and confirm that all was well, that these Uchiha were suitable guardians for the Boy-Who-Lived.

Azkaban was a small island, hidden to anyone without magic, surrounded by sea with a strong current and enough charms and spells that no one could leave the island except via boat that was able to cut through the fast sea currents, unless they wished to drown. The prison itself was tall and menacing, and seemed to be enshroud by an ever-present thick fog that seemed to crawl under your skin and cloud the light, so it felt like midwinter even in the height of summer. Occasionally, if you were unlucky enough, you could see those creatures too, the Dementors. Appearing almost like the grim reapers of legend, they floated around, sapping all happiness and light, leaving only misery and darkness in their wake.

Dumbledore hated those creatures, who's mere presence would draw every mistake and every horrifying moment of the past to the forefront of the mind and driving those in prolonged contact to madness. However, as much as he had tried to reason with the Ministry about using such creatures, his advice had largely been ignored. The prisoners in Azkaban had all committed appalling atrocities, would be the response. Monster should deal with monsters.

Still, as much as he hated the very thought of Dementors, he would brave them for the sake of righting his greatest mistake.

Sirius Black was held within one of the high security cells, where only the most dangerous of prisoners were kept, passed often by the Dementors that seemed to revel in the punishment of the prisoners. Those in said high security often went mad from prolonged exposure to the terrible creatures.

However, when he went to see the man, other than looking miserable, his usually well styled hair matted and looking as though he needed a good decent meal, Sirius looked much saner than the death eaters that surrounded the other prison cells. Though he was certainly surprised to see Dumbledore on the other side of his cell door.

"If you could bring him to a more private room," Dumbledore said to the guards. "There is something important that must be discussed – away from prying eyes and ears."

They were taken to one of the offices used by some of the wardens, and the Headmaster couldn't help but cast disapproving glances over his half-moon spectacles as the guards manhandled Sirius into one of the chairs that snapped chains over his wrists. As it was, the look appeared to have some weight on the human guards, who at least grew a little sheepish under the stare.

Once they had gone (insisting to call for them or the Dementors if the prisoner tried anything) Dumbledore turned to Sirius once more.

Both surprisingly, considering how Sirius was supposed to be a traitor, yet not, considering how he always used to act around Harry, once Dumbledore had presented the problem to him, the prisoner's reaction was similar to Remus', yet more explosive. It was likely only due to him being chained down that Dumbledore hadn't been physically struck by the man. It took a good fifteen minutes for the man to rant himself hoarse before finally calming enough for Dumbledore to actually ask him about the name Uchiha.

"Uchiha…Yeah, James mentioned it, as well as Mrs Potter back then," Sirius admitted finally. "I'll tell you what I do know, but in return, I have two favours to ask of you. First, I want a trial."

"You mean an appeal?" Dumbledore asked, wondering if the man was a little more insane than he first thought, but he was only greeted with a bark of a bitter laughter.

"No, I mean an actual trial. You were busy, I suppose, what with all the trials that were going on at the time and clearing up the mess – losing Harry," he added with a dark look, before continuing. "But I guess my situation slipped under the radar a little bit. I never even got a trial – or a chance to defend myself at all. Even the worst of the worst got a trial, apart from me. They just threw me in here, thinking that everything was as it appeared. No trial, no Veritaserum, nothing. So, it would be nice to prove what really happened. And lastly…." He looked up at Dumbledore, pleadingly. "Please… use the information I know to find Harry. My Godson is practically all I have left now. Even if you can't get me a trial, at least find Harry, and make sure that he's safe. Even if you never tell me where he is, I just want to know that he's at least alive."

"I'll…see what I can do."

He man closed his eyes. "Thank you. The Uchiha were a high-class family from a place called 'Konoha', from what I remember being spoken about. I don't know where this Konoha is though. I suspect that its somewhere to the east, probably Japan if the kind of robes that Mrs Potter used to wear was any indication, or close to it. I believe that the place where the family lives is hidden though, and Mrs Potter never really spoke about it, even to James – at least, not until she was dying of Dragon Pox anyway. With the war going on, I wouldn't have been surprised if James had been sworn to secrecy – he never mentioned it. Though it could have just been that there was a lack of time. If the Uchiha have Harry, its likely he's safe, but still…If only so he knows the world his parents lived in, please, look for him."

If nothing else, it had left Dumbledore with much food for thought and, rather troubled, he finally left the prison.


For a while, Dumbledore had a distraction from looking for Harry in that he had to convince the Minister to right a certain wrong with Sirius. Whether he had been guilty or not (especially if he wasn't), they were civilised beings, and everyone had a right to a trial. It had taken him a lot of time and effort, on top of his duties as Headmaster, to wear down Fudge enough to actually look into it, to write the wrong of his predecessor and get the true story. It took several months before the man finally agreed to look into it.

Learning the truth, hearing Sirius' confession under Veritaserum, made Dumbledore want to put his head in his hands and groan. It would seem that there was a lot more than just what appeared to have happened after all. It seemed that, though Dumbledore himself had helped cast the first Fidelius charm, with Sirius as the Secret Keeper, they had actually secretly changed who the Secret Keeper was at a later point. Sirius, as James' best friend, was the obvious one to be picked. However, they instead changed it to the unassuming Peter Petigrew instead. Peter was another one of the Potters' friends and it appeared it was Peter who had actually sold out the Potters. Sirius, mad with grief, after having handed Harry to Hagrid to be taken to Dumbledore (and be left with the Dursleys, though Sirius himself hadn't realised this was where Harry was going to be taken, only that he would be protected), had gone after Peter for what he had done. Peter, it seemed, was an Animagus, able to turn into an animal – a rat, to be specific – so when Sirius had confronted him, Peter had framed Sirius before using a curse that caused an explosion, cut of his own finger, and vanished into the sewers in his rat form.

Dumbledore had been partly proud of his previous students – Sirius, James and Peter had apparently become Animagus while in school in order to help Remus while he was in his werewolf state, in order to make his troubles more bearable. The fact they had kept it hidden for so long was amazing. However, he was also once again troubled that an innocent man had been mistakenly imprisoned for (by this point) three years. What was worse was that Peter was still out there – it made him further concerned for Harry's safety.

The papers still had a field day over the news of Sirius' innocence and wrong imprisonment though.

One good thing came from it, however, was that Sirius and Remus were reunited, and both forgave each other for the misunderstandings that had led to such problems. It also meant that now, Dumbledore had some people who could legitimately look into Harry's disappearance by going to Japan themselves. As Headmaster, Dumbledore had to remain in the country, in order to look after Hogwarts and fulfil his duties. Remus was unemployed due to his status as a Werewolf, so had no particular ties and Sirius had the Black Fortune (not to mention compensation for his imprisonment from the ministry) and the reasoning of 'taking a break to get over his imprisonment', which would tide them over as well, in order to look for Harry and give legitimate reason to leave the country for a while, too.

Unfortunately, as several years had passed and no sign of Harry, the duo would return, dejected, though they would keep going and keep trying. Still, no news from Harry.

In the end, Dumbledore could only hope that, when the time came, Harry's Hogwarts letter would help bring the boy back to them once again….


Years had passed, and the time came for when Harry's Hogwarts letter should be sent out. However, Harry's letter, strangely, couldn't seem to find him. The owls sent to look for him would either fly around, unable to find where to go at all, or would come back looking highly ruffled often with letter unopened and would absolutely refuse to return with the letter for Harry. Some owls never even came back at all, which was disconcerting. What could frighten the owls so, or even cause them to not return?

His next thought was perhaps to have Fawkes, Dumbledore's Phoenix familiar, to try and scout for the boy. But even he could not find him. It seemed to have been working out at first, but when he did return, it appeared he had to go through an unexpected burning day – it was worrying. What could have killed a phoenix to make it need to regenerate?

It was highly disconcerting. The only thing that he could think of was there was a barrier of some kind, or many powerful curses, charms and other spells that kept all outsiders away. Perhaps this was what they meant by 'hidden'.

Unfortunately, this meant that, on the day that the students came to Hogwarts for the new school year, there was no Harry Potter amongst them. And it wasn't long before the rest of the Wizarding World knew about it.

The Boy-Who-Lived-To-Vanish?

Harry Potter is well known to all of us as the one who freed us from the tyranny of You-Know-Who ten years ago and has been missing from our world for some time. Many of us have suspected that perhaps Harry Potter has been taken to somewhere safe in order to grow up away from the spotlight, and would be coming back to the Wizarding World to join many others his age at the new term of Hogwarts school of Witchcraft and Wizardry.

However, it would seem that this is not the case and even the Hogwarts staff have been baffled to discover that, during the opening ceremonies of the school year, Harry Potter did not attend.

'I'm afraid that we don't know much about it,' a spokesperson from Hogwarts had informed the Prophet. 'Every year, new students gain a letter to inform them of their placement in the school, be they Muggleborn, Half-blood or Pureblood. However, we've not had a response from Mr Potter at all. While we know for definite he is alive, due to his name still being on the register, no one could find him at all. Even the owls have been unable to deliver his letters to him. It's very disconcerting. If anyone does know anything about the whereabouts of Mr Potter, however, we can only hope that they come forward.'

While the Ministry of Magic is doing everything in its power to look for our beloved Hero, they do refuse to answer any questions about the subject at this moment in time. The Question still remains, however: what has happened to The Boy Who Lived? The Prophet will keep looking into this situation and report as new news unfolds.

Years passed with no sign of Harry Potter, though the topic about the Boy-Who-Lived did, for several years after that, crop up from time to time. People searched for him, insisted the Ministry search for him, but as news about him still did not seem to change, eventually, the topic was only mentioned every now and then. Events came and went in the Wizarding World, but still no change in the status of the missing Potter.

In the year he should have joined Hogwarts, the Philosopher's Stone, that had been placed in Hogwarts that year for safe keeping, had been targeted by Quintus Quirrell, the Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher, who had attempted to steal it on Voldemort's order. Thankfully, he had been delayed by the Mirror of Erised long enough for Dumbledore to arrive. The resulting duel had forced the ghostly shade of Voldemort to abandon Quirrel, who died, unable to sustain himself with the possessing spirit gone.

The second year that Harry should have been at Hogwarts, they had still been no closer to finding the boy than before. However, the Chamber of Secrets had been opened and several people had been attacked. It was only when the bathroom had been flooded and Filch, already bad temped due to the petrifaction of his cat, Mrs Norris, had complained about the mess that Myrtle, a young girl ghost who haunted the bathroom on that floor, had been making in a hysterical fit. When he had gone to investigate, the ghost had complained that a diary had been thrown at her. The diary had peaked Dumbledore's interest – especially when he realised it was Tom Riddle's old Diary. Tom, after all, had grown up to become the terror of the Wizarding World, Lord Voldemort.

Oddly, there were no more attacks once the diary was in his possession and everyone who was petrified had been restored once more. Still, Dumbledore kept the diary for now, under many wards. Perhaps, through it, they could discover what precisely occurred.

With still no news about Harry, third year came and went with only one thing of note – Ron Weasley's rat had vanished quite suddenly when Sirius Black had come to him to show him a picture in the Daily Prophet that had shown a picture of the Weasley family. He had pointed out that the rat could very well have been Peter, and cursed that the rat had escaped once more. If nothing else, it left everyone feeling something may begin to happen one more.

Fourth Year arrived and with it the signs of trouble. Though no sign of Harry despite searching (many starting to give it up as a bad job at this point) Voldemort's sign, the Dark Mark, had appeared during the World Cup, though many believed it just to be rogue Death Eaters that had never been taken in to Azkaban. However, the worst was to come when Severus Snape, Hogwarts' potion master, had come to him, pale faced, to let him know that there had a summoning he hadn't received in years – a summoning from Lord Voldemort, who had returned, used a dark ritual to regain a body once more. According to the man, he had at first been wanting to gain whatever had stopped him by using Harry Potter, but with the boy gone and rumours that he was likely dead at this point (a rumour gained from Bertha Jorkins, who had been unfortunate enough to stumble upon him), Voldemort had instead decided to regain a body using Barty Crouch Senior, after he had come to take his loyal follower from the man. Had it not been for Severus, Dumbledore wouldn't have known about this at all.

Quickly, Dumbledore began to gather people, to try and head Voldemort off, even bringing it to Fudge's attention. However, the man had blown up as soon as Dumbledore had begun to insist on the truth.

"Enough! See here, Dumbledore," the man fumed, red faced as he wagged a finger at the man. "You've been asking enough over the years, but this draws the line! You-Know-Who is not back! You will not undermine my authority further. I certainly will not spread panic amongst the people just because of some…senile ramblings! I'd be thrown out of office in seconds flat. Stop wasting my time!"

As it was, with no Harry Potter, there was no need to look for the Prophesy to find out what was inside it. Voldemort, Dumbledore knew, had known the first part of it (which was why he targeted Harry in the first place), but had not known what the rest entailed. With Harry Potter dead (supposedly) and even if he was not, he was certainly not here. So, Voldemort, assured the problem that stood in his way was gone, had begun where he had left off. And so, in half the time it would have taken had he been discreetly trying to steal the prophesy, as Dumbledore had thought he would try to do, Voldemort and the Death Eaters soon struck again.

The people, realising Dumbledore had been correct, threw the shell-shocked Fudge out of office and in his place elected Rufus Scrimgeour, who was once head of the Aurors and a veteran at hunting Dark Wizards, in order to deal with the threat. Once more, the Daily Prophet was littered with questions about Harry Potter, but again, there was no news.

It would seem there would be no miracle child to save them this time.

With no Boy-Who-Lived to save them, the Ministry forced to realise that they needed to prepare (as Dumbledore had been trying to tell them from the beginning) and as such, a meeting had been called to discuss exactly what they should do about the problem at hand. After all, before Harry Potter had defeated Voldemort the first time, the Dark Lord had been at the height of his power, and no one had any suitable ideas of how to defeat him back then, only focusing on trying to prevent the attacks of the Death Eaters. Due to this, most of the meeting had been panicked suggestions that would have been useless at best, or suicide at worse. Unable to really add anything right at that moment, since the one person he had put faith in that would be able to defeat the Dark Lord again was currently missing, Dumbledore could only really suppress the urge to sigh that the whole meeting had spent almost an hour talking itself into circles.

It was as people were beginning to despair, that Scrimgeour finally took out his wand and fired several firecracker-like shots into the air, effectively silencing the mass panicking.

"It would seem," the man said finally, with his stern expression and bushy hair, he gave the impression of a wild lion surveying unruly cubs, "That there is no other choice than to take drastic action."

Snapping his fingers, a man made his way to the Minister's side, handing him several rolls of parchment, before standing a few steps behind and to the side of Scrimgeour. It took Dumbledore a moment to recognise him, but he soon did – that man was Saul Croaker, one of the Unspeakables that worked in the Department of Mysteries.

For the first time in the meeting, Dumbledore straightened to pay close attention. After all, this could mean several things. One of them could be something to do with the Prophecy housed within that very department. Otherwise…well, if nothing else, it could prove interesting.

Pausing to see if he had everyone's attention, Scrimgeour continued. "Due to our current dilemma, the Department of Mysteries has been looking for ways that You-Know-Who could indeed be defeated again, to see if the 'Harry Potter Effect', as it has been named, can be replicated. So far, this has been inconclusive. However, I do have news from the Department of Mysteries of something that could indeed be used to combat You-Know-Who."

Dumbledore would have sighed about the liberal use of the words 'You-Know-Who' rather than Voldemort, had it been any other time. After all, fear of the name only led to fear of the thing itself. However, he was more interested in this solution that Scrimgeour was suggesting than his knee-jerk reaction of correcting the name issue. As such, he instead leaned forwards as Scrimgeour flicked his wand and unfurled one of the scrolls of Parchment, enlarging it for everyone to see.

What was on the scroll appeared to be some kind of map, though it was not any map that Dumbledore himself recognised. There were symbols on the map, which seemed to be different for each country shown on there, though the most noticeable were in the larger countries. There was an odd symbol that looked like (if one got over the simplistic appearances of those images) two rocks, another that resembled something like a sand-dial or gourd of some kind. There was what looked like puddles (or were they clouds?), another was four wavy lines and finally, one that appeared like a swirled leaf. There were other smaller symbols as well in some of the smaller countries. As well as that, there was other symbols (writing?) that appeared to be very much like Japanese script that Sirius and Remus had reported to him back during their search of Harry Potter.

"The Department of Mysteries have found the location of the Hidden Continent," Scrimgeour announced. "And as such, the location of Shinobi"

Mutters broke across the room like wildfire, expressions of all kinds on the faces of the people present, from dubiousness, to excitement, to worry and fear. After all, there had been stories of this Hidden Continent. It was said that, many years ago, there was Muggles (though some thought perhaps they were Squibs or descendants of Squibs) who had been able to harness a power that could rival magic. These people, who were called Shinobi, were a mercenary people who lived for war and battle and would become the weapons of whoever was the highest bidder. These people could move the earth, manipulate water, call upon lightning, control the wind and could battle opponents with fire without the need of a wand or incantation. Some even had special powers unique only to certain families. Much like how there was Parselmouths and Metamorphmagi, some of these Shinobi had special powers too, which were often much more dangerous. However, the Shinobi seemed to vanish, within a continent that was covered in Shinobi based wards. Many believed this was where the Muggle stories about Atlantis had originated from.

It would seem that, much like the Chamber of Secrets, the Shinobi legend, and their Hidden Continent, was very much true.

"I propose," Scrimgeour continued, grimly, "That we hire Shinobi to help defeat You-Know-Who."

All hell broke loose. Hissed whispers turned to loud sounds of protest and even Dumbledore felt uneasy about hiring Shinobi. After all, if stories were correct, Shinobi were ruthless killers. In a way, this made them no better than the Death Eaters themselves. People could change after all – his own Potion's Master was proof of that, being a former Death Eater and current spy for the Order of the Phoenix – the thought of killing their enemies like that…

"Are you sure that such an action is a good idea?" Dumbledore asked dubiously once the sounds of disbelief had quietened enough that he could speak over them. As soon as he did, the other people became quiet. They did, after all, remember that Dumbledore had tried his best to let them know that Voldemort was back before with limited success, so it was possible he had some other truths to add. "Hiring Shinobi might merely increase deaths. Considering some of the people that follow Voldemort," here there was a collective shudder from the crowd, but Dumbledore ignored it and pressed on, "could be under the Imperius curse-"

"Dumbledore, right now the needs of the many outweigh those few people that may or may not be controlled," Scrimgeour said shortly. "Do you suggest that we do nothing as many more people might die while we wait for a Saviour that hasn't been seen since he was a year old? Be reasonable, Dumbledore. Aren't you, yourself, an advocate for the Greater Good? While hiring mercenaries might seem like a desperate move, we do not have the time to look for Harry Potter, and even if the Harry Potter Effect can be replicated, it could take years. Years we just do not have. The truth is we are indeed in dire straits. This way, we deal with the problem now. A few deaths of people who will only be thrown into Azkaban and likely have help escaping again by You-Know-Who will only benefit us all in the long run, unless you like the idea of many innocent deaths, on the off chance that they might have a change of heart?"

Dumbledore pursed his lips. He honestly wasn't happy with the idea, but at this point in time, none of them knew the prophesy, that only Harry could defeat Voldemort. If he mentioned that now, while Harry was still missing, it would only result in despair. He needed people to be able to fight back against the Death Eaters after all, not to lose hope and give up.

It seemed, though, that rather than being unhappy, the other wizards appeared to be seeing this as a good idea. Had they all really become so desperate as to have this as the only path left to them?

As Dumbledore was silent for now and the many others seemed interested in the idea, Scrimgeour continued. "The Department of Mysteries has been researching which of the Villages that the Shinobi we need should be hired from, and research from the civilian peoples that live around – as questioning within the villages would only have made more enemies – we have discovered that The Village Hidden in the Leaves, known to the Hidden Continent as 'Konoha' has one of the best reputations for fulfilling their jobs, and despite being mercenaries, once hired for a job they do not just change to the highest bidder, so You-Know-Who could not just buy their loyalty from us."

While the murmurs of tentative approval were starting to rise, Dumbledore himself had stiffened slightly, eyes widening, not at the credentials of the village they had been hoping to hire Shinobi from, but instead at the name of the village itself.


Konoha, where Fumiko Potter was said to be from.

Konoha, where the Uchiha Family were located.

Konoha, where Harry Potter may also be located.

Suddenly, it seemed as though this plan had started the wheels of fate to turn once again. The plan, while he still disapproved of the hiring of ninja, suddenly may indeed become the only hope of the Wizarding world, because, located within that very village, the Chosen One, who was the only person who could defeat Voldemort, may indeed be found.

Could it be that the power the Shinobi possessed was the power Voldemort did not know of? He was unsure – his own theories had been that it had been love, something Violdemort had no knowledge of, had been that power. This made Dumbledore worry as well, as Harry had been missing at this point for fifteen years. If he had been raised amongst Shinobi, would Harry even still possess the capacity for love?

No, he could not think like that. This was the first lead in years as to Harry's location. He would have to find him. Once he did, then he could worry about if their only hope truly as beyond them at this point.

Shaking off his shock for now, he forced himself to listen as Scrimgeour continued. "The country that it is located in, one 'Fire Country' is also close to the sea. We currently are unable to get through the barrier around the continent with magic, as such, a ship is needed to move to and fro from the barrier itself. Due to this, it is also one of the easiest Villages to get to." The lion-like man surveyed them all. "So, I ask of you now, my fellow Witches and Wizards, to vote – who here agrees with the hiring of the Shinobi to aid in our fight against You-Know-Who?"

After another few moments of speech, hands began to rise into the air, slowly at first, but soon the hall was littered with hands. Looking around, the room seemed to be split in two, with Dumbledore himself the deciding factor.

He closed his eyes for a moment and sighed. He disliked the idea. He really did. He would never advocate the deaths he knew world arise. However, this could be the only way he could locate Harry, and the only way they would be able to defeat Voldemort once they did.

Slowly, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Headmaster of Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, bearer of the Order of Merlin: First Class, Supreme Mugwump, Grand Sorcerer and Chief Warlock, raised his hand, and prayed that his agreement to this madness would not lead the Wizarding World to ruin.

To Be Continued…


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