While John and Molly flew to the island, the Lost Boys were searching the sky for their leader. They kept quiet so they wouldn't be heard by the pirates. The pirates themselves were being sought after by the Homeless Network, but none of the groups ran into each other in this chain.

Leading the boys tonight was Mike. Mike was a round little boy who wore glasses. He hadn't been in as many adventures as the other boys, only because he was collecting firewood when the real excitement happened. Mike didn't let this get to him, however, and he was the kindest of the gang.

Next in line was Dimmock, and he was followed by Wilkes. Wilkes was the most conceited in the group as he believed he could remember his days before Neverland. Henry was fourth. Poor Henry, he always got himself into trouble. Last in line were the twins, Soo Lin and Zhi Zhu. Even though they were fraternal and of the opposite sex, Sherlock always called them 'Twins'.

The Lost Boys had nearly circled the island when they heard a loud noise. All six children ducked into the tall grass and waited. Soon a second shot was fired.

"Pirates," whispered Dimmock.

"Do you think they shot Sherlock?" asked Henry.

"No, they couldn't have," said Wilkes. "You know Sherlock's too clever to be caught."

"But what if he was hurt?" Henry was becoming very nervous and shivered.

"He'll be fine," Mike said. "Sherlock will escape; he always does."

The Lost Boys continued to wait. After several minutes, Dimmock sat up and stared at the sky. "There's a bird flying here!" he said with excitement.

"A bird?" asked Soo Lin.

"Yes, it's a big bird," Dimmock continued. "It looks very tired. And it's crying 'poor john'."

"Poor john?" Mike asked.

"I think I remember that there are birds called johns," said Wilkes.

"There it is!" cried Henry, pointing to the sky.

John was now flying close to the Lost Boys, and they could hear his sad cry. Molly was no longer pretending to be friendly, and pinched him every time they touched.

"Hi Molly!" the children shouted.

"Sherlock wants you to shoot the John!" she answered.

"Let's do it then!" said Wilkes, motioning the Boys back to their home to get weapons. Only Mike remained because he was carrying his bow and arrow.

"Do it, Mike!" Molly said excitedly. "Shoot the John! Make Sherlock proud!"

"Move Molly!" Mike aimed his bow and let go of the string.

John fell from the sky, an arrow in his shoulder.

Mike triumphantly stood by John's body as the other children gathered around them.

"I did it!" he said. "I shot the bird!"

"This isn't a bird, Mike," said Wilkes. "This is a boy."

"He's not moving," added Soo Lin.

Mike's face fell. "And I killed him. Molly said to shoot him!"

"Sherlock was bringing somebody to take care of us, and we killed her," Henry said before falling to the ground in tears.

"What do we do when he comes back?" asked Dimmock.

"Hide him," Wilkes said, gesturing towards a pile of leaves. "We can cover him with those leaves."

The children covered John with the leaves and exchanged grave glances with each other. "Sherlock should be here soon," sniffled Henry as they sat down.

"Well, I shouldn't disappoint you then."

The children turned their heads and saw Sherlock descend from the air. "I brought a new companion for you. His name's John. He should be here soon-" Sherlock stopped and focused his attention on the leaves. "What are you hiding?"

Mike rose and beckoned Sherlock to him. "I'll show you." The twins refused to move. "Get back, twins, he has to know."

They uncovered John's body and Sherlock gasped. "Whose arrow is this?"

"Mine," Mike said quietly.

Sherlock studied the body and carefully removed the arrow. He sat next to John and put a hand on his wrist. A smile twitched upon his lips. "Stupid," he muttered.

"I'm sorry, Sherlock, I really am." said Mike.

"No, you're all so stupid," Sherlock said. "Did any of you think to check his pulse?"

"What?" asked Dimmock, stepping near them.

John began to stir and the Lost Boys gasped. "He's alive," Sherlock said, beaming.

"How?" Henry asked as a smile replaced his tears.

"The arrow only struck his shoulder," explained Sherlock, "and it will heal in time. The fall from the sky knocked him out. C'mon, John. Wake up!"

John continued to stir, and a light crying sound was heard from the trees.

"It's Molly," said Dimmock. "She's upset that John isn't dead."

"Molly!" Sherlock said, standing up. "I no longer consider you to be a friend. Leave!"

The pixie flew onto his shoulder and begged, but Sherlock didn't listen. He merely flicked her away and returned his attention to John, who had just raised his arm. "Well, not forever. A whole week!" Molly flew into the trees, her sobs heard by the children.

John blinked his eyes open, and a sigh of relief escaped the mouths of the Lost Boys. "My arm hurts," he said plainly. "Why does my arm hurt?"

"You were shot by an arrow, John," said Sherlock. "It will all be fine in good time."

John nodded and looked around him. "Who are they?"

"These are the Lost Boys. Mike, Dimmock, Henry, Wilkes, and Twins."

"Did you adopt them?"

"Did I what?"

"Adopt them," John repeated. "My parents adopted me, Mycroft, and Greg."

"No, we're not siblings," Sherlock said.

"He's our leader," Mike chipped in.

"Well, it's very good to meet you all."

Greg and Mycroft soon floated down to the ground, their eyes filled with sleep. "Sherlock?" Greg asked, squinting his eyes in the dark.

"Yes, we're here," Sherlock answered.

"Oh thank goodness," said Mycroft, walking towards the group. "We thought we'd lost you. What happened to John's arm?"

"Oh, it's nothing," said Sherlock before John could talk. "Should we move to the house for tea before bed?"

"Where do you live, Sherlock?" asked John.

"Right over there," Sherlock pointed. He gave John his arm and helped him stand.

"Will we start having adventures tomorrow?"

"John, the adventure has already begun."