Veelantine Surprise - Part 6

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My son is a male Veela hybrid. He's already wrapping women around his little finger, and he's only three weeks old.

This is the advice I'm going to give him when he is older:

We go through this life once. To go through it with someone who completes you is something not everyone is lucky enough to experience. When you find your soul-mate, your life partner – go get her. Let nothing stand in your way.

– from Veela for Morons, by B. Weasley

Tuesday, February 14, 2006

"Are you ready, Draco? Today's your day."

"Bloody hell, I'm not so sure this costume will work …"

"It's fine! How else are you going to explain away those wings? You look great. Even I'm feeling a little stir of something. She's just waiting for you to make a move, I know it. Trust me. Let's go, Granger's waiting."



"Oh my stars! Look!"

"It's Cupid! Look at his wings!"

"I'm more interested in his bow and arrow!"

"Did someone order a Valentine's Day stripper?"

"He's gorgeous!"

"Oh, Cupid, you can shoot me with your big pink arrow any time."

"Where's he going?"

"Quick, don't let him get away!"

"Run, Draco, I'll hold them off!"


"Shite, shite, shiteshiteshiteshite... come on, lift!"


"Oh, thank fuck. LEVEL TWO!"



"Ladies, ladies. Let the Amazing Blaise soothe your broken hearts … ah, yes, that's right …"



"Auror Malfoy, reporting for duty."

"Malfoy? What the bloody hell are you wearing? Wings? Is that a loincloth?"

"Shut up, Weasley."

"Ron, get back to work. Stop gawking, the lot of you. … Auror Malfoy, care to explain?"

"Auror Potter. (sigh) I ... lost a bet with Zabini. I had to dress like Cupid today. Sir."

"… Really."

"You know me, Potter. I wouldn't have worn this out in public if I could help it."


"Malfoy, I know we don't always see eye to eye, but despite your increasingly mental behavior these last few weeks, you are one of our best Aurors. Frankly, I'm just glad you're here. "

"… Thank you."

"Hermione will be glad to see you, too. She's been rather despondent lately."

"… that's a big word for you, Potter."

"I have learned a few things from our mutual female friend."

"Um. Yes. Where is Auror Granger, by the way?"

"…be good to her, Malfoy, or I'll roast you like the duck you resemble."



"I care for her deeply, Potter. I could never harm her or treat her badly."

"Good. as long as we understand each other. You'll find her in the library, finishing that report on-"


"Heh. Happy Valentine's Day, Hermione."






(sniff, sniff, sniff)


"Draco? Oh, Draco, thank Merlin you're here. As Cupid? Oh that's a very clever disguise for ... my goodness, you really are fit ... Oh!"

(cuddle, nuzzle, sniff)


(nuzzle, lick)

"Mmmm! That feels heavenly, Draco. Your wings are beautiful. You are beautiful. You smell so good..."

(nuzzle, lick, nibble)

"{{{Hermione ... my Veela side awoke after you kissed me on New Year's Eve.}}}"

"I suspected as much …that means I'm your mate, doesn't it?"

"{{{Yes. Are you frightened?}}}"

(lick, nibble, nip, kiss)

"No, Draco. I'm excited, I'm nervous, I'm thrilled, but hardly frightened."

"{{{I swear to you I have tried not to influence you with my Veela abilities. I wanted you to want me for me. For real. }}}"

(SNOG, kiss, kiss)

"Draco, I've fancied you for almost two years. Long before any Veela ancestry came into play."


"{{{You have? I have fancied you for years, Hermione... I love you.}}}"

"As soon as I saw your Patronus, I knew you did. I love you, too, Draco."

(kiss, kiss, lick)

"Please tell me, Draco, why you were avoiding me?"

"{{{That stupid singing Wiz-o-gram. I don't know what possessed me. And then the chocolate began to fail me and my damn wings wouldn't retract any more. I needed you, I wanted you so badly...}}}"

"Oh, Draco. "

(SNOG, nibble)

"{{{We ... we need to bond. This is 'Veela's Time' day. We need to mate. I want you more than ever. }}}"

"Yes, Draco. I understand."

"{{{We'll be together forever. You know that, right?}}}"

"There's nothing I want more. What are we waiting for? I've always wanted to do it in a library ..."

"{{{ *grrrrr!* }}}"



"{{{Gods, Hermione, you've got beautiful breasts. Such soft skin; let me taste your nipples.}}}"

(suckle, lick, nip)

"Oh, Draco – yes!"

"{{{Yum, mmm, better than I imagined ...}}}"


"ohhhh... your wings...mind the shelves..."

(lick, nibble, suckle, bite)



"Oh my ... Draco, you're so ... big!"

(tug, rub, tug)

"{{{Fuck, Hermione... yeah, like that... ngh!}}}"

(tug, tug, tug, rub, tug)

"{{{Nnngh! Let me touch you, I've got to feel you.}}}"


"Draco! Oh gods, your fingers... harder ...yes, right there! Don't stop!"

"{{{Oohhgg, you're so wet, love. So hot and wet!}}}"


"{{{I need to be inside you, Hermione – I can't hold back ...}}}"

"Good, I don't want you to! You're driving me mad. Please, I need you inside me ..."

"{{{We'll take it slow later, I promise. Let me lift you. Put your legs around me...ah, gods, you're so warm.}}}"

(nuzzle, groan)

"You're so strong! Your wings ...Merlin, we're hovering! Oh, is that... oh Draco, yes!"


"{{{Fuck, Hermione, you're so tight! So hot, so slick. You feel so good around me... ugh, ungh, ungh!}}}"

"Draco, yes! Faster, oh, yes. Love, please! Fuck me. You're hitting me just right inside... oh gods... you fit perfectly..."

(nuzzle, nibble, moan)

"{{{Ungh! Ungh ...tell me you're close, love – come for me. I'm so close ...ungh! uhfuck, ungh!}}}"

"Yes! Draco, I'm ... I'm coming - oh!"

"{{{Hermione! FUCK!}}}"


"Oh, YES! Yes! Ahh!"


(SNOG, kiss, kiss, nibble, love, hug, cuddle, nuzzle, kiss)



"Your wings ... you can retract them now? And they hide away completely... Look at that, that's fascinating."

"I'll take your word for it, love. It's a bit hard for me to see."


(kiss, kiss, nibble, kiss)

"You love me."

"Yes. I love you, warts and all. Surprised, Draco?"

"I have no warts for you to love, but yes, I am surprised. A bit. I am rather a git at times."

"Yes, but now you're my git."


"The feeling is mutual, you know. I feel complete now."


"Hmmm. Not everything seems to be retracting."

"No. No, it's not." (sniiiffff) "{{{Draco Jr.'s not ready to quit just yet.}}}"


"{{{And neither am I... my mate.}}}"



(lick, chuckle)

"{{{Surprise, Hermione. I'm your Veelantine.}}}"


"Oh, Draco!"


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