Hello world, this is InvaderL here. This is my first story, well it's really not, go to Fantastic Bloody Maniacs page to see my first one 'Robotic Love' (I gave him the idea). This is a cross-over between 'Invader Zim' and 'Teen Titans'. This story came to me in a day dream about the Invader Zim episode, 'Gir Goes Crazy and Stuff'. Well, enough about me, i know you want to read the story right? To the story!


I had just finished placing the squid brain in the police officer, when "Calling unit 12, calling unit 12, flying metal child at public library draining the brains of citizens. Respond immediately." came blaring from the officers radio. "It's Gir, that horrible robot!" I exclaimed. Then began my trip to the library. Elsewhere.

Robin POV

I had just listened to the police report. 'A flying metal child? Odd' I thought. I hit the alarm to call the other titans. Within minutes they all arrived. "Yo man what's up?" asked Cyborg. "Yea dude, I need my beauty sleep!" complained Beast Boy. "There is a flying metal child attacking a library, we need to go stop it." I said.

Me and the other titans had just arrived, to see a small green police officer screaming at the metal child. "Gir! You've drained enough humans today." he screamed at what I supposed to be 'Gir'. "Data canister is not yet full." stated 'Gir'. "Gir, i command you to get out of here!" said the little green policeman. He started taking out a remote of some sort, when 'Gir' took it away, and put it in his head. "Hey! Quit it!" the little green policeman screamed. "You are no commander, your methods are stupid, your progress has been stupid, your intelligence is stupid!" said Gir "Ouch." said Cyborg. "For the sake of the mission you must be terminated." Gir exclaimed, his eyes glowing redder every word. "You dare speak to your master in such..." his Master tried to say. Gir soon flung him across the room. His masters eyes widen, he looks around and yells "Squid man! assist me!" "argg! Ink... not... working... all that comes out is, you don't wanna know what comes out." said 'Squid man'. Girs master soon stands up, and dodges the laser shoot at him. The floor below him starts to crumble, he soon falls down a floor. "Gir we have to get out of here, your malfunctioning." said his Master. "Stupidity of the enemy, Zim is enemy." 'Zim' started running through the lower library floors as Gir went down as well "Wait! Don't leave me on land!" said 'Squid man'. "Titans lets follow them, to see if he can calm down his robot." I said. With that said why also jumped down the hole and followed him where we heard. "Gir, you was my servant once, remember?" said Zim. "Yes, I didn't like it." said Gir as he charged the lasers trained on Zim. It was then i notice that Zim was being held to a snack machine. I threw my bird-a-rang, and hit Gir in the face causing him to drop Zim. "Vision... impaired! Can't see!" exclaimed Gir. Zim took advantage of that by jumping on the robots' head, opening it up, and pulling the remote Gir snatched away earlier out, and turning a dial on it. Causing Girs eyes to fade blue, and fall to the floor. "HI FLOOR! MAKE ME A SAM-ACH!" said Gir. "Thats better!... I guess" said Zim Gir then proceeded to run around the 'Data canister screaming "SMA-ACH! WHOO-HOO!" I turned to Zim who had started glaring at me "thank you Human-worm baby." Zim spat out. I raised a eye brow at him and said "Sure, no problem. Just keep Gir there under control." with that said he look away

And... end. I know this is horrible, but it's my first real story. thanks for reading it.