Kyle stood in jail with the Mysterion outfit on, covered in blood from his own injuries, sighing sadly that he had been exposed, until a small black cloaked figure appeared in front of him. It was Mysterion, the real Mysterion and he looked as unhappy as the decoy that Kyle had acted as.

"Why, Kyle? Why did you protect me like this? You ended the Coon's and Professor Chaos' plans and then revealed yourself…" Mysterion choked, failing to keep his voice to its usually gravelly self.

Kyle simply sighed again. "You need to carry on protecting the people and I couldn't have fat ass ruining your chances of making South Park a crime free town, as he would claim the glory to everything. Besides, I'll be out in a couple of days anyway."

The young Jewish boy glanced at the background behind Mysterion, only to see Officer Yates standing behind him. He was smiling and he wasn't going even going to attempt arresting Mysterion. The young vigilante swung around to see the officer and ran out of the jail, grinning as he scampered away.

Meanwhile, there was another beast roaming the streets, not a demon – But a werewolf, a jet black werewolf was prowling with a white 'NC' shining on his fur and his eyes were electric blue. This was going to be havoc for Mysterion… A lot more than usual anyway…