Hi everyone I'm Spitfire Maguire! This is my first posted fanfic, and my first DBZ fanfic ever. I'm not all that great about following the timeline, but just know that Trunks has already been born, and Goku and Gohan are both home. Other than that, there's not much more to add! Enjoy and any reviews are appreciated! Ciao!

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It was a beautiful spring day at the Son household. Smoke filtered from the chimney of the tiny cabin into the clear blue sky as robins chirped in the distance. The sunlight filtered into the tidy kitchen and illuminated the lovely face of ChiChi as she cooked lunch for her family. Humming a tuneless melody, she idly brushed a stray lock of raven hair back from her face as she stirred a huge pot of rice. Goku and Gohan were both away training with the green man Piccolo. At this time, there was peace on Earth (and good will towards men * snicker *). There was no threat to the safety of the world, which meant that ChiChi's boys were home, for the moment. She sighed and let a cloud of sadness pass over her for a moment, wondering just how long the precious peacetime would actually last before her family would have to leave her all alone again. She quickly brushed the melancholic thought away and decided to be content with the present. She began humming again and a small smile graced her features, suddenly replaced by a look of absolute pain. ChiChi abruptly dropped the large spoon and grabbed her head, falling on her knees, then curling into a ball and writhing in pain.

Her head felt as though it were being ripped in two. The pain was so intense; it was all she could do just to remain conscious. Images flashed before her eyes, and as the pain slowly subsided she began to comprehend the meaning. She staggered to her feet, and made her way to the telephone, her fingers fumbling over the keypads as she quickly dialed the Briefs' residence.

It had been a good day for Bulma, so far. Vegeta was training in the gravity, and Trunks had gone down well for his nap, giving Bulma the quality time she wanted with the work in her lab. She was cross wiring the controls on her latest invention when something hit her. Bulma gasped and dropped her pliers, grabbing at her head much in the same way ChiChi had done. The pain ripped through her head as she collapsed on the cold metallic floor, moaning in hurt. Likewise, images passed through her head, and then the pain subsided. She remained where she was for the moment, the coolness of the floor a comfort to her skin, as her body temperature had increased when the pain started. She looked up to the sound of the telephone and slowly got up and walked over, knowing too well whom it was.

"Hi ChiChi," she said in a tired voice.

"Did you get it?" Her voice matched Bulma's in its wariness. Bulma sighed.

"Yeah. I can't believe it. It must be very serious for them to call us."

"Yeah," ChiChi replied in a small voice. The two of them were silent for a moment, then Bulma took a deep breath and spoke up.

"Well… we'll meet at the same place?"

"I'll be there as soon as I can." With that, the line was dead. Bulma placed the phone back on its receiver and headed upstairs. She made her way to her son's bedroom and looked in on him sleeping. She walked over and gently cupped his soft head in her hand, then bent over and kissed him, letting a single tear run down and anoint his head. Then she stood up and straightened her shoulders with resolve, and strode out the door. She stopped briefly in the kitchen to scribble a note and post it on the refrigerator, where she was sure it wouldn't be missed. With a sad glance toward the gravity room, she threw down a capsule, got into the little car and sped away.

ChiChi looked up at the sun nervously as she waited for Bulma at the base of Mt Frypan. After hanging up the phone, she had turned off the stove, not bothering to put away the rice, scratched a note and then ran out, using the kintoun to get to the spot she now was.

She sat down on a nearby rock and waited, letting her thoughts flow freely through her mind. Firstly, she wondered what could have happened for her and Bulma to be called so suddenly, and without warning. Whatever it was, it couldn't be good. Not good at all. If that was the case, she might not be returning. That meant that her hastily written note would have to serve as her final goodbye to family, something she definitely didn't want to think about. She squared her shoulders and looked up as Bulma's car zoomed into sight (A/N: "Zoom zoom zoom!"). Bulma came to a stop in front of ChiChi, turned the ignition off and stepped out. She came over right to the spot where ChiChi was sitting and stood in front of her, hands on her hips. The two were silent for a moment as ChiChi looked on, lost in her thoughts.

"Well?" Bulma said impatiently. ChiChi looked up at her, and then began to speak.

"You know…" she started slowly, "just today I was wondering how long our peacetime would last until Goku and Gohan would have to leave and fight again." She gave a sad smile. "That was right before the pain hit and I was called." She sighed. "Cruel irony I suppose." She got up and stretched, then looked at Bulma with a twinkle in her eye. "Ready to go back?" Bulma stared at her for a moment, then a smile spread slowly across her face and she grabbed ChiChi's hand.

"Yeah. Let's go wreak some havoc." And with that the two women closed their eyes, and disappeared.

What happened to ChiChi and Bulma? And what will be their family's reactions? Catch it all in the next exciting chapter of "When the Elements Are Called"!

'Wow that sounded really lame.' ~ Spitfire Maguire