Vondrakenhof here. This is my first attempt at That 70's Show fan fiction. It's just a little unresolved issue from A New Hope that's always bugged me so I figured I'd take a shot at it. I'm not sure I like it but review and tell me what you think.

Eric paused before the Pinciotti's back door. Gathering his courage he finally knocked. He had to swallow his nervousness as he heard footsteps from inside the kitchen. When the door opened he was greeted by Midge.

"Hey," he began, his voice wavering, "Is Donna there?"

"Sure hang on a sec," said the blonde before turning and calling out, "Donna! Eric's here."

"I don't want to talk to that dillhole!" shouted Donna from the living room.

"She said she doesn't want to talk to you, dillhole," said Midge, turning back to Eric.

"Right, thanks," he said, wondering how she could think he hadn't heard Donna. "Would you give her this?" he asked, handing the woman a rose, "And tell her I'll be out here when she's ready to listen to my grovelling?"

"Sure!" said Midge, nodding enthusiastically before shutting the door in his face. Listlessly, Eric walked over to the chairs in the Pinciotti's backyard. Sitting on one he put his head in his hands.

What had he been thinking? He trusted Donna. Just because he felt threatened by David Milbank did not mean that he was going to steal her away from him. Not for lack of trying, Eric thought darkly. So why had he behaved like such a macho jerk?

You don't trust me and you don't respect me.

That had hurt. He trusted Donna completely. He respected her. He knew she was smarter than him, more mature. And he never crossed the lines she drew when they were fooling around, as much as he wanted to. Why had he acted like he did?

Eric sat brooding in silence for a while waiting for Donna to come out. He wasn't sure if she even would. He wouldn't blame her if she didn't, but he'd wait all night if he had to.

It had been at least an hour when he heard the door open. He looked up to see his girlfriend standing there with her arms crossed. Her face was carefully kept blank.

"Mom said you had some grovelling to do?" she said evenly. Eric walked over to her, and took hold of her hands.

"Donna I'm sorry," he said, meeting her eyes, "I've been a real jerk lately. And a dumbass."

"Yes, you have," she replied, "But at least you're man enough to admit it. Hey, what happened to your hand?"

Eric frowned as he looked down. His knuckles were bruised from where he'd struck David Milbank's face. "Oh," he began sheepishly, "I kind of broke Milbank's nose"

"Damn it Eric!" yelled Donna tearing her hands from his, "I didn't want that!"

"Oh no Donna!" said Eric, "I didn't hit him because of you."

"Yeah, right," she retorted, "So why did you hit him?"

"The plant's closing down, not reopening. And he took a crack at my Dad."

"Oh," said Donna, "Well, that's different."

"Yeah," said Eric, "but I won't deny I wanted to hit him because he was hitting on you too." He paused, "I'm not proud of that."

"So why did you act like that?" Donna whispered.

"I don't know," he sighed, "When I saw you two together, it just felt like my blood was boiling. Something was screaming at me: Fight, Defend, Be a Man! I guess it's just a guy thing." Eric started to look embarrassed, avoiding Donna's eyes. "Milbank was the only person wimpier than I was. But then he showed up looking better and healthier, and more of a man than I could ever be." He turned away from her. "You deserve a real man."

"Eric," said Donna, "We've talked about this," she turned him around to face her. "I want you Eric. Not some ideal picture of a man. I'm with you because you're different." She paused for a moment, "Even if you are insecure as hell."

"So," began Eric, "Are we cool?"

"Yeah we're cool," said the red-head. She looked him hard in the eye and added sternly: "Just don't do it again!"