A/N; I was given the prompt; Calthazar, Penguins, Vacation and Chocolate.

"I don't understand why you have to go chasing after those Winchester apes all the time" Balthazar groaned from the bed, as he looked up at the dressing blue-eyed angel. Castiel was still in stages of undress and still only had his boxers and socks on, and much to Balthazars distaste the body that he had only hours before been discovering with his tongue, was getting covered up. He knew exactly how their conversation would go; Balthazar would groan about the fact that Castiel was their lapdog who was used all the time, Castiel would simply rebuke his claims by saying that the Winchesters needed him for important business before always coming out with the same finishing comment of;
"You don't understand"

"I mean it Cassy, it's not like this time the apes are even working a case, they're going on vacation" Balthazar added, yet another reason for Castiel to get his ass back into bed and allow Balthazar to do exactly what he had done last night, which also appeared to be illegal in over thirty different countries, "I wonder if Dean would think any differently of you if I told him what a slut you are in the bedroom".

That most definitely got Castiels attention.

"Wonder what he'd think if he knew what a screamer you were" Balthazar continued, a smirk growing on his face. "Balthazar", Castiels voice was low and almost threatening.

"Wonder what he'd think if he knew where your tongue had been" Balthazar chided. "I mean it Balthazar…" Castiel growled, and Balthazar couldn't help but note how much more gravelly Castiel's voice seemed whenever he got angry. Regardless he wouldn't stop.

"Wonder what he would say if he knew exactly where the chocolate sauce had been…", the chocolate sauce in question was one that Dean had found and which Castiel had rushed to explain that it was sauce for ice cream because 'angels get hungry too Dean'. Balthazar had found the whole situation hilarious and much to Castiel's horror wouldn't stop making little jabs at how much Castiel loved ice cream, and the more of it he got the happier he was. Balthazar's running commentary on what now appeared to be 'Castiels ice cream addiction' only stopped when Castiel threatened to ban him from ice cream all together.

"Balthazar, if you dare tell Dean any of this I'll-"
"You'll what Cassy, hm?" Balthazar purred, the smirk still on his face "Slap my wrists and tell me I've been a naughty angel? Because darling you know how I love it when you play rough". Castiel let out a frustrated groan, sometimes there really was no winning when Balthazar was concerned.

Balthazar couldn't help but smile as he heard Castiel's groan, it was a groan he had heard before now, at times when Castiel was on the brink of giving in to what Balthazar wanted and which generally ending up with hedonistic activities that Castiel would normally frown upon, and sex.

"Come on Cassy, the boys can wait a little while longer to get eaten by Polar Bears"
"Penguins Balthazar, Polar Bears are in the North Pole, not the South"
"Fine Cas, the boys can wait a little longer to be ambushed by a team of Penguins"
And it was only then did Castiel drop the trousers he had been holding and got back onto the bed. It didn't take him long to end up straddling Balthazar again, with the tube of chocolate sauce in his hand and a cheeky grin on his face.
"So where am I putting the chocolate sauce this time?"