Fangirl Declassified


A/n: I MADE IT! So yeah as I was sayiing, everyone including me wasn't that contented with the ending of Fangirl Declassified. I've been thinking about making one last chapter and I'm really glad I was able to make one. This is like almost a 3 chapter long and I squeezed it all up into one so please bear with me. I had HMC's songs motivate me while making this SEQUEL. So I hope you guys like it :) Make sure to get your popcorn ready! This has got to be the longest chapter I've ever written...I think;;

and oh if you guys noticed I change the image above...that's the image that made me write this whole fic. THE SEED. Lol

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"Thank you everyone for coming today! It was really fun!"

Ear deafening screams erupted at the concert arena as Kira Yamato, SEEDS main vocalist flashed a wide smile at the crazy crowd of girls, a couple of guys, pretend to be girls and the rest of the fans.

"Alright! Last song!" Athrun Zala flip his wet midnight blue bangs off his forehead and strum his guitar. "Okay people get ready for the encore!" He grinned

"Get ready to party everyone! Ah-one."Dearka Elsman tapped his drum sticks against each other and bit his lower lip. "one, two, three! "

As their encore started playing, Yzak Joule stood beside Athrun and nodded his head. SEEDs Guitarist and Bassist started playing their instruments as Kira started walking down the stage and going in front of the fans while he started singing with a smile

"Maaan, that was tiring" Dearka allowed himself to drop on the couch of their dressing room. He loosened the buttons of his polo down to mid-chest level and crossed hie legs. "Sheesh, I can't believe this is really coming true"

Kira nodded his head as he put the towel around his shoulder "You said it. This is dream remember Dearka?"He chuckled.

"It sure is"

While two of his group mates engaged in a random conversation, Athrun sat silently in front of the dressing counter and continued to have an intense staring game with his phone.

"Still no mail from your little tigress?" Dearka teased as he slid the lock of his phone open and check his mail as well.

Athrun shook his head and hung his head low in disappointment.

"Cheer up Athrun, You know Cagalli's smarter than that. She'll figure out everything and come back to you" Kira attempted to comfort his best friend.

Days before SEEDs International Concert Tour. Athrun and Cagalli had a big fight over Meer Campbell. Unfortunately for Athrun, a random rumor erupted a day before their flight. The rumor was about Athrun cheating on her current girlfriend (who was still a secret from the fans) for Meer Campbell.

They were allegedly seen together in a restaurant having a "romantic" dinner. Cagali stormed into the boys dorm the following day shoving the tabloids on Athruns face and calling him a dirty backstabbing cheater before she ran out crying.

"It's all the paparazzi's fault" Athrun gripped his phone tighter. "I swear I will skin who ever made that story up alive and toss him in the ocean and feed him to a school of hungry sharks"

"Chill dude" Dearka said.

Yzak grunted "You were with Mwu and Meer's Manager right? "

Athrun nodded and sighed "Durrandal wanted me to star with Meer in a movie but Mwu and I had to decline the offer. Mwu had to answer a call and Durrandal went to the comfort room when I guess those damn bastards took a photo of me and Meer"he explained.

"Talk about rotten luck, Athrun" Kira leaned on the counter "Have you tried explaining it to her?"

The blue haired guitarist nodded his head and leaned back on his seat "I sent her a mail before our flight but she never responded to it"

"Your butt is royally screwed then!" Dearka concluded and chuckled. "You better fix it all up before the last day Athrun or else you might grow old alone"

Before Athrun could even respond to Dearka's comment, their dressing room door swung open revealing their blonde haired manager grinning ear to ear at them.

"Congratulations on your first day of your international Concert, boys!" Mwu cheered and gave Yzak a strong pat at the back.

"That hurt!" He cried.

"Be a man Joule!" Mwu laughed. "First day went well. I'm really impressed. "He said "8 more to go and we're flying back to ORB"

The members groaned and dropped their head. Months earlier, After SEEDs first Album Release date, the management had announced their very first concert outside ORB. Since their last single Just One made a huge impact in the market outside ORB that Rau decided to send them out for their first major debut outside ORB. And from the looks of their first day, they'll be very busy until the very end.

"We have 1 day in Carpenteria, PLANTS, Gibraltar, Panama, Heliopolis, Mendel and 2 days in Victoria. A total of 1 month and a half of tour vacation included" Mwu said as he browsed through his planner.

Kira groaned and his shoulders dropped. It would be a month and a half before they could see their girlfriends again.

"Oh! Hi honey!" Dearka suddenly said. Everyone turned their attention to Dearka who was starting his video call with Miriallia, his wife via phone.

"Hi. How's the first day?" Miriallia asked.

"It was fun but a little tiring baby. "Dearka replied "Where's my little precious?"

"Asleep Dearka. You don't want to wake her up."she smiled lightly and yawned.

Athrun walked behind Dearka and greeted Miriallia. "Is Cagalli still mad?"

"Mad?" Miriallia scoffed and rolled her eyes " She's still on rage Athrun! I swear if you make her cry again I will personally make sure you wont get to see her again"

"Miriallia, I..."Athrun sighed "I told her it's a huge mistake."

"I know" She said "She showed us your message earlier. I'm pretty sure you aren't that kind of guy anyway. Just give her a little more time " the auburn mother winked at him.

A few more minutes the other three members talked to Miriallia and asked her how the girls were doing in the process Dearka wasn't able to talk to Miriallia because when he had his turn back Miriallia had to leave since Dulcinea started crying again.

"Thanks a lot you guys!" the tanned blonde drummer hissed at his co members as Miriallia's face disappeared on the screen of his phone.

"Lacus what am I suppose to do?"

The pink haired model smiled at her blonde friend as she grabbed another tissue from the tissue box and wiped her tears. Apparently, Cagalli wasn't able to handle their tiny itsy bitsy problem that well. "Do you believe Athrun's message?"


"Cagalli, Do you think Athrun would cheat on you?"

Cagalli looked down and fiddled with her fingers. " I...I don't know honestly"

"Cagalli" Lacus sighed and held her hands.

"I mean, he's been umm... what everyone calls chick magnet. Everytime we're on a date. All the girls seemed like their about to throw themselves at Athrun"

Her pink haired model friend laughed. "And you didn't?"

"I..I didn't." Cagalli said in defense as she wiped her tears. "Ugh, I'm such a girl"

"You are a girl, silly" Lacus smiled "I'd be worried if you didn't cry"

"Should I talk to him?"

"That depends on you, Cagalli"Lacus gave her a final pat on the back and handed Cagalli her cellphone.

Cagalli unlocked her phone and stared at the wallpaper. Her wallpaper was Athrun's silly face.

"hey! What are you doing with my phone" Cagalli screamed as she tried reaching for her phone.

Athrun laughed and playfully raised his hands up above his head way higher than Cagalli's reach as he tinkered with the settings.

'You idiot! stop playing with my new phone! If it gets broken from your stupid tinkering habit. I'll-" She threatened.

"Here you are, my little tigress" He teased and handed her back her newly bought touch phone.

"What did you do with it?" She asked as she examined the outer appearance of her phone. Seemed like nothing was changed...or not.

"I still have practice Cagalli, I'll call you later." He said quickly and gave her a kiss on the forehead "Bye"

The blonde frowned as she watched her boyfriend exit her room. "What's up with him" She burst out laughing as she unlock her phone.

Athrun had changed her wallpaper. Originally her wallpaper was a photo of her and Athrun with their most favorite band but He had changed it into a wacky photo of himself which he took just a few minutes earlier before Cagalli entered.

A number of girls crowded at the airport as the plane landed on the runway. Couple of groups had a welcoming banner saying "Welcome to Panama, SEED. We love you" and some were waving their fan made uchiwa's with their own designs above their head. A couple of minutes more the SEED emerge from the receiving end of the Airport with their faces covered with a cap, mask or shades.

SEED's guitarist adjusted his red sunglasses on the bridge of his noes to hide his tired eyes from the fans. Ever since their tour had started he never had a proper sleep especially when you know you're girlfriend is mad at you and still refuses to talk to you no matter how much you try to explain yourself.

"There they are!" A girl screamed and waved at them. Kira, Dearka and Yzak gave a short wave at them. Athrun remained drowned in his thought until...

"Oh my!"

"ATHRUUUUUN" A ear deafening shrill suddenly heard out of now where and a grey haired woman nearly jumped into the problematic guitarist.

"E-ehh?" Dearka blinked several times and removed his shades to get a better look at the girl who suddenly latched herself on Athrun's arms.

She smiled and waved at them. "It's really a coincedence that we meet here" She giggled "Or maybe it was fate?" She hugged Athrun's arm.


"MEER?!" the three boys yelled in chorus as they all stood still in the middle of the crowd.

"Kira's here too" She giggled again and winked at him. "It's really a shame Durrandal pulled me out on our supposed to be drama together" She slightly pouted.

"And honestly, I was thankful he did" Kira muttered under his breath.

"Meer let me go"Athrun groaned and pulled his arms away from him.

The young actress pouted and looked over at Kira. "Kira, Athrun's grumpy today" She cried.

Kira wanted to roll his eyes at her but a lot of people were staring at them confused. He stared a few Commercials with Meer before he met Lacus but he really didn't like Meer. She was clingy and a little she is at the moment.

"Oh, Lookie here it's Ms. Campbell" Mwu exclaimed as he stood behind his talents with his bag in his hands. "Did my boys cause you any trouble?"

"Athrun's being grumpy like Yzak!" She said pointing at Athrun then to Yzak

"What did you say?!" Yzak suddenly snapped then calm down realizing they were in public.

Dearka sighed and threw his arms behind his head. "If I were you guys. We better get some proper privacy" He said motioning at the curious and confused fans.

Silently, they walked towards the van awaiting for them at the exit of the Airport while fans that the security guards were fending off gathered around just to get a final wave to the idols as they screamed their names.

"Ms. Campbell, you're way behind your schedule!" Her assistant scolded her as she gently push the actress to move faster.

"Stop pushing, I know. I just have to say goodbye" She rolled her eyes and approach the boys again giving each a kiss on the cheek. "See you guys sometime"

After another tiring concert, all of them rested in their dressing room. Dearka laid back on the couch and pulled out his phone. He was browsing through the new photos Miriallia had sent via email to him earlier when suddenly his phone rang at the sound of Star Wars Empire Theme song.

He gulped and frowned as his wife's name appeared on his screen. He had a funny feeling about this. Usually, he calls Miriallia and not her. She rarely calls rather she floods him mails and when she calls.

well, this time Dearka's in deep shit.

He cautiously placed his phone on his ear as the rest of the member observe him. "H-hello?"

"DEARKA ELSMAN, I swear if you don't get back here.. Me and Nia will be gone in your friggin life!"

Dearka winced and his jaw drop "What do you mean by that?!"

Mirallia Elsman scoffed and gripped her phone tightly. "What do I mean by that?" She asked " I asked you first!"

"Milly, what are you so mad about?" His voice sounded confused on the other line as she looked at the sobbing Cagalli who was staring at her laptop. Lacus sat beside her patting her on the back.

"Put me on loud speaker" Shiho grabbed the phone from Miriallia.

Yzak's eyes widened as he recognize the voice. "Shiho!"

"You little white headed creep! Don't you sound so happy right now?"

SEED's bassist brows twitched. They were over the name calling stage a few months ago and here she was calling him a little white headed creep. "What the hell is wrong with you Hahnenfuss?"

"We're just disappointed in everybody" Lacus spoke calmly.

"What?"the four boys looked at each other.

"We know what happened at the airport, you four blockheads!" Cagalli yelled.

Unfortunately, for the four idols. Paparazzi's are always everywhere and they all got a clean shot on how clingy Meer was at Athrun. Aside from the photo was a false article about Meer and Athrun's relationship and was posted on the internet.

"Nothing happened! I swear, Cagalli" Athrun screamed hoping that he could talk to her.

"I had enough" Cagalli sighed and walked out of the room.

Shiho gripped MIriallia's phone tight and screamed. "Look at what you little insensitive idiots did!"

"Shiho" The pink haired model shook her head and tried to calm her down. "I hope everyone's listening right now. Whatever reasons you have, please save it. What's done is done. "

"You hear that Elsman?! You have a lot of explaining to do. ESPECIALLY YOU ATHRUN. " Miriallia looked like she was breathing fire. She was so enrage over Athrun than Dearka right now. "You got that?!" She screamed as Dearka bit his throw pillow.

"Yes, ma'am! Don't leave meee" He cried as their phone call ended.

Yzak slapped Dearka on the head and crossed his arm on his chest. "Stop crying! You're beginning to look like Kira!" He scolded.


Cagalli shut her eyes close and buried her face on her pillow. Who knew loving someone would be actually hard...especially when you know that somehow you have to share him with other people because they all love him. A relationship with a celebrity figure was tough. It looked simple in the televisions but in reality it really wasn't. In the end it was always a package she had to deal with if not this time then forever.

The fans were always fans no matter what. She understood that. Athrun may say he loves them, that love was always different when it came to her. It was more special.

Then there's the rumors. Funny, how it didn't affect her much before compared to how it did to her now.


Orb's famous male idol Group Athrun Zala of SEED, 23 cheating on her mystery blonde girlfriend for Famous actress Meer Campbell 22.

Athrun Zala and Meer Campbell was seen together at the Panama Airport looking much like a couple with Meer hugging the young guitarists arm. Behind them were their happy ever go lucky trio, Kira, Yzak and Dearka. They all seemed very acquainted with each other and before parting Meer gave them each a kiss on the cheek. SEED's guitarist looked like he had the sweetest kiss though. Fans were baffled and confused but still continued to watch by the sidelines and remained their cheers to minimal.

The four idols sat together around the coffee table and sighed for the eleventh time. Last time they sat around together like this while looking all gloomy was a few years back when Rau tried to tell them to cut their connections with the girls. It was like another déjà vu,

"We can't blame anyone, you know" Kira messed his brown hair "We were too careless"

"You know, Mwu's going to flip when he-"


Four head turned their attention towards the voice and found their blonde manager leaning on the door frame with a frown on his face. "care to explain boys?"


Mwu entered their dressing room and messed his hair. "Honestly, you boys bring your problems and let them multiply wherever you go." He clucked his tongue. "I tried holding off the press for you and told them all of those were fake"

The four idols sighed in relief and felt like breathing again. Athrun smiled gratefully at Mwu and stared at his phone. There still wasn't any call.

"I'm no expert in giving advice but go and try to fix your problems with your girlfriends before we go to our next destination boys" Mwu suggested "It'll be hard to perform when you all have all your girl problems stuck in your head."

"There's Athrun!" screamed another girl as they pointed at Athrun and Cagalli who were standing by the stop light.

"Oh crap!" Athrun groaned and looked at his girlfriend. He gave her an apologetic look and fixed her face mask. "How about we make a run for it?" He suggested.

Her amber eyes sparkled in delight and nodded her head. "I kind of like the sound of that"

Athrun took her hand as the stop sign lit green and the cars stopped on their lanes. They made a dash for it laughing as Athrun's fans scream and follow them.

He made a quick turn in an small alley and pushed Cagalli on the wall. He pressed down his body lightly on hers as they tried to hide their head by lowering it down. The group of Athrun's little crazy fan club run past them screaming his name out. When suddenly Cagalli laughed at him.


Cagalli shooked her head and wiped a few tears off her face. "N-Nothing" She giggled "It's just I never thought I'd see you run away from your crazy fans"

"Crazy fans huh?"Athrun smirked "Aren't you one of them?"He teased.

"Stupid, I'm no fan" She rolled her eyes "Never been your fan anyway" She grinned even though he couldn't see it because she still had her mask on.

Athrun chuckled and leaned closer to her. "Of course. You aren't any crazy fan Cagalli" He said looking at her, locking his gaze at her "You're my girlfriend" He whispered and pressed his lips on hers.

"Mhhmhmm" Cagalli suddenly gave a muffle reply and pushed Athrun away."idiot! I can't breath!" She said as she pulled down her mask.

"Oh sorry!" He scratched his head and looked at his blushing girlfriend. "I couldn't resist to kiss you even with the mask on"

"Yeah, you almost suffo-"

"Is this better?" He whispered against her lips. Cagalli blushed deeper and kissed back in response to his question.

Days had past ever since Cagalli found out about Athrun's rumored "Cheating" was said to be false. She heard from Lacus that the rest of them were able to reconcile with their boyfriends...except for her.

Yes, she was stubborn.

While she was busy staring at her phone, her door slammed open with her mother standing with a smug look on her face.

"Sweetheart, catch!" Via said as she threw Cagalli a backpack.

Cagalli was quick enough to catch it before it hit her face. She gave her mother a quizzical look as she glanced alternately from the bag to her mother. "Are you kicking me out?!"

Via chuckled and leaned on her door frame. "Maybe"


"Lacus will be right over to explain Cagalli"She said as turned a heel and leave.

An hour later, Cagalli was staring at Lacus as she tried to digest what she just told her. Apparently, Lacus was going to have a photoshoot in Victoria which turns out to be the last place where SEED was going to hold their concert. She was planning on surprising the boys together with Miriallia and Shiho so why not drag Cagalli as well?

"I'm staying here" Cagalli stubbornly replied and crossed her arms. Lacus frowned and grabbed Cagalli's back pack and started opening her closet.

"You are not" Lacus insisted as she pulled out Cagalli's sunday dress and throw it in bag. "Stop being so stubborn "Cagalli, you should have seen Athrun the last few performances. He looked wrecked even if he was smiling"

True, the last two concerts were aired online and SEEDs Guitarist look like he hadn't sleeped for days. He looked like a living zombie on stage with his trusty old guitar Aegis.

"Why do I have to come?!"

Lacus shook her head and sat beside Cagalli. "Just think of this as our first trip outside ORB. A little girls summer vacation." She winked "We'll just visit the boys on their last day so please?"she begged

Cagalli groaned no one gets away with Lacus when she starts to beg. "Oh, alright! But I'm still not talking to that idiot"

Lacus smirked and nodded her head. Inside Lacus was already going a happy dancing thinking their plan was already starting to work.

"I can't believe we're here!" Miriallia gasped as she held her little daughter in her arms.

Lacus and Shiho nodded their heads. "Victoria's even more prettier than the pictures in the magazine" Lacus stare at the beautiful structures surrounding them.

Shiho looked back and found a silent Cagalli standing behind them who was obviously not interested at them moment. "What's with the gloomy face!"

"Just ignore me guys" Cagalli sighed and adjusted her shoulder bag.

Her three friends gave each other a meaningful luck before they all literally dragged Cagalli to a cafe shop.

"Now, you sit here while we order our food" Miriallia said as she patted her friend on the shoulder.

Cagalli frowned and agreed without a fight. She has been in the dumps ever since the rumor broke out. Aside from that she hadn't heard from Athrun ever since their last call. He hasn't contacted her to even ask how she was doing and it really annoyed her.

From behind her a hand suddenly covered her eyes and she let out a small yelp. "Guys, cut this game out" Cagalli hissed try to shake the hand off her eyes.

"So fierce now when you were just awfully quiet a few moments ago" He whispered in his ear.

The blonde suddenly jerked up from her seat as she heard someone whisper and a warm breath tickle her neck. She turned around and her eyes met his green ones.

Athrun smiled at her as he cupped her cheeks. He was expecting Cagalli to slap him but she didn't. Rather she stomped on his foot and punched him on the shoulders. "You idiot! You idiot!"

Athrun Zala's assistant director girlfriend hit him continuously on his chest and enveloped her in his amrs. "I'm really sorry Cagalli. You know, I will never cheat on you" He sounded sincere as Cagalli buried her face on his chest.


He chuckled and lifter her chin up to meet his face. "You believe me?"

Cagalli nodded and sighed. "I know. Deep inside I knew you wouldn't che-" Athrun hugged her tightly and sighed "A-Athrun I can't breath" she managed to squeak.

The young guitarist released her and apologized. The sparkle in her eyes returned filling him up and as if immediately it revived him.

"So did you guys kiss and make up already?"

Cagalli and Athrun turned their heads to find their friends grinning at them. Kira had his hands wrapped around Lacus waist, Dearka had little Nia sitting on his shoulders while Miriallia held her camera up and Shiho and Yzak were as usual the awkward couple.

"Why is everyone here?" The blonde female asked slightly amused.

Yzak crossed his arms "Isn't it obvious Hibiki. We came to fetch your boyfriend because we're already running late for the concert. "

Athrun's eyes widened and look at his wrist watch "Shit, your right. Mwu's going to be mad again!"

In a few more minutes the boys left, leaving the ladies alone again. Miriallia, Lacus and Shiho gave each other a high five when Cagalli wasn't looking. Turns out the trip as actually a plan to get the two back together and give Cagalli another surprise.

"So we aren't going to watch them?"Cagalli asked as the girls giggled.

"Aren't we so eager?" Lacus teased as her blonde friend turned red.

"Says you! You and Kira looked like you both wanted to make a run for it already" She teased back causing her pink haired friend to turn red as a tomato.

SEED was going to hold 2 consecutive concerts for two days. One the first day the girls decided to skip it and enjoy their stay in Victoria. The four girls accidentally ran into Murrue and Stella, the wife and daughter of SEEDs Manager. Turns out, Murrue was going to surprise Mwu later with the news that Stella made it to a modelling agency for children.

"Mr. La Flagga's going to flip!" Shiho bursted out laughing as little Stellar grinned.

"Daddy's going to see Stella in a lot of pictures" She exclaimed animatedly. The rest of the girls watched her in delight. She was one bubbly kid.

On the last day of SEEDs Concert, the audience number doubled. The location was bigger than the first concert and as usual rumors before the concert started to roam amongst the fans. One of them was the rumored Kira and Lacus duet and DJ Housenka's special appearance. True or not none of the fans were bothered about it. Surprisingly, all of them supported their idols relationship. With girlfriend or not they still loved the boys.

"So why am I the only one dressed like I'm to attend a party?" Cagalli raised her brow at her friends and stared down at the lace dress she was wearing.

Lacus laughed and fixed Cagalli's hair for the nth time. "Well, today's the last day of the concert. I thought it would be nice to surprise Athrun, you know" She winked at her.

"Besides you look pretty Cagalli" Shiho added..

The girls arrived at the back stage as SEED continued to sing on stage. Once again the rumored Kira and Lacus duet seemed to be true. Lacus emerged on stage wearing a white blazer covering her pink corset top and white pants. Together they say Haro ballad version and immediately won the hearts of the fans.

"wooh" Dearka screamed the song ended "Man, Lacus should debut as a singer instead don you think?" The fans screamed in agreement as they watch the couple hold hands on the LED screen. "You two sound so good together! "

"Well, who knows" Lacus giggled and winked at Kira. "We might be do a duet soon"

"What! Really?"Yzak said walking towards the center of the stage

Kira chuckled"Pro~bab~ly? What do you think Lacus?" He asked his girlfriend.

Lacus playfully shrugged her shoulders and smiled. And everyone understood that it was a yes. Yes, that they will be doing a duet soon.

"Alright! Time for the MC corner" A voice suddenly chirped from the speakers. Yzak's eyes widened immediately recognizing the voice. "This is DJ Housenka invading SEED's MC corner in Victoria!" Shiho said as she emereged on the other end of the stage holding up cue cards. The Shizak fans suddenly screamed in joy as Shiho waved at them. "Victoria make some noise!" She laughed

The fans obediently screamed and were all enjoying the surprises they were getting. The girlfriends appearing on stage with their idols. "Woow! That feels nice" She smiled and waved at the fans.

"What are you doing here?!" Yzak blurted out looking dumbfound

"Why do you always sound so surprise when you hear me?" Shiho snorted and put a hand on her waist. "Weren't you listening? I'm invading your MC corner"


The Shizak tandem started their little argument which became a comedy skit for the fans. The two looked as adorable as they were on radio.

"Why don't you guys just get married!" Athrun laughed as they watch Shiho and Yzak call each other names on the middle of the stage.

"Shut up Zala!" They both screamed causing the fans to laugh again. That's the famous Shizak for you.

Kira glanced at Lacus and nodded his head,as if he was sending a telepathic message to her. "Alright guys, go kiss and make up at the back stage. We have some other things to do, remember?" He hinted making the fans and a certain someone wonder. "Athrun if you please"

Athrun nodded his head once and stepped towards the middle of the stage. He pursed his lips and looked at fans standing in front of him who had uchiwas, fan boards, banners and pen lights waving above their head. "I, Athrun Zala have been thinking about this over the past months."


"It's about time that I should start moving forward with my life. " He smiled and rubbed the back of his neck. The fans kept screaming several "what?!" and "Eh?" at him, confused with what Athrun was saying.

Back in the back stage, Cagalli listened to Athrun and looked confused as the fans were. "What is he leaving the group or something" she asked Miriallia

Miriallia chuckled and shook her head. As a sweet instrumental song started playing she slowly pushed Cagalli towards the stage and a spot light pointed at her.

Yet again another surprise for the fans..and Cagalli "I've been thinking that living a life alone is sad."Athrun said as he turned around and look at Cagalli who was standing on the same stage as he is, looking confused and dumbfound.

"I may not be the best boyfriend and sometimes be a jerk but you were always that person who knock some sense in my life. Cagalli, you were really not a fan. I can guarantee that. And you weren't just any person who appreciated good music rather..."Athrun took a deep breath and slowly spoke the words he had been practicing for weeks" you were my other half. Having you by my side is what completes me."

Cagalli frozed on her spot, Her gaze locked on to his. She couldn't believe what she was hearing. It was a proposal. A proposal A freaking marriage proposal to her in front of thousands of people. "Dear Haumea am I dreaming" Her mind continued to scream.

Athrun knelt down on one knee, in front of her and held up a familiar wrist band to her. It was the wrist band that Athrun bought on the first High and Mighty Color concert they attended together by coincidence Her hands shakily picked it up and tears slowly fall down her rosy cheeks."I thought you lost this" She whispered. Athrun shook his head and smiled a guilty smile.

He had sewn an extra pocket on the back of the wrist band and a red gem stuck out from the small pocket. He plucked out the ring from the pocket and grinned at her.

"Will you give me the honor of marrying you and making you mine for all eternity"He softly said and smiled at her "Cagalli?"

Suddenly the fans started yelling in chorus saying "Say yes!" to Cagalli as she stood still staring at Athrun and the scarlet ring.


Tears started brimming on the corners of her eyes and she nodded her head.

The whole arena burst in cheers at Cagalli's confirmation. Athrun stood up on his knees and slid the ring on her finger. Lacus threw her arms around Kira and Shiho crying for joy.

Athrun's fiance sobbed on his chest as he brushed her long blonde hair. "I love you more than anything in this world combined" he whispered "I'm sorry for a lot things but I hope you still love me"

Cagalli giggled softly and lifted her head as she smiled at her fiancee. "I wouldn't have said yes if I didn't love you" She playfully hit him on the chest "You're the only idiot I'm going to love, stupid!"

"Alright, alright break it up!"Yzak said clapping his hands at the two of them "Save all that mushy love making at the backstage. We still have a concert to finish here!" He said as the newly engaged couple blush beet red

SEEDs Guitarist sighed and shared a long staring game with Cagalli until Kira threw his hands on his eyes and dragged him away. "Whoopdidoo!"Kira chuckled. "Remember you have Cagalli for all eternity whereas the fans only have you now"He reminded him.

Eternity. Athrun nodded his head. He liked the sound of that. He grabbed the mic he left on the floor and walked at the middle of the stage. The fans were filled with mixture of cries, screams of support and laughter?. Behind Athrun was Dearka who was running after a toddler who seemed to be enjoying her little world at the back end of the stage.

"Dearka way to ruin my spotlight" Athrun teased. "Thank you guys for being a part of this special day!"He said. "so! Let's get on with the concert"He flashed everyone his heart-stopping-breath-taking smile and looked back. "After Dearka catches her daughter"

"Nia! Come to dadd-offf"Dearka tripped on the cord and landed on the stage floor. If anyone was wondering where Miriallia is she was standing on the side of the stage taking a video.

Everyone laughed as Nia walked towards father and giggle. The blonde drummer sat up and grabbed Nia and tickled her before he walked back to Miriallia and gave Nia back to her.

"Go and give them your best show."Miriallia grinned as she sling her handy camera on her shoulder. "After that I have a surprise for you."


Miriallia kissed Nia's forehead and slowly patted her tummy. She slowly looked up at her husband who almost had his eyes pop out.

"Holy craaap! This has got to be the best concert everr!" Dearka screamed as he ran towards his drumset.

Final Epilogue

SEEDs last concert in Victoria made it to the morning newspaper the following day. The several shocking announcements didn't affect the SEED Fandom as much as their first rumored date sightings a few years back. Surprisingly, everyone took the news in a good way. Athrun and Cagalli's engagement was even recorded and placed in their first World Tour DVD that was released a year and a half later

"You've got to be kidding me" Cagalli gasped as she stared at the DVD in her hands. "They put that here!"

"Of course. It's one of the best parts of the DVD don't you know" Athrun chuckled and sat beside his wife.

Cagalli frowned "I am not watching that! Ugh! I probably look so horrible!" She gasped in horror as she tried remembering that fateful day.

Athrun kissed her forehead and shook his head. "You were the prettiest girl there"

"You're just being biased" Cagalli poked Athrun on his side making him jerk and scream like a girl. "See you later! I'm going to be late for the doctor's check up!"

Kira and Lacus also made a surprise announcement after the concert that they will be releasing a duet single for the first time. It wasn't that surprising since they actually showed hints on the last concert. The song they were going to sing was composed by Athrun and arranged by Yzak.

As for the shoot, Rusty and Miriallia teamed up to produce it.

"Lacus, why don't we make a run for it for now?" Kira whispered as they sat on the very same beach Just One was shot.

Lacus smirked and grinned "Ikinda like the sound of that!"

"At the count of three.."Kira held her hands and looked at the busy staffs "1...2...3!"

The couple started running at the opposite side of the set.

"Heey!"Rusty yelled "Yamato, Clyne get back here"

"Leave it Rusty" Miriallia giggled and took photos of the dashing couple.

Since SEED was in indefinite hiatus, Dearka was incharge of babysitting their children. On their last concert, Miriallia told him she was already 1 month pregnant with their second child. Soon he had a miniature him and Nia was as bossy as her mother.

"Daddy! Mommy said no littering!" She pouted and put her hands on her little waist.

"Alright alright honey" Dearka chuckled and patted Dulcinea's head.

And who couldn't forget Yzak and Shiho. The unofficial couple. Well, you can throw that aside. Yzak and Shiho were like one of the most idolized couple after they publicly admitted their feelings for each other in a TV show. Of course their argument's were still the same.

"I told you Yza-"Shiho's eyes widened as Yzak suddenly kiss her without warning.

"Let's just stop the arguing for today. It's our anniversay" He looked away blushing.

Shiho touch her lips and lightly nodded her head.


"Daddy! Stellar's going to be late for her modeling!"Young Stellar pouted and frowned at her father.

Mwu sighed and slung his bag on his shoulder. Since SEED were in indefinite hiatus he had time for his daughter who had just started modeling for children's clothes.

Turns out Stellar was really photogenic and had a talent for modeling. She idolized Lacus and would often ask to help her for kinds of pose to much of Murrue's delight.


"Coming baby!" Mwu sighed and jogged towards his waiting wife and daughter. "This is why I didn't want my daughter to enter show business" He whined silently.

And it really is OVERRRRRRRRR. I am so sorry the it was so long. I hope you guys didn't get bored. T_T I actually had a hard time putting the pieces together but I think it did really end up well. I hope you guys think the same thing as well. So yeah, after the concert SEED got into a indefinite Hiatus. Athrun and Cagalli got married, Kira and Lacus got their duet single, Dearka and Milly got themselves a son and Yzak and Shiho are getting into a deeper stage of their relationship YEEY!.

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