Hi, I am Tinyrocket and I am making an UVR Rumble spinoff! What is an UVR Rumble spinoff you may ask? Well, I will show you all of the details here. Just make sure you tell your friends!

Question 1: What the heck is UVR?

Answer: The UVR is a popular crossover votefic. There had been several spinoffs of this created. In fact, I was inspired by my friend, SSBFreak and his most popular fic, the Megamix Tournament series.

Question 2: Tales of What Now?

Answer: Tales of is one of my favourite RPG series. There are a lot of different games in the franchise which is why their node has the most representatives by far.

Question 3: What are "Big Guys" and how do they affect voting?

Answer: Big Guys are one of two things: Boss characters or people that are just really big. For each Big Guy in the ring at a time, one extra fighter will get eliminated at the end of the section. For example, Bowser, Garuda, Barbatos and Tiny Tiger all get into the arena. Instead of the usual fifteen fighters getting eliminated, nineteen will get the boot instead.

Question 4: How do the eliminations work?

Answer: The top fifteen fighters in each section will get at one elimination, no matter if they survive the section or not. However, if there's a Big Guy in the ring, the top fighter will get two eliminations instead of just one. So if there are four Big Guys, the top four fighters will get two eliminations.

Question 5: What's this "Fatigue" you speak of?

Answer: It doesn't matter how strong they are. Everyone gets tired after a while. So for every section a fighter survives, one automatic 'die' vote is given to them at the beginning of the next section, making their survival that much harder. For example, Ryu has survived for four sections and Kyo has survived for three. At the beginning of the next section, Ryu will have four automatic 'die' votes and Kyo will have three.

Question 6: How do I vote?

Answer: You can vote easily. You can fill out a voteform and post it in your review, if you want. You must give out fifteen 'live' votes for the people you want to see survive the section, and fifteen 'die' votes for the people you want to see get eliminated. If there's an uneven amount, I'll even them out myself.

Also note that there are side matches going on outside the arena with each section. If there, are, simply say whom you'll like to see win the side matches.

Question 7: Why are there so many franchises that aren't from fighting games?

Answer: Because they had been a lot of spinoffs and I wanted to make it interested by adding some franchises that aren't fighting games. Just because they haven't debuted in a fighting game doesn't mean they can't fight.