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It starts after the Food fair has finished for the evening...

Assumpta moved around the bar picking up glasses on autopilot. She was physically and emotionally exhausted after the last couple of days, and yet she felt like she was walking on air. Peter had told her he loved her tonight. She paused, leaning against the bar, savouring those words again.

She was pulled out of her reverie by a soft knocking at the back door. She felt her stomach flip as she realised it must be Peter. Taking a deep shaky breath she tried to compose herself.

"Pull yourself together girl," she thought. It was amazing how he could make her feel like a teenager with a crush all over again.

She walked through to the kitchen and opened the door.

He was leaning against the door frame. He smiled saying, "Hi," softly under his breath. Oh god, she could drown in those eyes. He had the ability to make her feel like no one else in the world existed.

He'd changed she noticed. No longer wearing the suit, he was now dressed in jeans and his navy jumper. The one that looked so soft that she always itched to reach out and touch him. Resisting the urge she smiled, stepped back and let him in.

"Uh oh, has it come to this that you need to sneak in the back door? Can't have the neighbours talking, eh?" She smiled wryly.

"Sorry, I thought it was best," he shrugged apologetically, as she closed the door. "They'll be talking soon enough though, I just handed my letter of resignation to Father Mac," he said, watching her expression.

"What? So quickly?" She was running through scenarios in her head where he changed in mind because he'd rushed into the decision. "Are you sure?"

"Why have you changed your mind?" It was his turn to look panicked.

"No, of course not," she paused and looked up at him. "I just don't want you to regret anything."

" 'Sumpta, did you hear what I said tonight? I love you. I'm not going to regret anything."

Her breath caught as he stepped forward and took her hands. "Anyway, don't let this go to your head, but you're not the only reason I'm leaving," he said smiling.

"Huh," she grinned as she saw his eyes twinkling. "Do I at least make the top ten?"

"Oh I'd say so." He pulled her closer slipping his arms round her waist. She leaned against him, finally getting to snuggle up against that jumper. She inhaled, breathing in that fresh clean scent that was so uniquely Peter. They stood like that for a few moments and she tried to commit the moment to memory, the same way as she'd done at the lake, worried that it may yet turn out to be just another dream.

Finally, reluctantly, she pulled back slightly to look up at him. "What did Father Mac say?"

"He wasn't exactly surprised so he took it quite well considering," Peter half smiled. "I think catching him after a few drinks eased the situation."

Assumpta smirked, "Coward. So what happens now?"

"I have to go and see him tomorrow to sort out the details but I think he wants to make it effective immediately. He'll take mass on Sunday, I just have to make an announcement. I'm not sure he trusts me to keep my vows or be very discreet now I've made the decision."

"Urgh that man," she muttered, eyes flashing. "He shouldn't judge everyone by his own standards."

Peter took a deep breath and said softly, "I don't think I trust myself."

Assumpta felt her heart speed up. She was suddenly very aware of how close they were standing, of the feel of the material beneath her hands, of his hands gently holding the small of her back, of the radio that was softly playing a romantic Sarah McLaughlan track. She felt she was melting under the intensity of his gaze. Suddenly, without her even realising how it had happened, their lips met. It was soft and slow and sweet. She felt like the room was spinning as he pressed his slightly parted lips to hers again then paused so their lips were just brushing. Assumpta braced herself for rejection but suddenly he'd pulled her closer wrapping his arms round her, kissing her deeply and she lost all train of thought. One of his hands moved up to tangle themselves in her hair as she brought hers up to grasp him round the neck and pull him nearer. They stumbled backwards half a step together and he pressed her up against the door. As the last vestiges of coherent thought left her, the last thing to run through her mind was that Peter Clifford must have done this before.

Peter was the first one to break away, just as the embrace got even more passionate with hands beginning to wander. He leaned his forehead against hers as they both caught their breath.

"See, not much self control at all when I'm around you," he said huskily.

She just smiled and leaned her head against his shoulder, relishing the feel of his arms around her waist.

"I need to go but do you think you could get away tomorrow, meet me after I'm done with Father Mac?" he asked.

"I need to go to Kildargin myself tomorrow to see the solicitor about Leo. Meet you at the lake for lunch?"

He looked at her, his face full of concern. "Are you sure you're ok with this? I mean it's going to be difficult with Leo."

"Peter, I'm better than I've been in a long long time."

" 'Kay," he nodded. "I need to go," he sighed deeply, removing his arms from her and stepped towards the door.

She immediately regretted the loss of contact. "Peter!" she cried and locked eyes with him as he turned back to her. "I love you too."

A boyish grin broke out across his face and he brought a hand up, cupping her cheek, and brought his lips down once more to meet hers. "I'll see you tomorrow," he said softly and disappeared out the door.