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She took in the control room of a massive colony Grox Ship. Veara stared blankly out of a window, still in shock that the mighty Grox empire had split up in 7 different empires. She took her head.

'How can the Great Grox Empire do this?' She thought angrily 'Just because Zarkhator was in rule for only a few month doesn't mean we have to go to war with ourselves! Yea, I do agree with some of the things they said about this but still...' She sighed and walked out of the control room without a word. She didn't know what to do. There is no higher command than her now. She was in a clan that has no leader!

Veara walked into the throne room, this is where the Emperor was to be. Veara stared at the empity Throne. Veara stalked over to the thone and with her orangic hand, she felt the throne. She purred a little, it felt nice. She looked behind her, from where Veara is, she had a nice view of the whole room. Veara looked back at the Throne. The Thone itself was highly decorated with black and red markings with a few Grox letters. On the right arm, laid a crown. It matched the throne with its black and red markings.

"Veara, sir?" Said a voice, Veara calmly looked behind her again to spy on a Grox officer, Anitmark, who was looking at her. "What are you doing here?"

"Just thinking..." muttered Veara softly, looking back at the throne. "Just find it hard to believe that we, the Great and Mighty Grox Empire, would go to war and split into 7 clans over something so small and pathetic as Zarkhator..." She turned around and stalked over to Anitmark. She was much, much taller and the tallest grox.

Towering over the Grox officer, Veara asked "So... Have you decided who to be our newly formed clan's leader?"


"Who is it?"

"You, Veara sir."

Veara took a step back "What? ME?" She was in total shock. She thought he was going to pick someone else, she thought he'll pick himself but never in her wildest dreams that she would think he'll pick her!

"Yes, Veara sir."

"Why Me?"

"You have lead us into battle many times and we always win with you at our side." He said looking at the corrupted Artlen, who was starting to pace.

"Me? Leader?"

"Have your doubts, Veara sir?"

"But of course, Officer Antimark. For over 31,000 years, I was commander and only a commander."

"A commander that has power rivaling the Emperor's." Argued Antimark, his mismatched eyes following Veara's every movement. "You were in second commander of everything. EVERYTHING! Veara sir, we all agree that you can leader us! No other clan has you or your skills! We have the most of our people. Most of the milatary power and most importantly... You..."

Veara stopped pacing and looked at the throne, thinkning. She walked over to the throne and placed a hand on one of its arms.

"So, what will it be Veara sir?" Asked Antimark, stepping closer to Veara. "You lead us or have someone lesser than you lead us."

Veara smirked as she turned around once more but sat down in the throne. She crossed her legs and picked up the crown.

As she placed it on her head, she stated in her conanding voice. "I will lead you."