It was nice to hang out with my dad one last time before he went back home; I will really miss him and my mother while I'm up here. 'This is going to be good for me. This is going to help my skating.' This is the mantra that I keep telling myself as my father is driving away waving out the window of the taxi. "Bye Baby Girl! I love you so much! I know you are going to do great!" My dad yells out the window.

This is it. I am on my own in a new city trying out dancing. I've always had in interest in dancing but skating had always gotten in the way, not that I would ever tell my father that. His dream for me has always been to get gold in skating; I think that is because he never reached the top during his youth. Figure skating has such a short shelf life, much like dancing, but then he met my mom and everything changed. I have always felt guilt where my dad's career has been concerned. Maybe that is why I have always pushed myself so hard. I've wanted to make it up to my dad for making him retire early. My dream has been to become a contemporary ballet dancer. I've been watching Cooper Neilson for years and just love how he gets lost in the dance. The passion that these dancers have, the lines that they make and the joy that they create for thousands of people is amazing. Yes, at a figure skater you can do all of those things but I have always been afraid that my heart has always been with dancing and not with skating.

I sigh and look up at the dark grey building. 'Deep breaths, girl. You got this!'

I sighed and walked back in to the ABA building. As I check my watch I realize I only have about 30 minutes to get ready to go out with Tommy and his friends. With that, I race back to my dorm room and rifle through all of my clothes. 'What the hell does someone wear to go out in New York? I sure don't have Carrie Bradshaw's wardrobe!'

Not too much later, I decided on wearing a pair of skinny jeans, a deep garnet strapless top, a sassy black vest and knee high boots. I thought I looked really good but I really hope that Tommy thinks that I look good.

Just as I was finishing up my makeup, I hear a knock at the door. I take one last deep break and open the door to find Tommy and a couple of other people and, thankfully, not bitch Barbie

"Hi Tommy!" I say happily.

"Lizzie, hi. You look great." Tommy says and my inner diva starts dancing around and giggling over him thinking I look great. "I'd like you to meet some friends of mine, this is Sal and Anna. Guys, this is Lizzie."

"Oh I know who she is Tommy! Lizzie it is so nice to meet you in person! We were really cheering for you at the last World Championships. That German judge just didn't know what he was looking at because you definitely deserved Gold." Anna said.

"Wow thanks Anna! That is really nice of you to say. It was a really tough competition and it really stung when the scores came up but Amelia really deserved it. But there is always this years competition and hopefully being here will help with my artistic marks."

"Well, now that we are introduced, why don't we go dancing?" Tommy said.

"Yeah! Let me grab my jacket and we'll go."

I quickly shuffled through my room and grabbed my jacket and purse. 'This is going to be so fun!'

Just after I pulled my door shut and Sal and Anna were walking down this hallway, Tommy grabbed my wrist and looked me in the eyes and said, "Really, Lizzie, you look really beautiful tonight."

I blushed and said "Thanks Tommy. You look really hot tonight. Err I mean really handsome."

'I cannot believe I just said that out loud. Gosh Lizzie! How stupid could you be?' My subconscious scolded me. Tommy just smiled at me and moved his hand down to mine to grab it. He lightly tugged on my hand.

"Come on, Lizzie." He said smiling at me. As we were walking down the hall he whispered to himself, "You look hot too."

The bar is nothing like I have ever seen before. There are lights flashing in all different colors, loud music, people drinking and having a good time and lots of people dancing. They are dancing like I've never seen any one dance before.

I'm gazing out on to the dance floor and I think Tommy notices. He glances over at me and says, "They are all pretty amazing, huh?"

"Yeah! I mean I have never seen anyone move like that other than in movies. You can tell that they really understand the movements. I really wish I were able to dance like they are." I respond to him.

"Seriously Lizzie? You have everything it takes to dance like them. You got passion, heart, intensity and fire. Everything is all here, you just gotta know how to use it." As he puts his hand over my heart.

"I don't know if I got it. My 'dancing' is nothing like this."

"Wanna bet? I bet you blow all of these people out of the water once you warm up. You are Lizzie Queen of Gold! Who the hell do you have to be afraid of? I bet if you go out there, that German judge wouldn't know what hit him! "

"Tommy!" a voice is somehow able to yell over the music. 'Oh it's her' my subconscious thinks.

"Suzanne, what are you doing here?" Tommy says with obvious surprise.

"Dancing of course!" She responds. She tugs on his arm and continues, "Let's go! We aren't going to get any younger!"

And with that Tommy disappeared into the sea of dancers leaving me by myself. 'Game on Bitch Barbie' I thought to myself. 'Game on!'