It was time. My battle was going to start at any moment. I was going up against Trevor, who, besides Jason, was the strongest rival that I had. I looked across the field at Trevor. He nodded towards me and I did the same.

"The semifinal battle between Adam Ketchum and Trevor will now begin! This will be a six-on-six battle and the match will be over when all Pokemon on one side are unable to battle. Battle begin!" the ref cried.

"Pidgeot, let's show 'em!" I cried, tossing my Pokeball.

"Raichu, go." Trevor said, tossing his Pokeball.

I had the disadvantage. But I could get past this and so could Pidgeot.

"Use Thunderbolt, Raichu." Trevor commanded.

"Dodge and use Agility!" I cried.

Pidgeot flew out of the way at the last second and managed to dodge.

"Now use Quick Attack!"

"Use Thunderbolt on the field."

I had seen this before. My dad and many other trainers had used this as a counterattack. Pidgeot got hit by the pieces of the broken field and fell towards the ground.

"Now use Body Slam."

Pidgeot hadn't recovered yet and couldn't move in time and was pinned to the ground. I had to figure out a way for Pidgeot to escape, but how?! Then I remembered something from my past.

"That was a good comeback to get Gastrodon off of Staraptor, using Close Combat. Body Slam isn't a move that you want your Pokemon to be stuck in?" my eight-year-old self questioned.

"That's right. Body Slam is a move that can get you in a tight spot." my dad replied.

"That's it! Bang your wings against the field, Pidgeot!" I cried.

"Use Thunderbolt, Raichu."

Pidgeot cried out as the electricity hit and did a lot of damage. Pidgeot laid on the field, unable to battle any longer.

"Pidgeot is unable to battle. Raichu wins!" the ref cried.

I removed my Pokeball and returned my Pokemon. "Thank you, rest now." I said as I attached my Pokeball back to my belt.

"Pidgeot put up a good fight, but couldn't manage to beat Raichu. Who will be Adam's next Pokemon?"

Who could I use? I hadn't managed to land one hit on Raichu.

"Pi! Pika!" Pikachu cried.

Of course! Pikachu would be faster than Raichu. In the battle with Pidgeot, Raichu hadn't moved a lot. Maybe Trevor had done what Lt. Surge had done: evolve his Pikachu too soon, so it didn't know the attacks that it could only learn as a Pikachu.

"Pikachu, let's show 'em!" I cried. Pikachu ran onto the field and waited.

"Raichu, use Mega Punch." Trevor commanded.

"Volt Tackle, Pikachu!" I cried.

Pikachu ran towards Raichu in a streak of electricity and the two moves collided and smoke was created, with a few sparks, too.

"Iron Tail!" I cried.


Raichu couldn't dodge in time and was sent skidding backwards from Iron Tail.

"Now use Quick Attack!" Raichu, still fazed from the Iron Tail hit, got hit by Quick Attack and shook its head, recovering.

"Use Mega Punch!"

"Quick Attack!"

The two moves collided, dead even.

"Iron Tail!" Pikachu spun and quickly slammed its tail on Raichu's head. Raichu stumbled back and shook its head.

"Use Quick Attack, again." Raichu just stood waiting as Pikachu sped towards it.

"Body Slam, now!"


Pikachu was pinned.

Neither of us had used any Electric attacks because both Pokemon were Electric types, but if Pikachu happened to be stronger or vice versa, then the other would be hurt. I had to take a chance.

"Thunderbolt!" I cried. Pikachu let out a Thunderbolt and the field broke up and some of it hit Raichu. Raichu cried out and got off of Pikachu. Raichu wouldn't last much longer. It was breathing heavily and it was covered in scrapes.

"Hyper Beam!" Trevor cried.

"Thunderbolt" I cried.

As the Hyper Beam neared Pikachu, Pikachu released a Thunderbolt. The two moves were now in a battle of dominance. They both exploded and smoke covered the field.

"Agility and then Iron Tail!" I cried. The smoke hadn't cleared yet and we couldn't see what was happening.

"Rai! Raichu..."

The smoke cleared and Raichu was lying on the field.

"Raichu is unable to battle. Pikachu wins!" the ref cried.

"What a battle! Pikachu proved to be stronger than its evolved form!"

Trevor returned his Raichu and removed his next Pokeball. "Graveler, go." he said, tossing his Pokeball.

"Pikachu, come back." I said. Pikachu ran back over to me. I couldn't use Pikachu because none of his attacks would work on a Rock/Ground Pokemon.

"Wartortle, let's show 'em!" I cried, tossing my Pokeball.

"I had a feeling that you were going to use Wartortle." Trevor said to me.

"Use Hydro Pump, Wartortle!" I cried.

"Dodge it and use Rollout."

Graveler managed to dodge and rolled towards Wartortle.

"Jump up, Wartortle! And then use Water Pulse!" I cried. Wartortle leapt into the air and avoided Graveler. Graveler stopped rolling and stood up where Wartortle had been standing.

"Dodge!" Trevor cried. But Graveler couldn't dodge the attack and Water Pulse slammed into it.

"Now use Hydro Pump!" I cried when Wartortle landed back on the ground.


As the ground started to shake, Wartortle was unable to use Hydro Pump.

"Rock Throw, now!" Wartortle had just recovered from Earthquake. I called out for it to dodge and Wartortle was unable to dodge. Wartortle stood back up, covered in scratches and breathing heavily. Neither Pokemon would last much longer.

"Use Rapid Hydro Spin!" I cried. Wartortle started using Rapid Spin and then used Hydro Pump at the same time. Wartortle was a spinning shell that was shooting water. Graveler was pounded with wave after wave of water. Wartortle then popped out of his shell and used Hydro Pump one more time, hitting Graveler directly. But Graveler was still standing!

"Rock Throw!" Trevor cried.

"Retreat!" I cried.

Wartortle withdrew into his shell as the rocks fell around it.

"Finish this with Water Pulse!" I cried. Wartortle popped out of his shell and used Water Pulse.

"Dodge it!" Graveler went to dodge, but was unable to. Graveler stood still before falling to the ground.

"Graveler is unable to battle. Wartortle wins!" the ref cried.

Trevor returned his Pokemon and removed his next Pokeball. "Ninetales, go." he said, tossing it.

What was he up to? Water Pokemon were strong against Fire Pokemon.

"Use Confuse Ray, Ninetales." Wartortle became confused. "Now use Quick Attack."

"Dodge it, Wartortle."

Since Wartortle was confused, he didn't try to dodge.

"Now use Flamethrower."

"Hydro Pump!"

Wartortle didn't attack and got hit by the Flamethrower.

"Wartortle, snap out of it!" I cried.

"Finish this, Ninetales. Use Quick Attack."

"Dodge it, Wartortle!"

Wartortle shook his head and managed to dodge. Wartortle wasn't confused anymore!

"Use Water Pulse!" I cried.

"Dodge and use Quick Attack!"

Ninetales managed to dodge and before I could command Wartortle to dodge, Ninetales slammed into him. Wartortle cried out and fell to the ground.

"Wartortle is unable to battle. Ninetales wins!" the ref cried.

"You did great, Wartortle. Take a rest." I said, returning my Pokemon. Even at a type disadvantage, Trevor was able to win by confusing Wartortle. I would have to watch out for that for the rest of the battle.

"Golem, let's show 'em!" I cried, tossing my next Pokeball. Rock Pokemon are resistant to fire.

"Ninetales, return." Trevor said as he removed another Pokeball.

"And Trevor calls Ninetales back! Who will his next Pokemon be?"

"Starmie, go." he said, tossing his Pokeball.

I frowned. I now had the disadvantage.

"I had a feeling that you were going to use Golem." Trevor said to me. He had this all planned out! He had watched my battles in the Pokemon League and learned to prepare for my team! He had planned to get me to use Golem so that I wouldn't be able to defeat his Fire Pokemon!

"You had a plan." I said.

"That's right. Let's see how you do." he replied.

I knew that Trevor was going to be tough, but not this tough!

"Starmie, use Water Gun."

"Earthquake!" I cried, using his own counter strategy against him.

Water Gun was prevented as Starmie was thrown off-balance.

"Use Rapid Spin!"

"Rock Blast!"

Pummeling rocks bounced off of Starmie as it spun quickly towards Golem, before slamming into him. But since it was a Normal attack, it didn't do much damage against a Rock Pokemon like Golem.

"Use Water Gun!"


Golem couldn't dodge the attack in time.

I removed my Pokeball. "Golem, return." I said, attaching the Pokeball back to my belt. Golem was fighting a losing battle with water.

I looked down at Pikachu and said, "You ready, Pikachu?"

"Pika!" Pikachu cried, running onto the field.

"Use Swift!"


The Thunderbolt blasted the Swift and headed towards Starmie.

"Dodge!" Trevor yelled. Starmie managed to dodge.

"Use Quick Attack!"

"Rapid Spin, Starmie."

Starmie spun over Pikachu and Pikachu stood on the other side, waiting. Starmie was heading towards Pikachu, still using Rapid Spin.

"Thunderbolt!" I cried. The Thunderbolt hit Starmie head-on, making Starmie a spinning star of electricity. Starmie fell to the ground, its gem blinking, meaning that it was weak.

"Volt Tackle!" I cried. Pikachu slammed into Starmie and its gem was broken. Starmie had fainted.

"Starmie is unable to battle. Pikachu wins!" the ref announced.

Trevor returned his Pokemon. "Ninetales, I need you again." Trevor said, tossing his Pokeball.

"Pikachu, come back." I said as I removed my next Pokeball.

"Golem, let's show 'em!" I cried, tossing the Pokeball. "Golem, use Rock Blast!"

"Dodge it, Ninetales." Trevor commanded.

Ninetales managed to dodge the attack.

"Confuse Ray," Golem became confused.

"Golem, snap out of it!" I cried.

"Use Quick Attack!"

"Dodge, Golem!"

Golem didn't hear me and got hit, but not badly.

"Golem, snap out of it." Golem cried out his name and was no longer confused.

"Rock Throw!" I cried.

"Dodge with Quick Attack."

Ninetales managed to dodge the attack and Golem made a crater in the field.

"Rock Blast,"


The attack was blocked. I wouldn't be able to attack.

"Use Quick Attack!"

"Dodge it!"

Golem couldn't dodge in time. Ninetales was a lot quicker. Golem wouldn't last much longer. His battle with Starmie had done a lot of damage.

"Confuse Ray!"

"No!" I cried as Golem became confused once more.

"Earthquake! You can do it!" I cried, hoping that Golem wouldn't hurt himself. Golem did manage to attack Ninetales. Both Pokemon were reaching their limits.

"Quick Attack!" Trevor cried.

"Dodge it!"

Golem just stood still, unable to dodge because of his confused state.

"Golem..." Golem said, falling to the ground.

"Golem is unable to battle. Ninetales wins!" the ref cried.

"Thank you, Golem. Take a rest." I said, returning my Pokemon.

"Both Adam and Trevor are down to their final three Pokemon!"

Who could I use to fight against Ninetales? I lowered my hand to my Pokeball belt and removed the Pokeball.

"Haunter, let's show 'em!" I cried, tossing my Pokeball. I had a plan.

"Haunter, use Hypnosis!" Trevor frowned as Ninetales fell asleep.

"Now use Dream Eater!" I cried. Ninetales laid on the ground as its energy was drained.

"Ninetales is unable to battle. Haunter wins!" the ref cried. One last attack was all that I had needed to win.

Trevor returned his Pokemon and removed another Pokeball. "Haunter, go." he said tossing it.

Two Ghost Pokemon? Sucker Punch would be the strongest move that I could use against it.

"Haunter, use Sucker Punch!" I cried.

"Dodge it."

Trevor's Haunter managed to dodge.

"Dark Pulse!" Trevor cried. His Haunter appeared beside my own and before I could command Haunter to dodge, the attack hit directly.

"Use your Shadow Balls, Haunter!" I cried.

"Dodge it,"

Trevor's Haunter managed to dodge the multiple Shadow Balls.

"Now use Payback." Trevor commanded.

"Vanish!" I cried.

My Haunter vanished into thin air right before Trevor's Haunter could land its attack.

"Sucker Punch!" I cried.

"Dark Pulse, behind you, quick!" Trevor cried as my Haunter appeared beside his Pokemon.

The moves collided and created smoke.

"Sucker Punch!" I cried. I heard a Haunter cry out and when the smoke cleared, both Haunters were hurt.

"Dark Pulse!" Trevor cried. Before I could call out for Haunter to dodge, the attack was hitting it. Haunter fell towards the field and landed.

"Adam's Haunter is unable to battle. Trevor's Haunter wins!" the ref cried.

"Thanks, Haunter. Take a rest." I said, returning my Pokemon. Since Trevor's Haunter was reaching its breaking point, it wouldn't last much longer.

"Pikachu, you're up." I said. Pikachu ran onto the field. I could pull off the technique that my dad had done when he had battled Fantina. I had used the technique when I had captured Haunter in the first place in Lavender Town. Pikachu could do this.

"Use Dark Pulse!"

"Thunderbolt, Pikachu!" I cried.

After countless counters and attacks, both Pokemon were reaching their final limits. I had managed to keep Haunter from vanishing thanks to the Counter-Shield.

"Shadow Ball, Haunter."

"Iron Tail!"

Pikachu hit the Shadow Ball and made it burst.

"Use Dark Pulse!"

"Dodge and use Thunderbolt!"

Pikachu dodged and launched the Thunderbolt.

"Dodge, Haunter." But Haunter couldn't dodge in time and was engulfed by the electricity.

"Haunter is unable to battle. Pikachu wins!" the ref cried.

Trevor returned his Pokemon and removed his last Pokeball.

"Trevor is down to his final Pokemon!"

"Hypno, go." he said, tossing the Pokeball.

"Psyshock!" Trevor cried.


"Stop it with Psychic." said Trevor.

I stared in shock as Thunderbolt was stopped. Trevor had tricked me.

"Now use Psychic." Pikachu was outlined in blue and was struggling to get free. Hypno raised its hands and Pikachu was sent flying into the wall.

"Pikachu!" I cried, running over.

"Pikachu is unable to battle. Hypno wins!" the ref cried.

I knelt down next to Pikachu and picked him up.


"You did great, Pikachu. Take a rest." I said softly as I laid Pikachu on the ground next to me.

"Who will Adam's final Pokemon be?"

I removed my last Pokeball. "Charmeleon, let's show 'em!" I cried, tossing my Pokeball.

"Psyshock, Hypno."

"Dodge and use Flamethrower!" I cried.

Flamethrower managed to hit Hypno.

"Future Sight, Hypno."

This wasn't good. I needed to end this quickly. I remembered what had happened with Jason in his battle. He had gotten caught off-guard by Future Sight. It had looked like he had forgotten about Future Sight being used.

"Fire Spin!" I cried.

"Dodge it! Then use Psyshock!"

"Flamethrower and spin!"

Charmeleon was protected from Psyshock by his fire.

"Hypnosis!" Trevor cried. Charmeleon fell asleep. I watched as Future Sight came and hit him.

"Wake up!" I cried. I knew that when Charmeleon did wake up, a lot of damage would be done. Looking at Hypno, I saw that it wasn't doing that good, either.

"Use Psyshock!"

"Wake up and use Fire Spin!" I cried.

Charmeleon's eyes snapped opened and he used Fire Spin. Hypno became trapped in the fiery vortex.

"Use Psychic and get out."

Perfect! That's just what I wanted! "Flamethrower!" I cried. Hypno was hit directly with the attack and stumbled back.

"Now use Fire Fang!" Charmeleon ran towards Hypno, who was still recovering. Before Trevor could command Hypno to dodge, Fire Fang had hit. Hypno cried out as flames covered its body and it fell to the ground.

"Hypno is unable to battle. Charmeleon wins! Which means Adam Ketchum is the winner!" the ref cried and the crowd screamed in joy.

Trevor returned his Pokemon.

"Thanks, Charmeleon. Take a rest." I said, returning my Pokemon.

I couldn't believe it. I had won against Trevor, a rival that I had never beaten before now. I was going to the finals and facing my best friend, Jason. The challenge was far from over, he would be my toughest test of all.

I looked up and saw Trevor walking towards me.

"Congratulations, Adam. That was a great battle. I knew that you weren't going to be easy to defeat and you proved it to be right. You finally beat me."

"Thanks, Trevor. You and your Pokemon were great. You had me pulling out every trick that I've learned."

"Which is what a rival needs to do. Looks like you're going up against Jason in the finals. Good luck and just remember to keep your guard up. That battle won't be easy and I'm looking forward to seeing it."


I held out my hand and we shook hands.

"Oh, and Adam?"


"When I first met you, I didn't see you fit to be a strong trainer. I just want you to know that I'm sorry that I said that and for doubting you. You are a strong trainer and it shows. You've made it this far and it's not just by luck. You really are Master Ketchum's son."

"Thanks, you're a strong trainer, too."

After meeting up with everyone outside of the stadium, Jason walked up to me and said, "I'm glad that you made it, Adam. There's nobody who I'd rather battle for title of Pokemon League Champion than my best friend."

"I'm glad to be battling you, too. It's almost like fate wanted us to meet in the biggest battle of our lives." I replied.

"Good luck tomorrow, Adam."

"You too, Jason. And may the best trainer win!"

Author's Note: And so, Adam has won his semifinal battle, just like Jason has done. The two friends will be facing off in the Pokemon League finals.

Who will triumph and become the new Pokemon League Champion? Find out as the finals begin in the next epic, action-packed chapter of Pokemon NG!