Mentor and pupil stood at the entrance to the small village of Angel Falls. The pupil flapped her wings, using the generated breeze to cool herself off in the summer heat.

"Adelle, we Celestrians are to protect and help the mortals." The mentor said as he gestured to an old man and a young woman walking along the road toward the village.

"Grandpa, please hurry. It's getting late." The girl urged.

"I'm sorry, Erinn... My age makes traveling difficult... Go on without me. It'll be dark soon and the monsters have been acting up lately..." Her grandfather replied, nudging her ahead of him.

Erinn smiled at him, "Don't worry, Grandpa! Adelle, the village guardian shall protect us from the monsters."

The pupil shook her head. "I'm not the guardian yet, though..." She then looked to her mentor. "I'm still in training. Master Aquila, you are still the true guardian of Angel Falls."

Aquila pointed to two monsters lurking behind a boulder near the path. They were cruelcumbers, basically giant walking cucumbers with spears.

"You will soon be the village's guardian, so you must defend the inhabitants from attack." Aquila said. "Shall we deal with the pests?"

Adelle nods and draws her sword before following Aquila to the cruelcumbers' hiding spot. The cruelcumbers turned to see Adelle and Aquila. Aquila slew one of the cruelcumbers with a single slash of the sword. Adelle being far less experienced at combat only injured the cruelcumber. The cruelcumber retaliated. It lunged toward Adelle with its spear. There was a crack as Aquila broke the spear in half before it could hit Adelle. Adelle used the opportunity to stab the cruelcumber.

Aquila smiled and gave her a congratulatory slap on the back. "Not too bad for your first battle."

"YES! WE DID IT! MY FIRST VICTORY!" Adelle exclaimed as she did a victory dance.

Aquila laughed, "You did well... But I think you should stay away from sugar for a while..."

Adelle quickly ceased her dance and turned a light shade of red. "Um... Yeah... sorry... I got a little excited..."

"Excited already? You haven't even gotten the fruits of your labor yet." Aquila chuckled.

Aquila returned Adelle's attention to the civilians they saved. Erinn and her grandfather had safely reached the village.

"We made it back... I was worried that these old bones would never see our home again..." The old man said with a relieved sigh.

"Grandpa! Adelle would never let anything happen to us. We didn't see any monsters because she kept them away." Erinn chided.

"Of course... How silly of me…" Her grandfather said with a smile.

Erinn turned toward the path and bowed. "Thank you for watching over us, Adelle. We owe you a great deal."

A blue flame appeared in front of Erinn as she spoke, but she didn't notice. She returned to her house with her grandfather. Aquila took the flame and handed it to Adelle. Although it appeared as a flame, it was cool to the touch.

"This is known as benevolessence." Aquila explained. "It is the physical form of the gratitude mortals feel towards us Celestrians."

Adelle stared in awe at the flame in her hands. "It's so pretty... What do we do with it?"

'We give it to Apus Major in the Observatory. It is our job to harvest as much benevolessence as possible. I shall explain more once we return to the Observatory." Aquila said.

The two walked down the streets of the village as the sun set. Aquila came to a sudden stop, causing Adelle to bump into him. "There's one more lesson I have to teach you." He said.

"What's that?" Adelle asked, tilting her head.

"Aside from animals, monsters, and certain humans, we can be seen by souls of the departed. It is part of our job to help these lost souls move on to the next world." He explained.

"...Okay... How do we do that?" she asked.

Aquila stepped to one side, revealing a transparent man wandering the streets. They approached the ghost.

"Hello. What are you doing out here?" Aquila asked.

"Oi! Ye be the first to speak to me in a week! Why be it that all me old mates won't acknowledge me?" The ghost exclaimed. "C'mon... Ye will tell me the truth, won't ye?"

"...They can't see you... You're... dead." Adelle said as gently as she could.

The ghost paused for a moment. "…So I kicked the bucket...?"

Adelle nodded solemnly. "I'm afraid so..."

The ghost gave a relieved sigh and then grinned. "That's great! So me mates aren't ignoring me! Now I can move on! Thank ye very much!"

With that, a bright light surrounded the ghost and he disappeared, leaving behind benevolessence.

"Um... That was easy..." Adelle said, collecting the benevolessence.

Aquila rubbed the back of his neck. "It normally takes a lot more work than that..."

Adelle and Aquila continued their walk to the giant waterfall near the center of the village. They walked to a statue atop a hill overlooking the village. The statue had the words "Adelle - Guardian of Angel Falls" written at the base, even though the statue looked nothing like her. Aquila turned to Adelle and smiled.

"You have completed your lessons well... Tomorrow you will return to Angel Falls as the official guardian." He said.

'What? All ready? What about you?" Adelle asked, stunned by the announcement.

Aquila laughed at her expression. "I get promoted. I will roam the land protecting all the regions, not just Angel Falls. Besides, you're ready to carry out the tasks of guardian on your own."

A huge grin spread across Adelle's face and she tackle hugged Aquila. "Thank you! This is great!" She began pacing excitedly. "I completed my training! I can't believe it! This is AWESOME!"

"...I suppose your title is now Guardian Adelle..." Aquila said, "But... I feel rather close to you… you are more like family than a student... and calling you that is slightly awkward... How about we only call each other by our titles when formality calls for it? Otherwise, it's just Aquila and Adelle."

"Of course, Mas…" She began, but quickly corrected herself. "Aquila."

Aquila laughed. "Good. Not like you had much of a choice, though. It is against our laws for a Celestrian to disobey his or her superior... Well, shall we head back to the Observatory? Apus Major will want that benevolessence you collected."

Adelle nodded and looked towards the sky. A bright light shone upon them and they soared into the night.