"Dammit!" she whispered. Katniss's arrow missed the rabbit; her last one. After looking left and right like a child before crossing the street, she jumped from her hiding spot in the tree and went to retrieve her arrows.

After only salvaging one arrow from the ground, Katniss stopped. There was a crack from behind her; someone had stepped on a branch. She held her bow, trying to load her only arrow quickly, as she ducked behind a tree.


Thwak! Katniss fired the arrow out of being startled. It grazed the owner of the voice, only taking out the fabric on his pants.

"What the hell's the matter with you?" Katniss angrily whispered, hitting him. She recovered the arrow and put it back in her quiver. "We're down to just three and you're not helping."

"Sorry," Peeta whispered back. He unhooked a dead squirrel from his waist and pulled something that looked like apples out of the small bag on his shoulder. "But it looks like I had better luck than you did.

Katniss looked down at her own belt; nothing. Not a single rabbit or squirrel. With a surly look, she grabbed the squirrel and started skinning it. Peeta lowered himself to the same level as Katniss.

Without looking up, she asked, "How'd you do it?"

"Threw a knife. Got lucky." Peeta answered in a conversational volume.

Katniss stopped her knife mid-skin and eyed him. "Don't talk so loud. They'll hear you and then we'll both be dead." She went back to skinning.

"Sorry." Peeta stood and walked over to lean on the tree. He watched her skin the little animal. She was so focused and so beautiful. Even with her hair tied up messily, sweat pouring down her face and dirt all over her body, she was beautiful.

She finished and looked up at him. "What?" Katniss asked when she caught him staring and didn't stop.

"Nothing," Peeta looked at her practically empty quiver with one lonesome arrow inside. He whispered, "I thought you had four."

Without looking, she knew what he was talking about. She continued skinning. "I did, I lost one and the others are too badly damaged to be shot. But can you put them in the bag? We can't let Cato use them."

Cato; the only other tribute left in the game. Just one more person to kill and then it was only to two of them left.

Peeta nodded as he carefully picked up the broken arrows and placed them in the bag. As he slowly stood up, his gaze was caught by something white up the tree. "Looks like you forgot one."

Katniss followed his gaze and saw that he was right; one of her arrows was high in the tree.

"Hold this for me." She handed Peeta the skinned squirrel. He put it in the bag as she placed her arms around the base and shimmied up the tree. Or tried to. The trunk was too thick for her to get a good grip and all the branches were too high up.

She turned to Peeta. "Gimme a boost?" she asked.

Peeta nodded and crossed his hands. Katniss nodded as a 'thanks' and positioned her arms on his shoulders. After Katniss readied her foot, Peeta used all his strength to hoist her up over his head, onto his shoulders.

Katniss gripped the arrow and pulled.

"You got it?" Peeta asked in a whispered. He held her ankles firmly.

"It's stuck." Katniss answered in a whispered grunt as she tried to pull the arrow out of the bark, twisting it, trying to loosen it. "It's wedged in pretty good."

"Take your time. No worries."

After one good jerk, "Got it!" Thwak!

Katniss's body fell from Peeta's shoulders, onto the forest floor with a loud thud. There was a glistening, silver knife sticking out of her back.


Another knife flew out of nowhere, narrowly missing Peeta's face.

"Get behind the tree," Katniss's scratchy voice rasped. Her face was so enraged, Peeta obeyed, pulling out his only weapon; a small knife.

He held his upper thigh. It still was weak from the blood poisoning; a tolerable pinching pain occurs when he pressures it, but he forced himself to stand firm. He readied his knife and started to walk back out

A knife came flailing past, but it lodged in the trunk. Peeta ducked back behind the tree. Thwak Another knife jammed in. Now he's just taunting me.

"What's the matter Lover Boy?" Peeta heard Cato's voice call out loud. Two more thwacks. "Can't fight without your girlfriend's back to hide behind?" He sneered at that.

"Katniss?" Peeta called out with desperation in his voice.

"I'm okay." Her voice was low and grunted. He couldn't tell if she was whispering so Cato wouldn't hear her, or, he didn't want to think of the other option. "Don't move until you hear my signal."

"What signal?" Peeta whispered back. Katniss didn't answer. Good thing he was behind the tree, or he would see her struggle to reach for her bow. Katniss held in her grunts. Not for Cato; for Peeta. Her fingers touched her bow and weakly wrapped them around the silver tip.

Slowly, Katniss inched the bow closer until it her arrow was in a firing position. She aimed her arrow and waited. Her vision started to blur. Was the sweat falling in her eyes? Or was she bleeding too much and the blood loss was messing with her vision.

Another knife came flying out of the bush. Bingo! Katniss fired the arrow straight into where the knife flew out from. There was a thwack; the arrow hit something, then a cry of pain. The arrow hit something alive, something human.

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