Chapter 5: Not so Bad

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Drew groggily slumped out of his room in the Pokémon Center, holding onto the wall for support. He let out a long yawn as he tried to rub the sleep from his eyes. He hadn't gotten much rest the previous night; he had been thinking about so many things, sleep just didn't seem to want to come.

So when the sun light shone out the window and rolled over his sleeping face, Drew rolled out of bed, hitting the floor with a thump. He went through his usual routine half awake, and had stumbled out of his room.

He again attempted to wake himself up to be more alert when he reached the Pokémon Center's cafeteria, where May and Ash were sitting with Harley, who was sipping tea.

"Drew, are you alright?" May asked as Drew plopped himself down in a chair.

"Mhmm," He grunted, not really paying attention. He laid his head down on the table, attempting to get a few precious extra seconds of sleep.

"Drew, darlin, I hope you're more alert later," Harley said as he sipped his tea, "Today's a big day."

Ash gave Harley a puzzled glance. "Why?" he asked.

Harley, slapped his hand over his mouth when he realized what he had said. "Oh, haha, no reason," Harley tried to say innocently, guilt laced in his voice.

May gaze the man a suspicious glare. "Harley... What are you up to?" She asked him.

"Nothing! Nothing!" Harley said, waving his hands around. "I'm not up to anything!"

May rolled her eyes. "Yeah, and I'm quitting contests," She replied sarcastically.

Harley perked up, "Really?" he asked.

"No." May said plainly, rolling her eyes.

Drew all the while had been wincing and grimacing at the conversation, taking note to give Harley a good slap for almost giving the plan away. But luckily, May sighed and decided to drop the conversation.

"So Drew, why are you so tired?" Ash asked, "From what I heard, you're always up bright and early."

Drew simply grunted again, not really wanting to talk about it. Not only had he been thinking about his plan for Ash and May, but about Dawn too. He wanted to meet her, but couldn't think of how.

"Pika?" Pikachu asked, crawling onto Drew's head. May giggled as the yellow Pokémon stepped on Drew cheek to get on top.

"Mmf," Drew grunted, seeming to not have enough energy to complain.

"Pikachu, get off Drew, let the poor guy rest," Ash said.

"Aw, but I think he likes it," May said, giggling. Drew let out a low growl; sometimes he wondered why he bothered helping May.

"Hey," May began, "You know what wakes up Ash in the morning?"

Everyone looked at her, Ash silently shook his head. "A good electrocution!" May said happily.

Before Drew could respond in protest. He felt electricity shook through his veins. "PIKACHUUUU!" Pikachu exclaimed as he released the electricity.

He hopped off Drew's head as Drew slowly lifted it off the table, he had several marks on his face and blackened hair. "I'm up..." he groaned.

Drew and Harley couldn't really execute the final part of their plan until later that night, so they lazily laid around and followed Ash, May, and Pikachu as they walked around doing thing.

Despite the fact he had talked to May about Ash, he never told her that he had already been helping her, and what he was planning.

"So, what do you plan on doing after Ash leaves Johto and goes back to Sinnoh with May?" Harley asked Drew as they sat in the park, Ash and May were throwing a frisbee back and forth as Pikachu was attempting to catch it in the middle.

Drew chuckled. "That's considering that the plan works," he said.

Harley gasped. "Have you no faith in the plan?" he asked.

Drew shrugged, "There's always the possibility that it won't work," he explained, "especially when it comes to Ash..."

Harley laughed. "But you said you got him thinking about love and such the other day," Harley pointed out.

"Yeah," Drew said, "But he could have forgotten..."

"Well then you better be sure to remind him," Harley said.

Drew watched as May threw the frisbee, Pikachu leapt into the air and finally caught it, exclaiming happily. "Yeah, you're probably right," Drew said.


Ash and Pikachu played a game of tug-a-war with the frisbee, as Pikachu was not willing to give it up just yet. The electric mouse released bright sparks of electricity, shocking Ash. May quickly ran over to him as he fell onto the back, Pikachu just laughed.

"So, let's just say the plan did work," Harley continued, "What would you do?"

Drew sighed and looked at Harley. "Why do you ask?" he asked.

Harley shrugged innocently. "Oh, just wonderin'," he asked.

Drew sighed again, wondering what devious plan Harley might have up his sleeve. "Um, I would probably continue getting ribbons in Johto," Drew explained, "no reason for me to stop."

Harley gasped. "B-but what about Dawn?" he asked.

Drew shook his head. "I don't think it would work out, I've never even met her before," he said.

After Ash had been electrocuted, May laid down next to him in the cool grass. The two were talking about who-knows-what, occasionally pointing up at the sky as an oddly shaped cloud floated by. Pikachu had dropped his fribee and curled up on Ash's chest, now snoozing as Ash and May talked.

"You never know," Harley said, "Dawn might like you."

Drew shrugged. "Maybe," he said, "But what if she doesn't? The only way I could find out would be to awkwardly go to Sinnoh... And if it didn't go well, I'd be in an awkward and embarrassing situation."

Drew sighed, "I think I'd rather not take the chance and embarrass myself in front of Ash and May..."

Harley shrugged, "That's you decision, I guess," he said, "Just don't come crying to me when you die alone."

Drew laughed. "If anyone was going to be dying alone, it would be you," he joked. With that he stood up and walked over to were May and Ash were laying.

"Hey, Ash," Drew began as he walked up to them. "Can we talk for a minute?"

Ash glanced at May, who nodded, as if giving him permission to leave. He gently lifted Pikachu off his lap and handed the electric type to May. He rose to his feet and followed Drew a little bit away from May.

When Drew was sure they were out of hearing distance of May, he stopped and looked at Ash. "So, have you been thinking about what we talked about the other day?" He asked.

Ash glanced at May, who was still lying in the grass with Pikachu, and looked back at Drew. "Yeah," he replied.

"And?" Drew asked, hoping for the best.

Ash took off his cap and scratched the back of his head. "Uh, I don't really know," he explained, "I never thought about something like this before, I don't know what to think..."

Drew sighed with a hint of frustration. "Well, keep trying," he said, "I'm sure you figure it out."

Ash nodded and shrugged, not really knowing what to say, with that, he walked back over to May and laid down in the grass beside her.

Drew walked back over to Harley, plopping back down in the grass. "Well?" Harley asked.

Drew sighed again. "He has been thinking... But doesn't know what to think... If that makes any sense," he grumbled.

Harley laughed. "You didn't think this was going to be easy, did you?" He asked.

Drew shrugged and laid down on his back, now concentrating on the sky rather than Ash and May. "I don't know what I was thinking," he explained, "I didn't think Ash would be so ignorant about this kind of stuff."

Drew chuckled, "With all the girls he's traveled with, you would think he was a pro."

"Oh well," Harley said, "All will be revealed when the plan is executed."

"Whoa," Ash said as four stood before a large restaurant. It looked quite fancy.

"Drew..." May began, sounding worried, "Are you sure we can afford this?"

Drew chucked. "It's easy, if we beat the owners, we get to eat for free."

Ash's face brightened. "Hey, that sounds just like the Seven Star Restaurant in Sinnoh," he said.

May nodded in agreement, "Yeah, it does."

Harley rubbed his hands together, sounding excited. "Well, you can't pass up free food! Especially from a fancy restaurant like this!" With that he ran up the steps and into the restaurant, followed by Ash, May, and Drew.

The interior of the building was large and spacious, decorated with marble pillars and red cloth drapes.

"Whoa, for not getting paid anything for their food, they sure have a nice place," May uttered.

"Bah," Harley said, "They probably get the money from their parents."

"Ah, I zee ve have four coztemers," someone said. A man in a fancy suit approached the four. He bowed slightly before continuing. "If you all vish to battle zee ownerz, I suggezt you follow me."

With that, the man spun around and led them to a set of large double doors. "Right thiz vay," he said, opening the doors so that they could enter. They all walked into the room to see a large, empty room. Lines marked the floor as to show the battle field, on the opposite side, a man and a woman stood.

"Zey must be zee ownerz," Ash said, slapping a hand over his mouth when he realized his accent. May giggled as the man who had let them him chuckled.

"I zee zere are four of you," the woman said, "Vich of you two vould like to go firzt?"

Ash, May, Drew, and Harley all exchanged glances with each other. "Uh, I'll battle with Harley," Drew said, "You and Ash go, May."

Ash and May nodded and took their place on the battle field. "Ah, very good," the man on the other side of the field said as he threw out a Pokéball. "Scizor! Zee time to battle iz now!"

The woman pulled out her own Pokéball. "Azumarill! Let'z show zem vat you've got!" she exclaimed as she tossed the ball into the air.

The Pokéballs popped open and Scizor and Azumarill appeared on the field. Ash and May exchanged glances before smiling at each other and nodding.

"Pikachu! I chooz- Uh- choose you!" Ash exclaimed, careful to watch his accent.

"Blaziken, take the stage!" May shouted. Both trainers released their Pokémon, who leapt onto the field.

"Thiz vill be a two on two tag battle," The fancily dressed man said, not standing in his place as the referee. "Zee first team to knock out zee other team'z Pokémon vin. Now... Begin!"

"Pikachu! Thunderbolt on Azumarill!" Ash ordered.

"Blaziken! Flame Thrower on Scizor!" May commanded.

"Dodge zee attack!" The man exclaimed.

"Counter vith Vater Gun!" The woman shouted.

Scizor crouched and jumped into the air, narrowly dodging the incoming fire attack. Azumarill fired a Water Gun at Pikachu's Thunderbolt, stopping it short.

"Quick Attack while Azumarill is occupied!" May exclaimed. Blaziken nodded and quickly shot in the direction of the Azumarill, slamming into her.

"Pikachu! Iron Tail on Scizor!" Ash exclaimed.

"Stop it!" The man exclaimed.

As Pikachu swung his tail at Scizor, the bug type grabbed it and slammed Pikachu into the ground.

"Pika!" Pikachu exclaimed as he leapt to his feet.

"Vater Gun again!" the woman said.

Azumarill had recovered from the Quick Attack and threw its head back, firing another Water Gun at Blaziken, who was nailed by the attack.

"We gotta get in sync, May," Ash said as he watched Blaziken and Pikachu recover.

May nodded in agreement, "What do you suggest?" she asked.

Ash adjusted his cap and examined Scizor and Azumarill. "We need a good combination," he answered, "These Pokémon aren't at a very high level, and will easy fall if we hit them hard enough."

May nodded again. "Okay, what combination do you have in mind?" she asked.

Ash shrugged and looked at her. "You're the coordinator," he told her. May thought for a minute before smiling and leaning over to Ash, whispering something in his ear. A large smile grew on his face. "Perfect," he said.

"Alright! Pikachu, quickly use Iron Tail on Scizor's legs!" Ash said.

"Blaziken, use a Blaze Kick on Scizor!" May told her Pokémon.

Pikachu swiped his tail at Scizor's legs, causing the bug type to lose its balance. Because it was open for an attack, it was nailed by the Blaze Kick, sending it into the wall, knocked out.

"Vater Gun, vonce more!" the woman shouted.

"Blaziken! Throw Pikachu!" May said.

Blaziken grabbed the electric type and threw him into the air, giving Pikachu an open shot at Azumarill.

"Thunder!" Ash exclaimed.

As Blazkien dodged the Water Gun, Pikachu sent bolts of lightning down on Azumarill, harshly electrocuting the water type and knocking it out.

"Zee ownerz of thiz fine reztaurant are out of Pokémon, zee guestz vin zee match!" The referee declared.

"Alright!" Ash and May shouted together, exchanging high-fives.

Drew smiled as he watched the two celebrate their victory. They synced really well, it was as if they were meant to battle together. They had such a strong connection, stronger than Drew had ever seen.

"Looks like you and I are up, Harley," Drew said, already pulling out a Pokéball.

"Whatever you say, hon," Harley said. Drew high-fived May and Ash as they walked by, he and Harley took their place on the field.

"You got this, Drew, you too Harley!" Ash exclaimed.

"Alakazam! Zee time to battle iz now!"

"Drowzee! Let'z show zem vat you got!

Two yellow psychic types appeared on the field. One held spoons in his hands and waved them about, while the other was much shorter and looked far less intelligent.

Drew casually threw a Pokéball into the air, letting out his Roserade, while Harley released his Cacturne.

"Thiz vill be a two on two tag battle," The referee repeated. "Zee first team to knock out zee other team'z Pokémon vin. Now... Begin!"

"Cacturne! Needle Arm!" Harley exclaimed. Cacturne ran forward with a glowing arm he attempted to whack Alakazam but the Pokémon narrowly dodged.

"Alakazam! Uze Confuzion!" the man said. Cacturne was suddenly lifted into the air as Alakazam's eyes began to glow, leaving him helpless.

"Magical Leaf, Roserade!" Drew shouted. Roserade took aim and fired the Magical Leaf attack, which hit Alakazam and caused him to lose his focus, thus freeing Cacturne.

"Drowzee, use Hypnoziz!" The woman ordered.

"Cacturne, get in front of Roserade!" Harley shouted. His Pokémon jumped into the air and landed in front of Roserade, taking the Hypnosis, which didn't affect him.

"Oh, right, psychic type attacks don't affect dark types," Drew observed, "Good thinking."

"Aw, shucks," Harley said, "Cacturne! Another Needle Arm!"

Cacturne's arm began to glow and was swung around in circles several times before ramming into Drowzee, knocking the psychic type to the ground.

"Drowzee!" The woman exclaimed, "Get back up and uze Brick Break on zee Cacturne!"

With surprising speed, the Drowzee got back up and struck Cacturne with the fighting type attack.

"Roserade! Magical Leaf on Alakazam!" Drew shouted, pointing to the target.

"Cacturne, Pin Needle on Drowzee!" Harley also commanded.

Both Pokémon swung their arms and unleashed their attacks, effectively hitting their marks. Drew and Harley exchanges glances, nodded to each other.

"Combo time?" Harley asked.

"Totally," Drew replied, "Roserade, use Magical Leaf!"

"Cacturne, use Dark Pulse on the Magical Leaf!" Harley shouted.

As shiny leaves flew towards the opponents, Cacturne fired Dark Pulse at them. The leaves quivered before the bright gleam was replaced by an eerie glow. The now dark leaves flew against Alakazam and Drozee, the later fell over, knocked out.

The woman sighed and pulled out her Pokéball, returning Drowzee. "Take zem down!" she told her partner, who nodded.

"Step aside, Drew, I got this," Harley said smoothly. "Destiny Bond!"

Cacturn's eyes began to glow, and two eerie, glowing objects emerged. The two glowing objects hit Alakazam, but didn't seem to do anything.

"Focus Punch on zee Cacturne!" The man exclaimed.

"Roserade," Drew began, "stop it wi-"

"Drew, don't do anything!" Harley said, "Let it hit!"

"What?" Drew exclaimed, "I'm not just going to let it attack if it can be stopped!"

But it was too late, Alakazam charged forward and punched Cacturne with shocking force. Cacturne flew backwards into the wall, clearly knocked out.

"Great..." Drew grumbled, but suddenly, Alakazam fell over, also knocked out. Drew's eyes went wide. "How-?"

"Destiny Bond, darlin'," Harley said, returning Cacturne. "Knocks out the Pokémon that knocked out your's.

Drew thought for a minute, he thought he recalled that move from somewhere. Didn't matter now, they had won the match, and thus, a free meal. Drew thanked Roserade before returning her back to get Pokéball for a rest.

"Awesome!" Ash exclaimed, "You guys won!"

The man sighed and returned his knocked out Alakazam, stuffing the Pokéball in his pocket. "It lookz like you four von yourzelves a free meal," he said politely, "Please step throughout zese door and take a seat."

With that, the four trainers stepped through the door and into the room. "Oh man..." Ash gasped, looking around, "This is fancy."

"I still don't understand how they get money," May huffed.

They all sat down at a nearby table, except for Pikachu, who hopped up onto the table.

Harley picked up a menu, eyes growing wide and he began to drool. "Oh man," He said, "First I'm going to have steak, and then lobster, and then prime rib, and then..."

Harley began to blabbering on as he basically decided to order everything on the menu. "So have you enjoyed your visit thus far, Ash?" Drew asked, trying to block Harley out.

Ash smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I've had a blast," he said.

May sighed and hung her head, "It's too bad you're leaving tomorrow," she said sadly.

Ash sighed as well, slouching a little in his seat. "Yeah, I wish I could stay longer," he admitted, "But alas, I can't keep Dawn and Brock waiting."

"Pika pika," Pikachu said.

"Why didn't they come over as well?" Drew asked, resting his head in his hand.

Ash shrugged, "I don't know, about a month ago, Dawn talked about wanting to see Johto, but declined coming with me..."

Drew raised a brow. I wonder if she had a reason for that, He thought, perhaps she had figured Ash and May could have some alone time, maybe she was trying to hook them up as well. Drew couldn't help but smile. We think alike, he thought.

Harley continued to rant as he read down the menu. "And the salmon, and the onion rings, and the-"

"Harley! We get it!" May exclaimed, interrupting the man.

"Well excuse me, princess," Harley said with a huff.

The plan had been executed, it was nothing original, but seemed fool proof, or so Drew thought. It was like clockwork, Harley distracted May and Ash while Drew slipped a note into May's fanny pack and a note into Ash's backpack. Pikachu had noticed Drew sticking the note in Ash's backpack, but before he could question him, Drew smiled and signaled for him to be quiet.

Pikachu complied, figuring Drew wasn't the type to start mischief. After planting the two notes, Drew crept away and met up with Harley in a secret spot.

"Did you plant the notes?" Harley asked, Drew smiled and flashed him an okay.

Even though Drew had written the note to Ash, he had signed it as May. He wrote an explanation about her feelings toward him, and simply put "May" at the bottom of the note.

Harley insisted on writing Ash's note to May, claiming he knew Ash better than Drew and that he could replicate Ash's personality better. Drew reluctantly complied, allowing Harley to write it.

Unfortunately, after Drew had placed the note in May's fanny pack and snuck off, he realized he had forgotten to read the note and make sure Harley hadn't done anything stupid. Oh well, too late now, he thought, figuring May had already strapped her fanny pack back on and seen the note.

Both notes also told each of the readers to go to a certain place at a certain time. Drew figured it should be some secret place like in the forest, but Harley insisted the beach because it was more romantic and at the strike of midnight, because that was always the time used in the movies.

Again, Drew complied, figuring it would be better to go with Harley's idea than to sit there and argue with him for an hour.

And now they waited. Harley and Drew both were hidden within a bush, and had a clear view of where the meeting was supposed to take place. It was 11:45 at night, and nobody had yet to appear.

"I hope we're not going to have to wait," Harley grumbled, folding his arms. Drew simply sighed and shrugged his shoulders, May was typically pretty good at being on time, it was Ash he was worried about.

About five minutes before midnight, Ash came strolling into view. He looked confused and slightly nervous; Drew noticed that Pikachu wasn't with him.

At 12:01, Drew and Harley cringed as they heard a loud shout. "ASH!" May shouted. She stomped towards him, shaking her note in the air. She dropped the note on the ground and shoved him off his feet.

Drew's eyes widened and he glared at Harley. "What on earth did you do!" Drew demanded to know.

Harley shrugged. "I wrote a love letter," He said.

Drew rolled his eyes and grumbled, "Good grief..." as he watch the scene unfold.

"You think you just play around with my emotions like that?" May exclaimed. She was sitting on top of a surprised Ash so he couldn't get up. "You think love is some sort of joke?" she raised her hand and firmly slapped Ash across the cheek, causing Drew to cringe.

"I need to stop this madness," Drew said, standing up, but stopped when Harley pushed him back down and stood up himself.

"Don't worry, hon, I got this," he said and stepped out of the bush, walking toward's Ash and May.

"Harley what are you doing?" Drew asked in a hushed, but stern voice. Harley simply ignored him though.

"I will not tolerate-!" May was shouting in Ash's face, not noticing Harley. She was abruptly cut off when Harley grabbed her head and pushed it down into Ash's, their lips colliding.

Drew's eyes widened, but he couldn't help but smirk. Harley held May's head like that for a few seconds before letting go. He stood up straight and proudly put his hands on his hips.

"There, now it's settled," Harley said, brushing his hands off. May's cheeks were bright red and Ash had an expression of disbelief.

"You have no idea how long I've wanted to do that..." May whispered. Drew stepped out of the bush he had been hiding in and walked over to May's note, the one Harley had written.

"May..." Ash murmured, still in disbelief.

"Ash... Listen..." May said quietly, "I know Harley did that and all... But... I have actually liked you... For like... A long time..."

Ash smile slightly. "I like you too, May," he said.

May gasped but then put on a questioning look. "Are you serious or are you being dense?" She asked.

Ash put on a questioning look. "Uh... What?" he asked, "I'm not being dense... I know what 'like' means..."

May leaned forward, the tips of their noses touching. "Tell me what it means," she said.

"Well," Ash began, "It's when you enjoy being around someone, hanging out with them, and when you think about them a lot."

May sighed and backed away a little. "Is that all?" she asked.

Ash smiled even wider. "like is when they hold a special place in your heart," he continued, patting his chest. "It's like Brock whenever he sees a woman, except for on a deeper, more serious level, of course, or all the things you wrote in that letter you put in my backpack. Drew and I discussed this the other day, I think I know what I'm talking about."

"Letter?" May asked, "I never gave you a letter, I got yours..."

Ash frowned. "I didn't give you a letter either," he said.


"Drew, did you-?" May began. Drew picked up the letter Harley had written, and began to read.

"My dearest, smoochywoochykens"

"GOSH DARN IT, HARLEY! YOU HAVE GOT TO BE KIDDING ME!" Drew shouted, "I told you to be serious!"

Harley made a "continue" hand motion. "Keep reading, it gets better," he said.

Drew growled fiercely, and continued to read. His face twisted in disgust as he continued. No wonder May was so enraged, Drew thought. He crumpled up the paper and threw at Harley. "Remind me to never work with you again," Drew grumbled as he stomped past Harley.

"Drew, was this your doing?" May asked, motioning to the paper.

Drew sighed and nodded. "Pretty much, but I unfortunately let Harley write Ash's letter to you," He said.

"Hey! It all worked out in the end!" Harley said, motioning to Ash and May. "Right?"

Ash and May exchanged glances. Ash smiled, and looked May in the eyes and nodded.

"A-Ash..." May stammered, "A-are you saying...?"

Ash chuckled and nodded again. May gasped and leaned down, kissing him again.

"See, it worked out!" Harley said, "Now they can hug and kiss and ha-"

"Just shut up, Harley," Drew said, not wanting the man to go any further. Even though he was still a bit mad about the letter, he had to give Harley credit for the stunt he pulled before.

Drew spun around, about to leave, when he was suddenly tackled to the ground. He let out a yelp and landed with a thud. Looking up he saw May happily smiling. "Thank you," she whispered to him.

"Eh, it was nothing," Drew said, flicking the hair out if his face.

"What? I don't get any love?" Harley pouted. May got up and cracked her knuckles, preparing to run at Harley.

"Oh, I'm going to enjoy this," May said with a devilish smirk. And with that she dashed at Harley, leaping into the air and tackling him to the ground.

Time seemed to always moved too fast when one was having a good time. It surprised Drew when he woke up the next morning and saw that Ash was packing his bags... Along with May.

As predicted, May decided to ditch Johto and head over to Sinnoh with Ash, where they would meet up with Brock and Dawn.


"So I guess Harley got his wish," Drew quietly mumbled to himself has May stuffed her ticket to Sinnoh in her pocket. The four trainers and the Pikachu walked to the ferry together, preparing to say goodbye.

"Wow," May said, "I'm gonna miss you guys..." She voice sounded sad, but there was something strange about it.

"Yeah," Ash agreed, "The visit went by way too fast." His voice also sounded strange.

May suddenly brightened, as if an idea had popped into her head. "Hey, Drew you should join us!" She said, bouncing up and down.

"Hey yeah!" Ash said, Drew could now tell they were acting, as if the whole thing was planned out. "You should totally come with us!"

Drew squinted at the two suspiciously. "Nah," He said, "there's nothing for me to do in Sinnoh for the time being..."

Ash had a goofy grin on face. "Oh, there isn't?" he asked.

"What about that blue haired girl Ash's been traveling with?" May asked.

Drew made another puzzled face. "What about her?"

Ash rolled his eyes, he seemed to stop the act. "Oh come on, Drew," he said, "We both know you like Dawn."

Drew winced. "How did you-?" but he was cut off when he noticed Ash wink at Harley, who had a big mischievous grin on his face. "Harley..." he growled.

Note to self: Don't trust Harley with secrets, Drew thought. "Alright, maybe I do have a thing for Dawn," he admitted, "But what difference does it make? I don't have a ticket and the ferry is about to leave."

Ash and May have goofy grins on their faces as Harley spoke up. "Oh, what a tragedy!" he exclaimed dramatically, "Drew doesn't have a ticket! Oh, wait a minute!"

Harley reached into his pocket and pulled out a ferry ticket, handing it to Drew. "Go to her, my friend," Harley said dramatically.

Drew chuckled, which then turned into full blown laughter. "You sly dog," he said as he was laughing, "You had this all planned out, didn't you? And here I thought I was the master planner."

"Think of it!" Harley said, "With both you and May in Sinnoh, most of my tough competition will be gone! The Johto Grand Festival will be mind for the winning!"

Drew smiled at Harley and then looked at the ferry, thinking about what he wanted to do.

"Come on!" Ash said, "Dawn awaits!"

"Yeah, Drew," May said, "You can't back down, we already told Dawn you were coming."

Drew's eyes grew wide. "You told her what?" Even though he was surprised, he felt excited as well.

"You wouldn't want to disappoint her, would you?" Harley asked.

"B-but I don't have my stuff, it's all back at the Pokémon Center," Drew said.

Harley wordlessly dropped a hidden bag of stuff at Drew's feet. Drew picked it up and examined it. It indeed had all his stuff in it.

"How did you get into my room and grab my stuff?" Drew asked, astonished. Harley held up a card key, Drew patted his pockets and realized his wasn't there. "You are way too good at this..." he said.

The ferry's horn blew loudly; signally it was preparing to leave. "Let's go, Drew!" May shouted. She and Ash were boarding the ship.

Drew looked at Harley for a moment, and smiled. Maybe he's not so bad, he thought. With that Drew spun around and boarded the ship.

The End

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