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Warning: this story is about control and power but it is mostly about giving someone their life back.

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What is Ace?

Is it a picture on a card, or a word that describes something good?

How many different types of Ace's are there? If you think about a deck of cards, there are four and I'm sure you can describe anything as being Ace.

But where I come from, it's cruel.

Ace in my world is seen as entertainment for the poor and a way of protecting ones daughter to the rich.

My father Charlie is one of the richest men in my village and just to prove my father's wealth he buys everything he can, Houses, coaches, pretty dresses that hang in my wardrobe and are never worn. He parades me around in heavy jewels and makes sure that everyone he knows sees him as the dotting father.

His next step is to buy the best man at the Ace.

I was awoken this morning by one of the seventy five servants that work for my father. I was taken into my bathroom to wash and then sat for an hour while she readied me for my big day.

You see, I turned eighteen today.

It is an important day for any woman but for me it has been the most anticipated day of my entire life.

My father will buy my husband today.

I will be a married woman tomorrow along with a third of the women from my village.

Ace in my world is a cruel and evil way for men to die.

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