Buffy looked at herself in the mirror then sat on her bed with a huff, running her hand along her slightly swollen belly. She was only a few months gone but already her clothes were starting to feel snug. She smiled to herself as she remembered the last months of her pregnancy with Amelia when she'd almost taken Xander's eye out with the rubber band she'd used to keep her jeans closed. She also remembered how she'd been feeling at the time, all mopey and missing Spike, but this time was different because as soon as she'd told him she was pregnant again he'd literally jumped for joy. Their family was certainly growing.

Buffy heard loud obnoxious giggling coming from the living room. She carefully tip-toed down the stairs to find her husband laying flat on his back being tickle attacked by Dawn and Amelia. She immediately started giggling as she walked into the room. "What are you doing to Daddy?"

"It's tickle time, Mommy," chuckled Amelia as her small fingers dug into Spike's ribs, sending him into howling laughter.

"Princess, we're gonna have to pick this up later, Mummy and I have to go," he said breathlessly, picking up the little girl and giving her a kiss on the forehead.

"Okay, Daddy," said Amelia sadly.

"Hey hey, you know you're Da's little Princess, yeah?" he said, running his fingers through her long honey blonde curls.

She wrapped her tiny arms tight around his neck and planted a sloppy kiss on his cheek as she giggled, "I know."


The doctor's office was full as Buffy and Spike took their seats and proceeded to wait. It wasn't long before they spotted two familiar faces walking towards them. "Cordelia, Doyle... What are you doing here?" asked Buffy as she popped out of her seat and hugged each of them.

Cordelia smiled and patted her still flat stomach. "I'm pregnant... duh," she giggled as Buffy's name was called by a nurse.

"This calls for a celebration! Come by the house tonight and we'll have dinner," smiled Buffy as Spike ushered her through the door, following a woman in pink scrubs with baby elephants all over them.

The doctor breezed into the exam room, greeting them both with a hearty smile. "Mr. and Mrs. Pratt, how great to see you! How have things been with the pregnancy since I last saw you?"

"Great, Dr. Greenwell. The morning sickness is almost gone, thank God," Buffy sighed in relief as she hopped up on the bed and lifted her shirt to reveal her stomach.

"Good, good. Now are we ready to find out whether we're pink or blue?" He squirted a sizeable dollop of cold gel onto Buffy's stomach.

"Ready as ever, Doc." smiled Spike as he stood next to the table with Buffy's hand clutched tightly in his.

The doctor moved the wand slowly over Buffy's stomach, tapping on the keyboard as he took the baby's measurements. After he'd saved that data, he slid the wand to a spot low and to the left on Buffy's belly then proudly pointed to the swirls of black and white on the screen and announced, "That right there..." he tapped a spot on the screen, "means that you're having a little boy."

"Thank God," breathed Spike and Buffy shot him a confused look. He grinned a little sheepishly and ducked his head as he murmured, "I promised Amelia she'd be my only Princess. Didn't want to lie to my little girl."

"Well it seems like you have your little Prince, Buffy," smiled Dr. Greenwalt as he wiped the gel off her bump and left the room.

Spike turned to Buffy, still smiling like an idiot, but the smile fell off his face as soon as he realized that his wife had tears in her eyes. "Buffy, luv, what's wrong?"

"It's nothing," she said, wiping her eyes free of tears. "I'm just so happy, Spike. I've got an incredible husband, a gorgeous daughter, and now I've going to have a precious little boy. Life just couldn't get any better."

Spike pulled her in for a hug and gently kissed her forehead. "It's perfect," he whispered.


Spike stepped out onto the sidewalk, glancing back over his shoulder at Buffy as he towed her along behind him, and bounced off something hard and unforgiving. He backed up a step and barely glanced up at the tall, well-built man as he started mumbling apologies, then his eyes widened and he tensed as Buffy's astonished voice squeaked from behind him, "Angel?" She pushed past Spike and stood in front of him, gaping.

"Buffy..." They stood staring at each other for a long minute then Angel shook himself and motioned to the woman standing next to him. "You remember my wife, Darla?"

"Sure... um hi... so what are you guys doing here?" asked Buffy.

"We're... uh... we're having a baby," Angel smiled.

"Congratulations to both of you, you really deserve it," smiled Buffy.

Angel looked at Spike and then at Buffy's slightly raised stomach. "Looks like congratulations are in order for you guys too."

"Uh yeah, our second, a little boy," smiled Buffy brightly as she squeezed Spike's hand.

"That's great, I'm happy for you."

"Thank you," said Buffy.

"Angel, hon, we're gonna be late," Darla said tightly as she clamped her hand possessively onto Angel's forearm.

"Right, uh... good seeing you, Buffy, you too, Spike," said Angel, giving Buffy one last look before letting his wife drag him through the door.

"You too," said Buffy.

"Well, what do ya know, the great poofter had it in him after all," snarked Spike.

Buffy turned and patted his chest playfully. "Hey that's not fair, they went through hell to get that baby and I'm happy for them."

"Sorry, luv, it's just that last look he gave you..." He turned his head, clenching his jaw and closing his eyes.

"Hey!" She reached up and slid her fingers into Spike's hair, pulling his forehead down to rest against hers as she whispered, "Look at me, Spike." He slowly opened his eyes and she pinned him with her gaze as she said forcefully, "I'm YOUR wife, not his. I have YOUR children, not his. I'm YOURS, not his."

His arms slid around her and pulled her close as he murmured against her lips, "I know, luv, and I couldn't wish for anything better."