It was another working day for the NCIS team and they were just driving back from a crime scene in two different vehicles. Tony and Ziva were in one that was in front of the one with Gibbs and McGee.

The team had been out at a crime scene where a marine had been murdered and found in a ditch on the side of the road. Gibbs and the three agents had collected all the evidence they could find and they were now on their way back to the NCIS building.

"Tony, you can drive faster," Ziva sighed.

"No I can't. The speed limit is 40 and I'm already doing 40," Tony replied.

"If I was driving we would be back in the bullpen by now,"

"If you were driving, we'd probably be dead," Tony stated.

"My driving is not that bad," Ziva defended.

"Yeah right," Tony laughed.

Ziva stared at him as he chuckled and drove a bit faster as they were coming up to a bridge leading them back to were they were headed. Tony smirked as Ziva punched his arm and he looked at her as he drove.

"Was that meant to hurt?" Tony asked.

Tony still wasn't looking at the road and as Ziva looked out of the window she saw they were crossing the bridge. Tony was concentrating on the road and little did he know that he was turning the car towards the edge of the bridge, that had blue cold water bellow.

"Tony!" Ziva screamed.

Before Tony could reply to her, the car crashed right through the metal railings of the bridge and Tony looked back out the window. As the car fell from the bridge, they both screamed in fear and the next thing Tony knew the car was sinking under the deep cold water.

The windows at the back of the car were a bit broken from the fall and the water was rushing in the vehicle pretty fast. Tony looked over at Ziva to see she was unconscious, with her eyes closed, so he tapped her face lightly and tried to wake her.

When she didn't wake he looked down at the water seeing it was rising pretty fast and that it was up to his chest, which meant he only had about a minute until the car fully sunk.

Gibbs had seen the car crashing off the bridge and he had slammed on the brakes almost sending McGee through the wind shield. He had gotten out of the car quickly and rushed over to the hole that was in the railings of the bridge. As he stared down at the water, he saw the car disappear and then he saw a few bubbles surface then the water was still.

"Boss?" McGee asked.

"Call 911 and hurry. Meet me down on the shore," Gibbs ordered.

"But boss…"

"Did I stutter McGee?" Gibbs asked.

McGee shook his head as he watched his boss pulling off his jacket and drop it to the ground, followed by his shoes, which he kicked off. Gibbs stood looking at the water as he readied himself and he wondered how cold it was.

Tony was looking at the windows trying to get them open but he couldn't and he was panicking slightly as the water was at his chin. The water had already passed Ziva's head and he was trying to hold her up but failing.

His head was touching the roof of the car now, angled up to the last pocket of air and he prayed that McGee or Gibbs would save them. He could feel the cold murky water chilling him to the bone and he felt it rising above his mouth.

Tony took a deep breath just before the water rose over his head and left him trapped. As he sat there, he looked at Ziva with fear in his gut and he felt the panic inside him increasing.

He knew that Gibbs wasn't coming for him and he began banging on the window beside him harder but nothing happened. Tony's lungs were beginning to ache and burn as the need for air was getting stronger.

He closed his eyes as he tried to hold on just a bit longer and he knew that it was pointless. He was so tired as he felt water getting warm and he fought against the urge to breathe a bit longer.

Gibbs had to come for him, he always did, and he couldn't let him down now. Tony had saved him from this so Gibbs had to return the favour, didn't he? Tony couldn't hold his breath any longer with his scarred lungs and his eyes shot open as the breathing reflex over came him.

His mouth opened and even though he tried to stop it, he took a breath and the cold liquid went in to his lungs. He felt his throat burning as he tried to cough it up but only managed to breathe in more of the liquid in a final choking rush.

A ringing noise took over his hearing as he saw little grey dots dancing in front of his eyes. His vision was narrowing like a long tunnel, as the sides of his vision went grey and he was trying not to succumb to the blackness that was trying to take over him. He knew that it was the end for him and Ziva as his vision went black the last thing he saw was the water breaking above him and a shadow that looked like a figure.

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