Well, we're back with Chapter 6 of our little OTH story. It's been about four hours since RJ and Ozzie both went off to talk, and back at the log, Ozzie is finally returning after some much-needed solitude.

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Opening Up

Ozzie has made his way back to the log, and sees everyone inside enjoying dinner. As he walks inside, Verne looks up to find the opossum with no emotion of his face whatsoever. Ozzie says nothing as he sits down next to Stella and Tiger, picks up a bag of nacho cheese chips, and starts eating. Aside from the porcupine triplets, everyone's eyes are glued to him.

"Are you guys gonna say anything, or just stare at me?" Ozzie asks looking up.

"I'll say something later." Verne says before going back to eating. Ozzie looks at him, disgusted by his words.

"I'll say somethin' now, since no one else will." Stella says taking the floor.

"Oh, do tell." Ozzie says looking at her with aggravation in his voice.

"In private." Stella said walking out of the log, waiting for him to follow her. As she walks to a nearby tree, she turns around to find that Ozzie IS, in fact, right behind her, but still obviously upset.

"What is wrong with you?" Stella asked

"Absolutely nothing. I'm happy with what I said to RJ. Everything he ever told me was a lie." Ozzie said satisfied with his choice.

"Then you obviously haven't been paying any attention to him lately." Stella said before continuing.

"Notice how he's used almost all of the ideas for raiding houses that you've come up with. Like today, with the trash can. Or last week, when we were raiding that house on Pueblo Street. You told RJ to slingshot Hammy to the second floor window so he could open the back door. Plus, it's not just the ideas; you stand up for him when he makes a mistake, especially when Verne gets upset. There have been times I've seen Verne wanna kill that boy, but you always defend him, because you know he has good intentions… Admit it, Ozzie; you DO see him as a son." Stella explained

"I did." Ozzie said almost broken-hearted.

"And he wants to be your son… I promised him I wouldn't say about this, but I need to. The other day when we all went on a walk, but he stayed behind because he was tired; he wasn't really tired, he was stressed. I walked back and saw him with his face buried in his hands. He told me that he's seen you as a father figure for a long time. But… he also loves Heather. And that's what he was afraid of. Everything that he was trying his to avoid happened today." Stella explained once more. Ozzie slowly looked at the ground, wondering if he had misjudged RJ.

"And just so you know… Heather loves him too." Stella said. Ozzie cringed a little more; his guilt finally taking over.

"What have I done?" Ozzie asked himself in a hushed tone and shaking his head some.

You made a mistake. But you can fix it. We just need to find RJ first." Stella said. Ozzie looked up and over at Stella, wondering what she meant by finding RJ.

"What?" Ozzie asked with a raised eyebrow.

"He never came back to the log. We were hoping he would be with you when you came back. When we didn't see him, Tiger started wondering if you'd killed him." Stella said sarcastically, but still worried. Ozzie chuckled a little, but started to get scared as soon as it subsided.

"I need to find him." Ozzie said running off into the woods, not even bothering to tell Stella where he would be looking. Stella ran back to the log to inform the others of what had just happened. Heather instantly perked up and ran outside to join her father in the search for RJ. It wasn't long before everyone else was up and out of the log, each person searching in a different part of the forest. Having the moon as their only source of light was going to be a bigger challenge than just searching for him in the daylight. Heather decided to take a different approach to looking for RJ, and worked her way towards the campground near Vincent's old cave. After sprinting across the highway, she made her way towards the campground, not getting far before seeing RJ lying in a tree by the nearby creek.

"RJ." Heather called out. RJ turned his head around to see who was calling for him, but turned too far and fell out of the tree, landing in the dirt below.

"RJ, Oh my God!" Heather said running up to RJ, who was trying to pick himself up off the ground.

"Ouch." RJ said groaning a little. Heather laughed seeing him trying to make a joke out of his apparent pain.

"Did you break anything?" Heather asked

"No, I'm good. But if you're dad sees us out here together, I might not be." RJ said blatantly.

"RJ, it's okay. My dad realized what happened. He and the rest of the family are looking for you right now. But I found you first." Heather said priding herself. RJ laughed seeing her so happy.

"So, he isn't mad?" RJ asked trying to make sure he heard her right.

"No. If you don't believe me, come with me and I'll prove it to you." Heather told him.

"Oh, I will, but first." RJ said before taking Heather by the hand, and pulling her in for a kiss. Heather's heart soared at the feeling of her lips and RJ's colliding. As they continued to kiss, Heather could feel RJ's tears running down his cheeks and flowing onto her own.

"RJ, what's wrong?" Heather asked breaking the kiss.

"Nothing, I'm just happy." RJ said continuing to cry. The pair held each other in a tight hug for about 20 seconds before walking back to the hedge, and finding Ozzie, Lou, Penny, and Hammy at the log.

"Ozzie." RJ shouted. Ozzie looked up to see RJ walking towards him, and instantly stood up to run to the young raccoon and embrace him in a hug. RJ just stood there and cried, not wanting to say anything. Ozzie's grip only got tighter as the moments went by. Eventually, Ozzie and RJ let go, and looked at each other.

"I'm so sorry, RJ."

"I know. It's okay."

"No, it's not. I should've known you wouldn't lie to me." Ozzie said pulling him back into his arms. Heather watched as her father and lover continued with their hold, happy to have everything where it was supposed to be. Stella, Tiger and Verne walked in from the bushes to see the same sight.

"How are you feelin', girl?" Stella asked walking up to Heather.

"I couldn't feel better." Heather said smiling.

"That's good to hear, my dear." Tiger said walking up next to her as well. Ozzie looked over at Heather and waved her forward to join them.

"Heather, you have yourself a wonderful mate." Ozzie said smiling.

"I know." Heather said talking RJ's hand. RJ smiled as he pulled her into a hug.

"I'm happy to have you as a son, RJ. However, I'm not ready to be a grandfather just yet. So, would you two mind waiting a couple of years before that happens?" Ozzie asked looking at both of them. RJ and Heather looked at each other for a moment before giving him an answer.

"Absolutely." RJ said happily.

"Sure. I'm not even sure if we CAN have kids, just being different species." Heather said looking at RJ.

"I guess we'll find out when the time comes." RJ said smiling, causing Heather to smile back at him.

"When do you turn 21?" RJ asked

"About two years from now. Next September, I think." Heather answered

"We'll make that our day." RJ said

"I like it." Heather said hugging RJ. Ozzie smiled as he watched his daughter plan out her life with RJ. Everyone was looking at them, all as happy as can be. RJ looked down at Heather, and slowly pulled her chin up towards his, where their lips met once again in a passionate kiss. Ozzie couldn't help but shed a few tears as he watched the sight before him.

"I love you Heather."

"I love you too, RJ."

(The Next Day)

RJ and Heather woke up right next to each other in the log, and smiled seeing each other's face. RJ's right arm was caressing her left arm, and watched the smile on her face grow.

"Good morning, beautiful." RJ said

"Good morning to you too." Heather said leaning towards him to kiss him. RJ got up and walked outside to see Ozzie and Verne sitting near the lounge area, and going over the plan for their next heist. RJ decided to walk over and join them.

"Hey guys." RJ said

"Hey, RJ." Verne said

"Hey, son." Ozzie said not really thinking about. RJ smiled as he heard those words come out fo Ozzie's mouth.

"Son! I could get used to that." RJ said smiling. Ozzie laughed a little as RJ sat down next to him, and they went over the raid plans together. It was a father/son moment that RJ longed for. He finally had the father he'd always hoped he'd have, a beautiful new mate, and his life back without the Verminator to worry about anymore. He could ask for nothing more.

**End of Story**

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