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Bathed in the Light of the Crimson Moon


Captivity and Escape

Running footsteps, the sound of jingling chains of the innocents held prisoner here, cloth rubbing against cloth, the stench of freshly spilt blood permeating the air.

"Damn! Where the hell did he go?" came the harsh guttural English and crimson eyes narrowed from the rafters where their owner sat as official looking military men ran by guns drawn before slowing as one lost his temper.

"How the hell did he get out?" the man shouted and crimson eyes watched hidden in the shadows. The only sound besides the men below them was barely there panting. The brown-eyed brunette officer spitting mad as his blue-eyed blonde partner shrugged

"Nobody knows. He's been down there for a good three centuries. Then he just opens his eyes today and vanishes." Dry, chapped, and trembling lips moved in the shadows mouthing three centuries copying the man exactly.

"That room was sealed so tightly an ant couldn't get in or out without clearance."

"I know." Crimson eyes lost interest before their owner disappeared again. Leaving behind a few drops of blood and deep gouges from claw like hands.

Chapter 1

The meeting of Crimson and Amethyst

Yugi Motou blinked amethyst eyes before brushing his white hair out of his face. His Grandfather Solomon Motou huffing behind him as they hiked back to their campsite. They had gone on a hike after packing up from their month long camping trip and they both had had a blast.

"Yugi hold up." Came Solomon's sudden command and he turned around to see his grandpa looking around in suspicion.

"What's up?" Yugi whispered even as there was a gunshot and a yelp was heard when a male came skidding out of the bushes sliding on his side, blood painting once tan skin that was now pale white. Yugi just stared at the male who had a fluffy wolf's tail behind him and two wolf ears pressed flat against his head instead of human ones. His hands were curled into claws and he snapped at Solomon with razor sharp fangs when he went to help even as men wearing professional looking military uniforms with military grade rifles drawn burst through the brush.

"What are you doing?" Solomon shouted standing to block the male from view as Yugi put his book bag down placing his hand in front of the male's face and he seemed to relax before yelping in pain.

"Get away from him!" Stooge #1 shouted and Solomon pulled his own pistols out too.

"Don't point that gun at my grandson." He snarled even as crimson eyes watched Yugi warily through a haze of pain. "I suggest you leave." Solomon spat and they snarled before backing down as he fired a warning shot at their feet. They both hadn't even seen him move.

"Grandpa I got him." Yugi said urgently and Solomon nodded as Yugi picked up the small childlike Hybrid who was watching him with pain and betrayal and distrust written all over his face while he panted in pain and fever.

"Get you two." Solomon said his voice promising retribution if they didn't. "Let's go." He said when he could no longer hear them and Yugi nodded glancing at the unconscious raven-haired male in his arms. Pale cheeks flushed with fever having finally succumbed to his injuries. A sudden whimper stopped Yugi in his tracks as the body in his arms spasmed in pain.

"Not good." He murmured in worry.