Chapter 2

Getting stitched up and going somewhere new

We finally reached camp and I was very glad that we had packed up early as grandfather laid a blanket out on the front passenger seat of our truck. The small body easily fitting on the laid back seat. The first aid kit, water, and some towels were on the middle console. Gently I used my pocketknife to cut the filthy and ragged shirt from the childlike chest before soaking one of the towels in the water and gently washing away the blood. Slowly a scarred yet beautiful expanse of skin was revealed and the male whimpered subconsciously tensing as the towel neared the bullet wound just above his hip, the low riding and filthy pants giving me full view and access.

"Yugi how bad is it?" Grandpa asked taking the food container out to get at the juice and water we had stored there.

"The bullet went clear through but he's lost a lot of blood and an infection has set in." I reported sharply before grabbing the sterilized needle and thread to sew the already numbed skin together. The small male had quieted but his breaths were desperate and rasping as I finally finished quickly covering it before soaking the washrag handed to me in water and placing it on his forehead to hopefully cool his fever.

"We gotta go." Grandpa said and I nodded covering the small form with the offered blanket before buckling him in.

"Let's go." I said hopping into the back.

Two hours later…

A whimper had them pulling over halfway home as the male stirred eyelids fluttering. Yugi grabbed one of the squeeze bottles they had filled with water and juice as crimson eyes opened a crack.

"Hey little one." He said gently moving to lean over him and the male tried to growl in warning but it came out as a whimper of pain. "Easy." Yugi said soothingly before placing the bottle to slightly parted lips and squeezing slightly to let a few drops past. A pink tongue licked them up as crimson turned slightly hopeful before a small whine was heard. Yugi smiled gently as Solomon chuckled before gently helping the male drink a little of the juice before switching to water. After about 30 minutes and two bottles, one of water and one of juice, the male slipped back into sleep. Solomon took the male's temperature and sighed in relief. His temperature had dropped a little, it was now 102.4. Yugi gently pushed dirty so black it was almost purple in the light hair away from closed eyes. The male's breathing had finally evened out into that of a sleeping person and he didn't hear those rasping breaths that had worried him so much earlier. That meant there was no internal bleeding leaking into his lungs.

"What the hell was that earlier?" Solomon murmured wondering and Yugi frowned in annoyance at the way those men had acted. They hadn't even cared that they had shot and possibly fatally wounded somebody that looked no older than 16 maybe 17. The wolf ears and tail actually made him look younger and Yugi held back his suddenly flaring temper at the treatment this male had gone through.

"I wonder what his name is." Yugi said suddenly cutting off his Grandpa's thoughts and Solomon frowned before nodding.

"Yeah those stupid amateurs didn't say it." He suddenly grew grim. "He might not even have a name Yugi. With the way those men were acting, he probably wasn't treated very well." Now that made them both mad and Solomon had to calm himself before he went back and killed those sons of bitches for this. That behavior before had spoken of something that was better left behind closed doors or it would scar even the most battle hardened warrior.

"So if he doesn't have a name we give him one?" Yugi asked frowning. "I wonder what they all did. He might not even consider himself a separate being but just a possession." That's when the male stirred and they held their breath before he settled again murmuring darkness as he slipped back into a deeper sleep. Both of them sharing surprised looks at the ancient Egyptian, which they were both fluent in, slipping from pale pink lips. That language hadn't been spoken for Three Thousand years!

"There's no way." Solomon said breathlessly and Yugi frowned knowing the legend that His Grandfather was thinking of. There had been a legend speaking of a half-wolf, half-human hybrid that had been seen as a close confidant and pet of the great nameless Pharaoh. The very same Pharaoh who had supposedly sacrificed himself to seal a great darkness that had threatened to destroy the whole world. It had then gone on to say that this hybrid would forever wonder the world looking for the reincarnation of the Nameless Pharaoh, forever waiting.

"That's close to impossible Grandpa. That supposedly happened three thousand years ago. He is barely 16 maybe 17." Yugi said frowning. There was no way this little male was that hybrid although the evidence pointed to that. Neither of them noticed that they were getting closer to home.

"I don't know Yugi." Solomon said finally sighing as he turned onto their street. "We will wait until he wakes up and go from there." That's when they reached their home.