Summary: John Gilbert owes money to the notorious Damon Salvatore and Klaus Mikaelson. What happens when the only thing he has that is of any value is Elena? AU/AH

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This was it. This was the moment that would change Damon's life forever. His hands fidgeted endlessly as the mindless chatter of the surrounding people filled his ears. He found he couldn't stand still with the anticipation of it all and every so often, Klaus would grab his arm to stop him from drifting too far away. The crowd fell silent as the band began to play and Damon's incessant fidgeting soon ceased.

He watched from the corner of his eye as Bonnie Bennett walked by him. She was dressed in a light red dress which consisted of a tight bodice wrapped around her chest, and held together by a small flower, that flowed into an a-line skirt. Billowing curls framed her face and two pearl drop earrings completed her look. She gave him an encouraging smile as she took her place on the opposite side of the aisle.

Caroline followed soon after, wearing the same style dress as Bonnie but in a silver colour, her hair falling around her shoulders in her natural blonde waves. Her outfit matched Bonnie's but she had bright red heels as well as larger, more sparkly earrings.

Damon held his breath as he heard the guests rise from their seats and take a collective gasp of air. He slowly turned around and was met with the most beautiful sight he had ever seen; Elena in a stunning white dress. The dress had an empire line that pushed her breasts up, providing a delicious peek at her ample cleavage, and it flowed down effortlessly over the rest of her body. The dash of jewels along the tops of her shoulders meant that she had enough sparkles on her to ensure she didn't have to wear any jewellery. Her hair was in slight waves but these were pinned back to showcase her glowing face and her dainty feet were encased in silver, strapped sandals. He gazed at her with adoration as she walked down the aisle with Liz on her arm. Liz had taken to Elena very quickly and soon became the mother figure that Elena had always been missing from her life. From the moment they met, they were already like family and that bond only strengthened with time.

Elena looked up, her eyes connecting with Damon's and she couldn't help but gasp as she took him in; he was dazzling. He was dressed in a black suit, tailored especially for him so that it hugged his muscles tightly. His crisp white shirt contrasted against his lightly tanned skin and the red tie that was wrapped delicately around his neck provided a startlingly beautiful contrast to the rest of his outfit. Damon slowly stepped forward as Liz offered Elena's hand to him and swooped down to place a tender kiss on the back of her hand. Elena handed her bouquet of red roses to Caroline who was quick to juggle them with her own bouquet of white roses. Damon pulled her forward until they were standing beside each other and facing the minister. Elena listened to the minister intently as he spoke of the commitments of marriage and when it came to the vows, she found that the tears she had struggled to hold in all day, started to flow freely. Damon gave a soft chuckle as he reached forward and wiped the tears from her cheeks. The couple expressed their vows with love and devotion and when the minister declared that they were husband and wife, they crashed together, their lips moulding in a tender yet hungry kiss.

Damon smiled as the guests around them clapped and cheered but he was too lost in the brunette beauty in front of him to appreciate their congratulations. He cupped her face, giving her another slow kiss before they were pulled apart and thrown into the arms of their loved ones. Through the many hugs they were engaged in, their eyes met and with a single look, they declared their undying love for each other and showed the pure happiness that they were experiencing.

"If you could, please, raise your glasses for the bride and groom's first dance." The DJ announced as Damon led Elena onto the dance floor. He spun her in a circle before pulling her close to his body, her arms encircled around his neck as his wrapped around her waist. They swayed together as the soft music of 'All I Need' by 'Within Temptation' flowed from the speakers. Elena smiled as she leant her head against Damon's chest.

Can you still see the heart of me?
All my agony fades away
When you hold me in your embrace.

"You're all I need." Damon whispered rubbing his cheek against her forehead. Elena laughed as she felt a small kick against her stomach. Damon moved his hands to her stomach and felt as the life inside of her stomach voiced their protests. "I meant you're in the plural form." Damon chuckled, massaging Elena's stomach to soothe the kicking baby.

"I love you." Elena smiled as she rested her hands over his. "We love you."

"I love you, too Mrs and baby Salvatore." Damon whispered, taking Elena's hand in his and spinning her under his arm. "Any contractions?"

"Damon, I'm still two weeks away from my due date." Elena laughed.

"So? I think this little one will be an early bird." Damon sighed as he felt her bump push into his body. "Hmm, remember the night we conceived our little grape."

"How could I forget?" Elena purred, pulling him in for a deep kiss.

"Damon!" Elena groaned, tugging at the hands that covered her eyes. "Why won't you just let me see?"

"It's a surprise." Damon purred as he nipped at her ear, eliciting a tremble to rock through her body. He leaned forward, opening his bedroom door before slowly leading her to the centre of the room.

"You can open your eyes." Damon whispered as he took his hands away.

"It's beautiful." Elena gasped as she took in the romantic setting. Candles were scattered around his bedroom, creating a soft glow. The large king sized bed was covered in rose petals and a bottle of champagne was left on the bedside table.

"Do you know how long it has been since your surgery?" Damon purred, nuzzling his face into her neck as he wrapped his arms around her waist and swayed to an imaginary beat.

"Hmm, I'm going to guess a month." Elena smiled as she ran her hands over his strong and muscular arms.

"Well done, that means you have been cleared for sexual activity and I just so happen to be very willing to participate." Elena gasped as he bit her neck before soothing the bite with his tongue.

"Oh, I'm sure." Elena smirked as her hand snaked down to cup his arousal. Damon groaned at her touch; sure, it had not been the first time she had touched him intimately during the past month but he knew that these touches and caresses would soon lead to him being reunited with her honeyed heat. Damon slowly backed her towards the bed, softly pushing her so she fell back onto it in a tantalizing position.

"Don't you look delicious." He wriggled his eyebrows as he slid her dress from her body, leaving her in only her silk panties. His fingertips grazed her skin as he removed the silk, leaving goose bumps in their trail. Elena wriggled further onto the bed as she watched Damon strip off his shirt and trousers. She trembled with anticipation as he crawled over her body, placing kisses on her skin as he went. He allowed his weight to rest on her body, knowing that she loved the feel of him pressing her into the bed. Elena moaned as he placed wet kisses along her neck, occasionally nibbling at the soft skin there.

"Damon?" Elena groaned as his hand cupped her breast through her bra.

"Yeah?" He grunted, grinding his arousal into her thigh.

"Why's there a mirror above the bed?" Elena knew that his intentions couldn't be good when he lifted his head from her neck and gave her a lecherous look.

"Well," he smiled as he tucked a stray lock of hair behind her ear, "I want you to see how beautiful you look and you look the most beautiful in the throes of passion and when you are being pushed over the brink into the abyss of pure pleasure."

"You are amazing." She whispered, stroking his face tenderly.

"You haven't seen anything yet." Damon smirked as he kissed her lips with need, parting them swiftly so that his tongue could swirl with hers. He snaked his hand down to he panties and tip toed his fingers underneath the waistband until they connected with her dripping folds. "So wet." Damon groaned as he pushed two fingers inside of her. Elena could only moan in response as he curled his fingers, locating her G-spot expertly. A few quick thrusts of his fingers and she was falling over the edge as his mouth tended to her nipples. Elena watched herself in the mirror as she broke apart; her hair was fanned around her, her mouth gaped open and her eyes fluttered in correspondence with the pulsing of her walls during her orgasm. Elena let out a long moan as she felt her juices flow from her core and onto Damon's fingers. She sifted her fingers through his hair, tightening them so that she could pull him up for a loving kiss.

"Thank you." Elena smiled as she sunk into the bed and felt has Damon slid her panties down her legs with his spare hand. Her eyes became hooded as Damon pulled his fingers from her core and licked her feminine juices from each one of his digits.

"You taste delicious." Damon moaned as he pulled his moist fingers from his mouth.

"I want all of you now." Elena ordered, pulling him on top of her and pushing his boxers down his legs hastily with her feet.

"Demanding little thing, aren't you?" He smirked, kicking his boxers from his ankles.

"Yes, and you should give me what I want." No sooner had Elena finished her sentence, Damon impaled her on his length filling her molten sex completely.

"Was that what you wanted?" Damon gritted out through clenched teeth as he thrust into her with slow, yet deep strokes.

"God, yesssssssss!" Elena moaned as she raked her nails down Damon's back. Damon hooked Elena's legs around his waist, allowing him to penetrate deeper into her core. His thrusts sped up as his climax approached and seeing that Elena was close too, Damon snuck his hand between their bodies and tapped on her button until she trembled with pleasure.

"Damonnnnnnnn!" Elena moaned as she climaxed, Damon following soon after with low grunts of her name as he spilled himself into her. He collapsed on top of her as she encircled her arms around his broad shoulders and nuzzled into his body.

"I missed that." Elena murmured sleepily as her eyes drifted closed. Damon smiled at her drowsy form, placing a small kiss on her lips.

"Get some sleep, love. I plan on making up for the last month of missed sex." Damon smirked.

During the course of the night, Damon and Elena enjoyed both each other and their champagne... sometimes simultaneously.

"Damon, can you please stop hogging the bride." Bonnie cajoled as she pulled Elena from his embrace.

"Yeah, we need to dance with her too." Caroline chimed in before pushing Klaus in Damon's direction. "Here, you can have him."

"Look, already getting ditched by our wives." Klaus laughed as he watched the girls trying to do the hand jive.

"It's Bonnie's doing." Damon stated as he glared at the mocha skinned girl. "She keeps cock blocking me. We need to find her a guy so she can go out with him instead of stealing our girls."

"I think I have just the one." Klaus smirked as Tyler walked across the dance floor and towards the bar. The duo quickly marched across to where Tyler sat, both clapping him on the back and causing him to splutter on his drink.

"Tyler, my man!" Damon exclaimed, throwing his arm around his shoulder as Klaus motioned to the barman for another drink for him.

"Whatever you're selling, I'm not buying." Tyler grunted.

"Don't knock it until you've seen the merchandise. See the little one over there?" Damon questioned, pointing towards Bonnie as she spun Caroline under her arm.

"Wow." Tyler breathed as he took in the beauty in front of him; he had already been mesmerised by her at the ceremony but when she let loose, she was truly breathtaking.

"Well, her name is Bonnie. She's twenty and looking for love. She likes gardening and cooking. Go get her." Damon persuaded as he pushed Tyler from the barstool.

"Wait, why are you doing this?" Tyler questioned suspiciously.

"We want you to be happy." Klaus smiled, putting on his best innocent expression. At Tyler's disbelieving look, he continued, "And we want to get laid more regularly. Seriously, that girl is always wanting to do something with our girls but if she has you, she won't have as much free time."

"Fine, but I'm not doing this for you." Tyler warned before moving towards the girls and asking Bonnie to dance.

Throughout the course of the night, everyone danced together until finally, exhaustion took over. Bonnie left early at some point with Tyler in tow causing both Damon and Klaus to smirk and high five. As the night was drawing to a close, the newlyweds set off in the direction of the hotel where they would be stopping off at before their flight.

"Mmm." Elena moaned as they stumbled into their hotel room, their lips moulded together. Damon kicked the door shut with his foot before leading her towards the bed. Elena quickly pushed his jacket from his shoulders as his hands removed the clips from her hair.

"Unggghhhh!" Elena groaned as Damon's hands squeezed her breasts lightly.

"I love how sensitive you are." Damon purred, grinding his arousal into her.

"Oh!" Elena exclaimed, her eyes shooting wide open.

"You act like you've never felt that before!" Damon chuckled.

"Not that," Elena whispered in awe as her hands moved to her stomach, "I think the baby's coming."

Ten hours later, loud wails echoed down the corridor of the hospital.

"I hate you." Elena groaned as another contraction hit her.

"Ahh! Elena!" Damon yelped as her hand tightened onto his with force.

"Elena, the baby's coming now, so you're going to have to push." The midwife instructed as she spread Elena's legs open.

"Why couldn't we be seahorses?" Elena sobbed into Damon's shoulder as he stroked her hair.

"What?" Damon chuckled as he kissed her forehead lovingly.

"The male seahorses carry the babies. Why couldn't you be a seahorse?"

"Elena, the doctor needs you to push now. Just think, we'll get to meet our little baby soon." He smiled as Elena's eyes sparkled with unshed tears and she gritted her teeth, ready for the next contraction.

"Okay." Elena pushed as her next contraction hit, her hand gripping onto Damon's as the ache hit her. She gasped with pain when, a few pushes later, the baby had still not been born. "I can't do it." She whimpered.

"Yes, you can. Come on just a few more, you can do it." Damon persuaded, rubbing her back and kissing her hair. He held her as she tried pushing again, spurred on by his encouragement.

"Just one more push, Elena." The doctor smiled. "The baby's crowning."

With one last wail in exertion, Elena pushed as hard as she could, gasping for air. The room was deathly silent as she stopped pushing until a sharp cry broke through the air. Damon and Elena smiled at each other in awe as the doctor raised the crying baby into the air, wrapping it up tightly in a towel.

"Congratulations, it's a boy." The doctor smiled, placing the baby boy onto Elena's chest. Elena smiled down at the little bundle in her arms and gasped when their little boy opened his eyes, revealing the crystal blue orbs of his father.

"He has your eyes." Elena exclaimed, looking at Damon in admiration.

"It looks like he'll have you hair." Damon smirked, brushing his fingers over the small tuft of brunette hair atop the little boy's head.

"I love you." Elena whispered, tilting her head towards his for a soft kiss.

"I love you, too."

"Knock, knock." Caroline whispered as she entered the hospital room with Klaus, Liz, Bonnie and Tyler following closely behind.

"He's gorgeous." Liz whispered, moving towards the family on the bed. "It is a boy, right? They didn't just put a blue hat on a girl, did they?"

"It's a boy." Damon chuckled, gazing at his son with adoration.

"Welcome to the world, baby Salvatore." Tyler whispered, stroking the sleeping baby's cheek. They all took turns in observing the little boy and as Damon stroked his cheek, he woke up with a cute little yawn.

"Everyone, I'd like you to officially meet Daniel Stefan Salvatore." Elena smiled as Damon placed a kiss to her temple. She gazed at her son who stared up at her with awareness. With all of the heartache she had suffered, Elena knew that she could not be happier and by the look on Damon's face, neither could he.

The End...

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