just a kid fic from Kurts moms POV. ONESHOT.

"Burt honey, what are you doing?" That man is always doing something odd. Last Christmas he built a tree house in Kurt's bedroom. I always have to keep an eye on him or Kurt will get whatever he wants. He's such a daddies boy. He's had Burt wrapped around his dainty pinky finger since the day he was born. Burt looked into those big blue eyes and fought me tooth an nail when I anted to hold him.

"I'm watching him." I quirk my eye brow and walk over to him and stare out the glass beside him,


"He tried to eat a butterfly earlier. I don't want him getting sick." I try not to let the laughter escape me, but it does and he glares at me, "He did! You think I'm lying!" I smile and pat him on the arm,

"He was probably trying to give it a kiss-"

"No. Lizzy, he was trying to eat it." He looks so hell bent on Kurt trying to devour that butterfly. Kurt's out fumbling around the garden, picking up bugs and trying to get them to play with each other. He really has such a big heart. He's so sweet and kind. I know he'll have issues one day, he's already told me he want's to marry spider-man... and he's only four. He likes things like glitter and fairies and dolls and princesses. He's not like other boys, when Burt gave him a football last year he put doll clothes on it and had a tea party. Burt get's it now and buys him things he would a daughter.

He treats him like his daughter too. I hope he gets over that or Kurt will probably hate him for it one day. I can see Burt waiting for Kurt's prom date to show up, polishing his shot gun. Kurt will yell at him, but he'll appreciate it.

Kurt teeters into the house with a purple butterfly perched on his hand. Perfect time to ask him,

"Honey, what were you doing to the butterfly when daddy made you stop?" His big blue eyes tilt up at me and he smiles, holding it out to me,

"Givig a kiths!" Kurt knows words, he just has some trouble saying them,

they'll have to work on his lisp.