Title: Food for Though

Author: S J Smith

Rating: Teenish

Summary: Ed, Darius and Heinkel eat their way across Amestris.

Disclaimer: No, no, never, never, nuh-uh-uh.

Notes: Written for the LJ Community, HC_Bingo. Each chapter title is the prompt I used. Thanks to Kalirush for her edits.

I Food Poisoning

The hotel room seemed tight, hot and close with both chimerӕ in it. They stared down at him with quizzical expressions. Edward ignored them, clutching at his stomach. God, what he wouldn't do right now for some of Granny's elixir. That stuff would rip through his body, but it'd be better than the rumbling deep inside. It felt like something was trying to claw its way out of his stomach. "Dying," he whined.

Heinkel wrinkled his nose, taking a step back as Edward burped. "Yeah, you smell like it, at any rate."

"What did you do, Ed?" Darius cocked his head to one side.

"Nothin - " Edward choked on the word, rolling out of the bed. He scrambled across the floor, fingers pressed to his mouth, hoping to make it to the lavatory before his stomach upended itself. Wrenching the door open to the shared bathroom, he flung up the toilet seat. Everything he'd eaten rushed back up his throat, flooding his mouth and spilling out into the bowl of the commode. Edward spat and gasped, spitting again, trying to clear his mouth. Bile rushed up, making his nose sting as he vomited again.

Reaching up, he pulled the chain to flush the toilet, closing his eyes so he didn't have to watch the mess spin down the hole. The commode felt cool against his sweaty cheek. Burping again, he tasted acid, and Edward flailed his hand weakly, finding the toilet paper and yanking on the end of it to pull some of it free. He blew his nose, and dropped the used paper on the floor next to him. His arms felt like they were both made of lead, instead of only one being made of steel and the other flesh and bone.

"Maybe you are dying," Darius said from the bathroom door.

Edward couldn't even open his eyes to glare. His stomach was still churning, leaving him feeling weak-kneed and exhausted. "Fuck," he managed, "off."

"You have such a winning disposition," Heinkel said, pushing past Darius to wet down a washcloth and pass it to Ed. "Clean your face."

"Unngh," Edward groaned, leaning over the bowl of the commode again as bile trickled out of his mouth. The damp of the cloth felt cool under his fingers, but he couldn't keep hold of it.

" - bicarbonate of soda would help him?" Darius was asking when Edward could hear something other than his stomach twisting the rest of his body into knots.

"We could try…one of us would have to get it."

"I'll go," Darius volunteered quickly.

Edward could almost hear the frown in Heinkel's voice. "I think we should throw for it."

"Hey, you're more the mother hen type than I am. You're the one who just tried to get him to clean himself up."

"Both. Of you. Go," Edward managed to get out breathlessly. A soft moan left him, and he sagged against the commode again, then abruptly tried to haul himself to his feet and shuck his pants.

The two men leaped back out of the lavatory, one of them making a disgusted noise. Leaning forward over his knees, Edward tried to concentrate on anything other than his bowels, but nothing came to mind. He panted, blinking his eyes to focus them, and spotted a small stain on the floor. That was something he could stare at and try to free his mind, like Izumi'd tried to teach Al and him when they were kids. It hadn't worked then, but he'd matured, right? Edward knew he could get through this. And next time, he'd avoid the guy with the food cart, no matter how amazing his wares smelled.