IV Interrogation

"Aw, damn," Darius said, upending the storage bag where they'd been carrying any leftovers or edible things they picked up along their travels. "There isn't anything left to eat."

Edward jerked his head. "What?"

"No food." He flipped the bag to show it to Edward and Heinkel.

"What the hell?" Edward snatched the bag, digging inside it as if by him searching through, he'd be able to find something to eat. "Damn it! There was food in here last night!"

"There isn't now," Darius said, shrugging.

Heinkel sighed, rubbing his stomach. "Guess we have to tighten our belts. Again."

"Wait a minute, why isn't there any food? I packed some shelf mushrooms in there last night," Edward grumbled, "and I know that fish…" The only thing that remained of either was a faint scent. "Damn it!" Clutching the bag in his fists, he glared at his traveling companions. "One of you ate the food, right?" He stomped closer to Heinkel, sniffing. "Breathe!" he ordered.

"What?" He raised his eyebrows.

Ugh, morning breath was the worst. He made a mental promise to himself to get toothbrushes at the next town they could. They needed something better than just chewing on branches and using them to clean their teeth. "You don't smell like fish," Edward said, turning toward Darius. "Your turn, Donkey Kong."

"Hell, no," Darius growled. "I'm not letting you sniff my breath." He bristled as Edward narrowed his eyes. "Get that out of your brain, brat."

"Maybe you ate it," Heinkel said.

"I didn't!" Edward's stomach growled, emphasizing his protest. Damn it, he was so hungry. Stabbing a finger at Heinkel, he said, "You had first watch!"

"That doesn't mean I ate anything," Heinkel said.

"And you had second watch," Darius said, folding his arms, "maybe you did eat the food."

"You would have the opportunity," Heinkel said.

"And you eat like a horse, for a little guy," Darius added.

Edward roared, "Who the fuck are you calling too small to reach the dinner table!"

Both men stared at him. "I didn't say that," Darius said, "did I?"

Heinkel shrugged in response. "You did say the 'L' word."

"Whatever! You're still interrogating me, and I'm not the guilty one!" Gnashing his teeth, Edward threw the food bag to the ground and kicked it. Yeah, fucking mature, he knew. Still, he was hungry, too, and the idea of having to go find more food to feed them – fuck, who knew how long that would take. Late winter wasn't the best time to be looking for food, especially when you were on the run. Rabbits were scrawny, and fish took time. Shelf mushrooms and ear mushrooms were the best bet, and fiddlehead ferns, if they'd pushed up through the forest detritus. Fallen trees might have grubs they could eat, too, but while Edward knew they were good eating, he wasn't sure he'd find enough. And he didn't know what Donkey Kong and Lion King were feeling, but Edward was pretty sure his stomach was eating its way through to his backbone.

"Look, kid, stop getting your panties in a twist," Darius said. "You didn't take the food, okay?"

Sighing, Heinkel grabbed his own pack, slipping it over his shoulders. "Let's get moving. Maybe we can figure out how to get some food in the next town." He glared at Edward balefully. "If someone doesn't get recognized."

Edward growled under his breath, but grabbed the food bag off the ground, tossing the strap over his shoulder. Whatever. He'd show them. Stomach growling, he stomped off. Central City and that stupid little shack just couldn't show up in his sights soon enough.

"So, did you eat the food?" Darius asked Heinkel, who shook his head. "Huh. Wonder what happened to it?"

Heinkel grumbled, "Guess we'll never know."

As the trio hiked off, a raccoon chattered at them from a tree branch, and then went back to its meal of free fish.

Thanks for reading my story. This is the end of it! :D