Could your mind open all the possible paths to reality, you would say you are impossible.
But what is possible in there you cannot dream; you can't even be awake – caught in transparent nets, deep down in an ocean of spiral waves – and God knows what is this strange charm wrapping up your bones, what eternal sleep has caught your mind. Life dies and heals immediately, nothing moves onwards nor backwards. Blood and breath stay still – the cycle of your story finds the same extremes on every step.
All you are aware of is that you are falling. The waters swallowing you, deeper down, towards a bottom you'll never find. What is worse – the only weight is pouring from your heart, it is your very self to drag you in the depths. Everything around is pure stillness.
And the blue darkens in black stone; in the sapphire gems, he is the only ascending current, the only force of nature that struggles to pull you up. So dear, so weak he is. You close your eyes.

Onore no waza de

The knots of the night are in your hands; you weave the threads tonight, and different times mix up in front of your eyes. The past, though – the past seems so close, and yet it sure has been swallowed by the recesses of the world. The split second of your journey seems to last eternities whenever you go back to change other's memories; it is difficult travelling through the grains of sand, especially when you feel something is always missing, so hopelessly out of reach.
That's true, darkness is now your reign. But the missing pieces, the broken branches haunt you – the unbreakable forest of the past throws its shadows on you, and the narrowing routes are so hard to follow in this terrible night.
The dark veils only soften when it all ends – you have to wait for the last journey, when the rush towards the beginning is fast and clear. Then, everything seems stranger, but closer; and the wind comes from the depths with a soothing voice, so distant and yet so soon to be known.
Let's go to sleep, my friend. It's been such a long night.


Inspired by Kokia's Karma. Such a beautiful GT song. :)