Anthy had lived amongst the world of the gods so long, she had little paid attention to the mortal world. It hadn't concerned her, and when she lived amongst them as the Rose Bride, she had a much more important purpose than to truly mingle with them and understand them.

Then along came Utena.

It seemed mortals didn't do anything the way gods did them. They were wild and passionate and impulsive, and until World's End disrupted the peace of the gods, the gods themselves had been sedate, quiet and deliberate.

But Utena, sweet, courageous, noble Utena. She was everything Dios had been while still being mortal. A prince in her own right. And Anthy had found herself falling for this spitfire prince who took her up as her noble duty and friend the same way she had for Dios once upon a time.

And then, like Dios, she went and sacrificed herself to rid the world of the dangerous presence of World's End, Anthy's own brother.

But she'd left a piece of herself behind, that precious ring that held all the nobility and power in Utena's heart that Anthy treasured like the most important thing in the world. For once, it was Anthy who had the power, not just a princess following blindly along with her prince, but a prince herself. That piece of Utena had given her hope- her prince was still out there somewhere, waiting for her, and only by becoming a prince herself could Anthy have find her.

"Hey, Anthy."

Anthy smiled at the use of her proper name and looked over at her friend and prince. "Yes?"

"You wanna go with me to live in Holland? My aunt lives there, and we could get married."

Anthy raised an eyebrow. "Like a prince and princess?"

Utena shook her head. "No, like two people who happen to be in love. Silly. You're not a princess anymore, remember?"

Anthy laid her head down on the pillow, looking up at Utena. "I think that sounds wonderful, Utena."

Utena leaned down and kissed her softly. "We'll start packing tomorrow. A new start, far away from here." Then she laid down on her pillow. "Come on, let's sleep. We have a big day tomorrow. I'll call my aunt and let her know to expect us."

"Good night, Utena," Anthy said with a yawn, and curled up against her prince to sleep.