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Danny & Jazz

Super Star Sega

Jazz woke up to find herself in a new part of Amity Kingdom. She looks around then spots two white boots sticking out of the ground. "DANNY!" Jazz shouts and runs to Danny and pull him out. Jazz pull to hard and Danny shot in to the air. Jazz walk up to the spot that her brother was in. "Huh?" she ask. Danny landed on jazz push her into the ground. Danny jump off the spot as Jazz jump out of the ground. "Danny!" she cried and hug her brother. Danny hug back and said "Jeez, Jazz don't be a cry baby." "I'm NOT a cry baby!" She yell. "OK,OK, let's just find out where we are." Danny said.

As they walk throughout Dust fields Some of the ghost told them that Vlad landed on the other side of the border. As Danny and Jazz walk in to an gate house they were welcome by two ghost grands. "Hey it's the Phantom Siblings!" One said. "Where?,where?" ask the other. "In front of you moron." the first said. "Oh! right,sorry." the second said to the first. "You know us?" Jazz couldn't help to ask. "Of course." the first said. "Everyone in Star-Star Kingdom knows you two." said the second. "So will you let us pass?" Danny ask. "Yes, but there something you need to do for us first." The first said. "What is it?" Jazz ask them. "You need to hit this block 10 times." the second answer. "But it won't be easy." the first warn. "It moves everywhere, even we have trouble hitting it." Both said together.(A/N I just pass this, think of this in your head.)

I can't believe they hit it 10 times!" The first yell. "It took us 8 days to hit it 10 times!" the second yell. "Well a deal is a deal." the first said. "You can pass." the second added. "Oh, hang on a sec!" the second call out. "What is it?" Danny ask. "You going to need this." It said handing a map to Danny. Danny and Jazz got a map of Star-Star Kingdom! "This map should help you get around the kingdom." It said again. "Thanks!" Jazz said and she and Danny walk on.

Soon Danny and Jazz fond an canon with black boots hanging out. "That Vlad for ya." Both Phantoms said. Danny jump on Vlad to loosed him but the canon spin around and Vlad head pop up. "Daniel!,Jasmine!" He said. "Get me out of here." "Chill Vlad we're on it." Danny said as he and Jazz started to attack the canon. "I wouldn't do that if I were you." said a voice. Danny and Jazz look up to see an person with tiny wings come down. "Who are you?" Danny ask. "My name is Shaely the ruler of Dust field." he said. "And look who's fallen in my canon, the great Vlad Plamuis." He went on. "Can you get him out?" Jazz ask. "Yes if you pay me all your coins!" Shaely answer. "Deal" Danny said. "What you will give me all 115 coins?" Shaely said shock. Danny threw the bag of coins to him. "Oh these are Amity Kingdom coins." He said. "Let's see...100 Amity coins is...about 10 Star-Star coins...Nope not enough coins to free him." Shaely said after doing the math. "WHAT!" Vlad yell. If you bring me 100 Star-Star coins I'll free him then." Shaely said. "Fine, we'll be back Vlad." Danny said and he and Jazz walk away. "Well at lest we can talk." Vlad said. "Yeah I get bored for begin by myself." Shaely agree.

Danny and Jazz travel through Dust fields when they spot an star shape door on the ground. Then it open. A man and a women came out. "Sir Ectowin I spot an white hair girl from the comet." The woman said. Danny jump on Jazz shoulders to even eye level with them. "Sir Ectowin I too spot and white hair person from the comet but it an boy not an girl." The man said. Then the women move to the left. Jazz follow. Then the Man went in to a fake shock. Danny did the same. "Oh how fools we been." The Man said. "It the Phantoms Siblings!" The woman added. "Wow everyone dose knows us." Jazz said to Danny. "Of course know you dear." The women said. "Thank to you two Star-Star Kingdom has their own Sibling hero's." The man said. "We are the Ectowins Siblings." They said. "Catchy." The Phantoms said. "Hey we can teach you two some new jumping moves." The women said. "Good idea, Sis!" The man said.

"Let's start with you first ghost-girl. To use this move call the high jump, you need jump on your brother like this. The you brother needs to grab your feet and jump back up to reach higher ground. Give it a try." Danny and Jazz learn the Phantom High Jump. "Now your turn ghost-boy. To use the Spin flight, first get behind you sister then jump on top of her. Your sister should grab your feet and jump. As you jump start spinning. Now give it a try." Danny and Jazz learn the Phantom Spin Jump.

"Wow these moves can come in handed." Jazz said. "Good luck on your adventure." The Ectowins said and went back under the star shape door. Using their new Jump moves Danny and Jazz fond more coins and train as well.
Danny level 4 HP 14 POW 9 PP 0
Jazz Level 4 HP 18 POW 8 PP 0
As Danny and Jazz move on, they where stop ant the sound of the Ectowins voices. "PHANTOMS SIBLINGS!" "Huh?" both Phantoms ask. "We forgot to teach you some battle moves we know." the man said. "So we'll teach you them right now." said the women.

Fight Battle-Small Plants X2

"Danny you can use the Phantom Smash. Choose the PP block. See here, that the Phantom Smash, use it"
Danny use Phantom Smash. "Hold it!" Every thing freeze. "If you jump off of Jazz at the right time you can jump higher." OK! "And if Jazz grabs Danny in time, Danny will stay in the air." Good! "If both of you do an good job, you will do more damage to the baddies." Great! "Now Jazz try the Phantom Roll." OK! Good! Great! "Nice job you two but watch your Phantom Points. If you run out use drinks to recover you PP." Small Plants lost. 23 EXP gain.
Danny level up! LEV 5 HP 17 POW 12 PP 10
Jazz Level up! LEV 5 HP 20 POW 13 PP 15

"Thanks, they are great fighting moves." Danny said. "It been a honor to met and teach you Phantoms Siblings" The man said. "Come back to visit any time." The women said. "ECTOWINS SIBLINGS, MOVE OUT!" Danny and Jazz wave as their new friends went back under ground.

Later Danny and Jazz made it back to Vlad and Shaely. "It about time, how much did you get?" Shaely ask. "119 coins." Danny told him. "Great now I can get out of here." Vlad said. "Who said I'll do that?" Shaely laugh. "You sent us to fond coins so you can lie to us?" Jazz ask as she and Danny went in battle stance. "No I was hopping that my minions would stop you but I guess I deal with you MYSELF!" Shaely said and attack.

Boss fight-Shaely HP 50

Danny choose Phantom Smash. 5 PP loss. OK! Good! Great! 14 Hit Points loss. Shaely HP 36 Jazz choose the Phantom Roll. 5 PP loss. OK! Good! Great! 12 Hit point loss. Shaely HP 24. Shaely threw two spike balls. Danny jumps over. Jazz jumps over. No HP Loss. Danny choose Phantom Smash. 5 PP loss. OK! Good! Great! 13 HP loss Shaely HP 11 Jazz choose punch. 3,4 and 4 HP loss. "Aggg!" Shaely lost. 56 EXP Gain
Danny level up! LEV 6 HP 22 POW 17 PP 20
Jazz level up! LEV 6 HP 25 POW 18 PP 25

Phantom Fan 21 here. I was hopping to make the Boss battle longer but I some how I did it in two turns. I'll try to make the next one longer. I getting closed to the part of the game that I stop, so once I tell you, the readers, where the part is I will need your help moving on. Until then "See you next time"