A vampire's bite

Set in the 19th century

Elena listened to the calm of the quarry; the lapping water, the birds humming and the wind blowing. She loved to come here. This was her time out. Sometimes, she just needed to get away from her strict lifestyle and let loose.

Nobody knew about this place. She had discovered it a few years ago, after a fight with her parents. She had run off and wandered around the woods aimlessly until she stumbled upon this beautiful spot. It was now her safe haven.

On warm days like this, she would bring her journal along to write some. She would take off her shoes and dip her toes into the water while she wrote.

She picked up her heavy skirts and walked towards the water. It was a good thing her parents didn't know about this. It was not proper for a girl to go trudging off into the woods alone. It was too tomboyish. After all, she was raised to be a socialite.

Caroline understood her need to break free once and a while, so she always covered for her. Caroline Forbes was her best friend; they had grown up together. They had been introduced because their families knew and befriended each other.

They had gotten into loads of mischief together. Elena loved her dearly.

She took out her journal and sat down at the edge of the water, her skirts flowing around her. After dipping her toes into the water, she began to write.

She had gotten so lost in the quiet, that a crow that suddenly landed at her feet made her jump. The creature was pure black; it was an exquisite bird.

Elena put down her journal and looked at the beautiful creature.

"Hey there, birdie. You scared me for a moment. Aren't you pretty," she gushed to it.

She leaned a little closer towards it, reaching out. Unfortunately, the bird flew up and out of her reach suddenly, squawking as it went.

Elena stared after it, watching it disappear above the trees.

Well, that was weird! Birds weren't known to come so close to humans. And yet, this one had practically landed in her lap.

As Elena stared at the sky, she noticed that the sun was beginning to set. She must have been writing here longer than she had thought. It was time to head back.

She got up and put on her shoes, ready to get going.

A noise behind her startled her; it sounded like someone stepping on a fig. She whirled around, but found nothing.

"Hello? Is anyone there?" she asked politely.

Her heart was pounding in her throat as she realised how eerie this was. Here she was, alone, and it was beginning to get dark. She shouldn't have written so long. Her father always warned her to be back in the house before sunset. He just never explained why.

Elena searched the trees for an indication that someone was there. When she found none, she turned around to pick up her journal that was still lying on the grass.

She tucked it under her arm and turned back around when her heart literally jumped out of her chest. There was a man there!

He was standing at the same patch of trees she had just searched for a presence, and he was watching her.

"Sir? You startled me. Why didn't you answer when I asked who was there?" she asked a bit snippy.

The man didn't answer her. Instead he walked closer towards her, his eyes roaming over her body.

Well, he was forward! It wasn't proper for a man to be looking at a woman like that! Not if he didn't have her hand in marriage!

But he was gorgeous. He had jet black hair and her gaze was immediately drawn to his eyes. They were so blue, they were like crystals.

He stopped in front of her and held her gaze. Elena swallowed at the intensity that was this man. There was something about him. He exuded an air of danger around him, combined with buckets of sexual energy. It made her blush profusely.

She found herself nailed to the ground, when she should be running from this place, back to the safety of her house. But she was lost in the stranger's gaze.

"Who are you?" she asked him softly.

He just smiled at her without answering. Instead, he wandered over towards the water, staring across. He kept his back turned towards her.

Okay, Elena. This is your chance. Walk away!

"Isn't it beautiful out here? The calm of the rustling trees and the lapping water. I find it…"

The man stopped to gaze at her again.

"Alluring," he finished his sentence.

Elena's throat felt too tight suddenly. The way he had spoken that last word as he looked at her… He was so seductive.

Yeah, she needed to leave here!

"I always come here when the sun sets. I love the last fading light; the fading warmth. The colours of the sky are to die for," he continued.

Elena found herself walking towards him, instead of walking way. She had no idea why.

"I'm actually not allowed to be here when the sun sets. My father always wants me in the house before the dark."

Why did she just tell him that? Go home, Elena!

"Ah, I see. Because of the vampires," he suddenly said.

Elena's head whipped around to look at him. What the hell was he talking about? Vampires?

"I understand that. I would want you at home too before sunset," he winked at her.

This man was way too cocky for his own good. And he certainly wasn't proper with the way he talked! This was not a man that would settle down with a proper wife. He would never lose his wild streak, she could sense it.

"Vampires don't exist. They are a metaphor for modern day fears," she snapped at him.

The man turned her way with interest.

"So you are not afraid of the dark, then?" he asked her.

Elena huffed.


"So you don't believe in the rumours that are spreading? That people aren't attacked by wild beasts, but by vampires?"

Elena shook her head. Did this man believe in those rumours?

"They are lies to make people behave properly; to have them doing the right thing," she said.

The man smirked at her.

"Well, you certainly aren't behaving properly right now, are you? It's almost dark."

Elena wanted to slap this man! But that certainly wouldn't be proper. However, he wasn't behaving very well either!

"I don't need you to tell me off!" she told him angrily.

The man stared out across the waters again.

"What is your opinion on vampires then, Miss?" he wanted to know.

Elena shrugged.

"I don't know. They are abominations of the night. They are ugly, they have sharp teeth and they use humans for a quick feed. I don't think very highly of them."

The corner of the man's mouth quirked with amusement.

"Vampires don't bite just for the kill. They also bite for pleasure."

Elena turned to look at the man in bewilderment. He was talking to her about pleasure? Where was his moral code? This was not a conversation for a man and woman that had just met!

But on the other hand, no matter how vulgar this man seemed to be, she was drawn in. There was something mysterious and sexy about him. She noticed the way her body reacted to him; her heart was pounding, her skin tingled and her breasts felt full and heavy. She couldn't help it. She seemed to like the bad boy in him.

"Why would you say vampires bite for pleasure?" she therefore asked him curiously.

The man turned her way completely now and looked deeply into her eyes.

"Vampires are very sexual creatures to begin with. Their emotions are heightened. When they bite, it's not just for food. Well yes, that too. But the bite from a vampire is an erotic thing. They have to be really close to you in order to bite you," he began.

He raised his hand towards her neck to prove his point. She shivered as he pushed her curls aside and stroked the skin where her carotid artery was.

Elena gulped.

"The neck is a very sensual and very sensitive place. It could be counted as an erogenous zone. When a vampire bites there, a woman may receive pleasure from it. Because it's in tune with her womanhood."

She felt herself getting hot at his words. His hand was still on her neck, softly stroking it. Why was she letting him do this?

"A vampire receives pleasure from it too, because blood gets him going. Therefore, it could be a sexual experience for both parties," he finished his explanation.

Elena felt her heart thumping in her chest. He was too close. She felt too tight. There was stickiness between her thighs and she had no idea where it had come from.

"You certainly know a lot about vampires," she said flippantly.

The man smiled.

"I am a vampire, Miss."

Elena wanted to laugh at his words. But then his face changed; his eyes went dark and reddish veins appeared beneath his eyes. Finally, his fangs lengthened in his mouth.

Elena's mouth opened and closed in shock, but no sound came out. So this was why he was here, talking to her. He wanted to drink from her. He wanted to kill her!

"Don't be afraid. I'm not going to hurt you," he reassured her.

"But you.. You…"

Elena had lost the ability to talk or even walk. She was paralysed with fear. If there ever was a chance to walk away before, it was gone now. He would never let her get away. He was too close. She wouldn't make it.

"I am a vampire, yes. But like I said before; I don't have to kill in order to feed. I'm not going to lie. I want to drink from you. But I also want to make it pleasurable. I want you to feel what I meant."

Elena shook her head in panic.

"Please let me go!" she begged him.

The man cupped her chin in his hand and looked at her intensely.

"I will let you go, sweetheart. I just need to drink first."

Elena pushed against his chest when he leaned forward. But he was too strong. All too soon, she felt the prick of his fangs against the soft tissue of her neck. She felt him take her life's essence with small gulps.

It hurt immensely at first, and she struggled with all of her strength. But then something changed. The pain subsided and she began to feel warm. The vampire began to feel the change too, and she heard him groan against her neck.

One of his hands was cupping the back of her head to be able to feed properly; the other was on her lower back, holding her close to his body.

Elena felt a swirling begin in her belly. It spread through her body like a wildfire. He had been right, it felt good. Really good.

The man placed his thigh in between her legs. It pressed intimately against her and Elena couldn't hold back anymore. She let out a moan.

What was happening? What was this? Why was her body betraying her?

Before she knew what she was doing, she was rubbing her sex wantonly against his powerful thigh. She needed something here; she just wasn't sure what it was.

The man groaned against her neck with her actions and he placed his hand on her bottom to help her roll her hips against him.

It felt like her sex was on fire. She released little, breathy moans on each downward push. The fire in her was blazing now. She felt like it would consume her at any minute.

With each suck he made on her neck, she could feel something deep in her belly tugging. The tugging then when straight down to where she was riding his leg.

This was insane! Why hadn't she walked away when she still had the chance? Why was this man so sexy and seductive for her?

He sucked one last time and she felt like she came unhinged. A shout escaped her mouth as the swirling in her belly seemed to explode. She held onto his shoulders as she helplessly rode out the intense feeling.

Afterwards, her head lolled forward against his chest.

She could hear him chuckle above her. Stupid man! Stupid vampire! She hated him for making her feel like this!

Her head shot up and she shot daggers at him with her eyes.

"What did you do to me? Did you put a spell on me, or something? How were you able to make that happen?" she shouted at him.

The man smirked.

"First orgasm, huh?" was his only reply.

Elena slapped him. Hard.

"You stay away from me! You are a vile creature! I never want to lay eyes on you again!"

The man just shrugged.

"You were quite happy with me a few moments ago, sweetheart," he winked cockily.

When Elena came at him again, he put his hands up in surrender.

"Whoa! Easy there! You are free to go. Better get home. It's already dark," he told her.

Elena looked up at the sky to find the sun had already faded behind the trees. When she looked back down, the man was gone. She was alone at the quarry with nothing but silence surrounding her….

A/N: I don't know if this will be a new story or not. It depends on the response. This has been bugging me for a while now. I've had conversations on twitter about the erotic nature of a vampire's bite and blood play. Afterwards, it stayed in my head. It had to come out. So here it is. If you like it, I might continue with more steamy blood play scenes. If you don't, this stays a one shot.

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