Down the Rabbit-hole

"Come on, Mally! Step lively," the young mouse told his little sister as he was pulling her towards the gaping rabbit hole. She strongly resisted.

"I don't want to," she whispered. "I might fall in!"

Her brother continued to drag her until they were about a foot from the hole- A mere pace for humans, but a safe distance for a pair of dormice.

"You're not a scaredy mouse, are you, Mally?" he taunted her.

She shook her head.

"Then I dare you to go to the entrance and touch it."

She whimpered. "But-but…"

"I double dare you," he pushed.

She batted her big, brown eyes at him, most pitiful, but as she could see he wasn't relenting, she inched toward the gaping hole. When she was just a few inches from it, she turned to see if he was satisfied, but he held up his paw and edged her on. Mally slowly began to tiptoe towards the entrance, and when she was so close to it that if she went a step more she would fall in, she again looked at her big brother. The last thing she saw before slipping into the abyss was the look of horror on Markum's face.

Down, down, down. The blackness seemed to go on forever until it suddenly lightened and Mally saw around her as she continued to fall all sorts of things- cupboards, wardrobes and books, oh, hundreds, thousands of books.

Quick as a wink, the fall ended, and Mally struck the floor with such force that it knocked to wind out of her. Once she regained steady breathing, she stood up and took in her surroundings- she was in a room, with no walls, or even a floor- instead; on all sides there were doors. Doors on the ceiling ("I must have fell through one!" Mally thought to herself) doors on the floor, and doors instead of walls. None were open. She automatically ruled out opening some, as she was about the size of many of the doorknobs. She paced around the doors, looking up at them and pondering how she would get out, when she came to a little door, about a foot high. She stood on her tippy toes and tried the door- to her delight, it wasn't locked. Out she tumbled into a grassy field.