Just like that, a strange glimmer appeared at the top of the tree. It slowly grew into a sparkling white, levitating grin, The whole apparition became clear slowly, bright stripes, a long tail, and the supernaturally large grin.

"CAAAAAAAAAAT!" she shrieked, and bolted in a direction between somewhere and nowhere.

Her adrenaline was pumping and she could see a little house in the distance as she quickly approached. As she neared it, she found that the inhabitants were having tea on the porch. The was a portyl man with a wild nest of hair (a felt top hat was perched on it) and then a tall, grey hare (wearing a suit! "How curious," Mally thought) with long, wiry ears. When Mally approached, they twitched uncontrollably.

"Hatter!" the hare exclaimed. "I do believe we have company!"

As Mally walked through the little yellow gate, they hare was proven to be quite right. The hatter and the hare welcomed her quite nicely.

"Hello, my dear fellow!" the hatter called to the mouse. "Come and have some tea!" Some tea sounded rather good, so the dormouse hipped on the table and approached the hatter and hare.

"Tell me, dear mouse, what your name is?" the hatter inquired.

"Mally. I'm a dormouse. And I'm not from around here."

"Obviously not! You're not even wearing any clothes!" the hare exclaimed, laughing hysterically.

"Well, we shall fix her right up," the Hatter said, and set to work cutting a frock from the tablecloth edge. When he was finished, he slipped it on Mally and smiled proudly.

"His main work it with hats," the hare explained, "but he's quite good at clothes, too."

Hatter sat up bolt right. "How rude! We haven't even introduced ourselves, Hare!" He was clearly appalled at himself.

"This is Hatter," the Hare said, gesturing to the man. "Once upon a time, when he was just a young hatter, he cleaned a new hat with a new brand of cleaning fluid, and the fumes drove him quite mad."

Hatter nodded fervently. "Quite true! Never Madder!" He continued on to introduce Hare. "This is Hare. He's just plain mad, and deliriously confused."

"And it isn't even March yet!" Hare quipped.

"Nice to meet you," Mally said with a yawn.

"So, dear Mally, since you came to somewhere between somewhere and nowhere, is it wrong to assume that you came from anywhere?" Hatter asked.

"No, I'm quite sure she lived in nowhere," Hare objected.

"Actually," Mally pouted, "I don't live anywhere."

"Then you should live with us!" Hatter invited. Hare nodded fervently.

Mally smiled It sounded strangley inviting. "I'd quite like that."

"But we must warn you," Hare told her, "It's always tea-time!"

"Why?" Mally asked. "How must it always be tea-time? Where's bed-time and dinner-time and breakfast-time?"

Hatter suddenly started sobbing. "I've murdered the time!"

Hare stepped in to offer an explanation. "We were singing, for Her Majesty, and she was angry and then she beheaded Hatter for murdering the time, but hahaha-" (he started laughing deliriously) "-It didn't work! But we did kill the time. We're stuck at 6 o'clock: tea-time." Hatter let out a sob.

Mally patted Hatter's nose. "There, there. I quite like tea-time."

That lit Hatter right up. "Tea-time! Hare! Feed our mouse!"

Hare pulled out lots of food from under the table. "Mally, what sort of delicacies suit your fancy?"

Mally spied treacle resting beside a tea cup and some tea cookies. "I quite like treacle."

Hatter smiled a toothy grin. "Treacle it is!"

Hatter and Hare then proceeded to feed Mally spoonful after spoonful of marvelous treacle. It didn't take long until Mally fell into a sugar coma. When she woke up, it took her several minutes for her eyes to adjust. Even then, the Hatter and Hare kept going in and out of focus. The smiling cat was there, too, but Mally was too drowsy to even squeak. Suddenly she felt an urge to share a story.

"I have," she hiccupped, "A story."

Hare grinned. "Hatter! Cheshire! Ya hear that? She's got a story!"

Hatter nodded. "Well, shut up so she can tell it!"

Mally began her tale. "There were once three girls and they lived in a well of treacle-everything was treacle- and they wrote things only with an 'M' while they ate treacle."

Hatter clapped his hands. "A treacle well! How delightful!"

Mally slumped back down onto the table. "I think I'm going mad."

The cat laughed. "Quite alright. Everyone's mad in here."