For the GM DDN March 23rd. Prompt: Anaconda: 287

Sesshoumaru watched as she dropped her blouse to the ground, finding it very difficult to control his facial expressions. He was so tempted to allow his tongue to hang out the side of his mouth because the sight of her breasts, bound by red lace, was making him drool. His lips twitched up in a smirk as she took a step closer and he abandoned all attempts at maintaining his mask. He had something much more important to focus on.

The taiyoukai took a quick glance around the clearing, needing to know if he would have to kill someone for interrupting what looked to be a very good show. Miroku's eyes were close to falling out of their sockets while Sango blushed and tried to look away. Inuyasha couldn't find it in himself to protest, as his mouth had gone dry as soon as he'd seen the sway of her hips. Sesshoumaru was relieved. Slaughtering those that tried to stop her would certainly take away from the time he would much rather use staring at her.

Kagome smirked back at the taiyoukai, who was clearly her focus, before continuing to approach. She dropped to her knees before him, her palms sliding along his silk-covered legs, from knee to upper thigh, and he bit back a groan.

"So strong," she whispered, moving her hands dangerously close to his throbbing erection. When she brushed across it, he lost the battle to stay silent, making her smirk widen. "My, my, Lord Sesshoumaru. What is this? It seems a very large snake has snuck into your pants."

Across the clearing, Inuyasha snickered, momentarily broken from his daze. Watching her climb seductively into his half-brother's lap, however, stunned him silent once more.