For Riku Ryuu's Random Prompts: Crown

When Kagome pulled back for breath, she leaned her head on his chest, too overwhelmed with emotion to look him in the eye. Sesshoumaru pressed his lips to the crown of her head with a small smile.

He didn't know how things would go from here, if she would, indeed, be interested in a relationship with him, but he hoped she would. She certainly seemed attracted to him, not only because of what she'd done last night but also because of how she had behaved today. His arms wrapped around the miko and he held her close, almost as if he feared that she would disappear if he wasn't clinging to her.

"So, Kagome said slowly. "That's what happened last night. I'm curious. What's going to happen tomorrow, and the next day?"

"That is entirely up to you."

The End