Chapter One – The Beginning

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It's Friday afternoon and I should be at a real job where I don't have to deal with snobby customers, but no I'm stuck waiting tables! When I was younger I thought I was going to be some great doctor or a lawyer. My dad always told me to dream big, that I could be whatever I wanted to be. Obviously he never though he was going to die at the young age of 35, leaving behind a devastated fifteen year old daughter.

When I was younger I never thought that my family was different from the other families around the rainy town of forks. But by the time I reached middle school everything changed. My father was able to provide his family with whatever they needed or even wanted. If I told my father I wanted a bike the next day I would wake up and there would be a brand new bike next to my bed. Now I'm not saying I was one of those little brats that would whine to daddy to get her whatever she wanted but my father did like to buy me nice things.

Growing up my mother was never around for me or my father. She was always out doing her own thing, never paying attention to either of us. Deep down in my gut I new she never wanted to keep me. One morning when I was seven my father was in his study and I walked up to him and asked him, "Daddy does mommy love me?"

"Of course she does bellsy." He said picking me up and setting me down on his lap.

"But daddy if mommy loved me she would play tea party and tell me stories like Jessica's mommy does."

He sighed and shook his head, "Honey mommy loves you in her own way. Not every mommy acts the same way with her children." Daddy told me.

After that day I learned that it doesn't matter if my mommy loved me the way Jessica's mom lover her, it just mattered that my daddy loved me. As time moved on I realized that my mom was only around for my dad's money. I knew she didn't care when after my dad died she sold her wedding and engagement rings to the highest bidder and I haven't seen her since. In a way I'm happy she is gone I don't have to live with the tension of being around her everyday knowing I ruined her life. I just hope that wherever she is she's miserable.

School was the worst part of my day, because I never had any friends besides Angie. All the other kids would call me a spoiled brat and say I thought I was too good for them, but I never thought that. The only one who knew the real me was Angie. Angie didn't have a good home life her father was a mean man, he never hurt her or her three brother's but sometimes he would their mother. Angie and I helped each other out like best friends are supposed to do, when her father wouldn't give her and her little brothers lunch money for school I would make them lunch in the mornings and give it to them and when all the kids would call me a brat and tell me I was nothing Angie would punch them in the stomach for me.

Everything changed in High school when Angie's father forced their family move to California. I felt like I was losing my sister. When the kids at school learnt that she wasn't coming back my life became hell! It was mostly Jessica and her little peppy cheer squad of bitchy clones that really wanted to make be slam someone face into a wall, but my father always told me violence was never the answer.

Things just kept getting worse after Angie left. The day started out as any normal day would, I went to school and got pushed into a couple lockers then went home. I felt it instantly though when I walked through the front door, I just knew something was off. I walked slowly towards my father's study, opened the door and I saw it, my father faced down on his desk. I slowly walked towards him afraid for what I was going to find.

I shook his shoulder gently and whispered, "Daddy wake up." He did nothing

"Daddy?" I was franticly shaking him so hard by now. His desk was starting to slightly shake too, but he did nothing.

"DADDY! PLEASE!" I lifted him up, and I saw it.

There was a bullet hole in his chest. I looked up to his eyes and they stared lifelessly back up at me and I could do nothing but look back. For what felt like a lifetime I just looked at the only person I had left in this world. I did the only thing I could do at that moment, I screamed. The house maid Linda came running in the room but I still couldn't stop. She called the police and got me out of the room. It took the police all night to look for finger prints and look for clues to tell who could have done something like this.

My father's death turned my world upside down. He was the only one in this world that cared about me. So after he died and my mother left there was only a couple things I could do. I could have lived in a foster home. Or I could live with my Grandma Marie. Grandma Marie was my mother's mother and she lived in Seattle and could barely even take care of herself. I guess that's the only reason she said I could live with her.

Living there wasn't so bad, but I did blow through my dad's saving pretty fast. How could I not, grandma had no money to take care of me with so I had to buy everything with that money plus grandma's health didn't improved since I moved it. The only good thing about moving was school, everyone here never paid any attention to me, and that's a blessing compared to how school use to be.

It's been six years and there are no leads on who could have killed my father. The police never had any suspects but they did question my mother. She told them she had a legitimate alibi, she was shopping of course. The police did a background check and found camera's that placed her at the mall at the time of the shooting. Every day I wake up thinking why would anyone want to kill my father? Charlie, my father was a lawyer, he could have made many enemies through the years but he never mentioned to me he was in any danger, or he never acted any different.

"Bella can you please cover my shift? I need to pick Bobby up from school, his school nurse just called and said he was throwing up and to come get him." Rose said. I have known Rose for about two years I met her when I started working at the Diner. Rosalie is a beautiful blond that is 5 "6 tan, the type of woman you see on the front of a magazine. She had her son Robert or Bobby as we call him, when she was 15 by a slime ball of a guy who walked out on them when he found out she was pregnant.

"Of course Rose you know I need the money. Rent is going to be tight this week."

"Thanks. Bella you just need to kick that dirt bag to the curb. You're not his mother bells." By him she's talking about Luke. Luke and I met a couple months ago when Rose and I went to this bar in Seattle. I don't love him or anything he's just living with me till he gets on his feet, plus it more of a win win, he gets a free place for a couple weeks and I get to get laid every once and a while.

"You know he's not my boyfriend. Now go you need to get that poor child out of that hell hole." I said smiling.

"Ok but at around one you'll get a group of men that come in, they get seated at table nine. Make sure you are calm and get their food to them quickly, without any mistakes." She said looking very serious.

I stared at her for a moment then started laughing hysterically. "That was a good one Rose."

She suddenly grabbed me by the arm and said, "Bells this time I'm not kidding."

"What are these guys ax men? What gives them special treatment?"

"Bells they're just the type of men that you don't want to mess around with. Just get them what they need and then they will leave."

"Are these men dangerous Rose?" she looked at me like she didn't know if she wanted to lie or tell the truth. This scared me more than anything because Rose never lies, about anything.

"I gotta go get Bobby before the nurse kills me. You'll be fine Bells just treat them like they are family and everything will be alright." She said walking out the door.

I looked up at the clock. "I still have five minutes before these ax men get here, what should I do until then?" I said under my breath, looking around at the empty Diner.

"How about, you seat us at a table before the days over with!" A deep voice said startling me.

I whipped around and was looking into the deepest green eyes I have ever seen.

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