Chapter Thirty Three – Merry Christmas

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Five Years Later

I snuggled in closer to his side cringing for what I know was about to happen. Soon enough, the door to our room was pushed open and I heard little feet tapping against the hardwood floor. Not too long after, I felt the bed sink down, "Shush, Soph…they're going to wake up." He groaned at his little sister when she didn't listen.

"Hep…Pease Anty." She grunted trying to get on the too high bed. Her brother groaned again, and pulled her up onto the bed with us. "Presents?" She asked hopefully, making me smirk into Green eye's side.

"Shh…" He said as he tried to snuggle in between us. "Come on Soph," he said, patting the spot next to him. She snuggled into my side and I had to fight the smile as I felt her little baby finger poke me in the cheek.

"Momma?" Poke…Poke…"Momma."

I ignored her for as long as I could, but I knew trying to get back to sleep would be pointless. I popped my eyes open, "Boo!" Then I started tickling her sides making her giggle and kick her little feet into the air.

"Mommy!" She screamed. I glanced over to my Green eyes, and he was wide awake with his arm wrapped around our son. They both had matching sleepy smiles on their faces as they watched me tickle Sophia.

I laughed, "Go get Daddy baby." I whispered into her ear. She smiled and leaped over her to her dad jumping right on top of him. He flipped her over and started to tickle her, but this time he switched between the two of them, going from tickling Sophia till she begged for mercy, then he would switch over to her brother.

Finally my little girl got free from her father's clutches and made her way over to me. She hugged me around the neck and kissed me on the cheek, "Presents now Mommy?"

"What do you think Daddy?" He was already off the bed with Anthony on his back. "I'm ready if you are beautiful." I smiled up at him and got off the bed. Sophia jumped into my arms, and right on cue we heard the muffled cries of our new little one from the room next to us. "I'll get him, why don't you get these munchkins downstairs and I'll be there in a minute." He winked at me and took Sophie from my arms.

He kissed me on the lips, "Eww…cooties!"

"Don't you know mommies don't have cooties?" Edward smirked.

"I wove momma's kissies," Sophie said smiling. I winked at her and the four of us left the room. I walked into the baby's room smiling when I saw him already standing in his crib. "Are you excited too, little man?" He screeched as I picked him up and put him down to change his dirty diaper the whole time his chubby legs and arms were flying through the air. I smiled down at him; remembering that it too long ago I was changing Anthony. Time flies by too fast, and before you know it your little man is a kindergartener.

I threw the diaper in the trash and put a clean one on. Anthony was three when we found out I was pregnant again, I was of course ecstatic, while Edward was very worried. This pregnancy was very different from the first one. This time I had horrible morning sickness, so bad that some mornings I could barely get out of bed, which was not an option, since I had a little boy I had to take care of that was going through his terrible two's and a husband that worked long hours.

Edward was so worried about me those first couple of months that he left the company for his brothers to run and stayed home with me…and this time I didn't argue with him because I knew I needed the help. Once my first trimester was over, the morning sickness calmed down, but Edward still didn't want to leave me, Anthony didn't want him to go back to work either. They formed a close bond over those few months, so much so that when Green eyes eventually did have to go back, Anthony would cry for hours for his 'Daddy.'

Edward was unhappy with going back too, so he made a bigger office for himself and started working from home. This gave us all more alone time with him. He would go to work at the company once or twice a week but then he would work from home the rest time, which made us all happy.

The rest of my pregnancy was smooth sailing, and when we found out we were having a girl we were all ecstatic…well except for Anthony, he was pretty upset he wasn't going to get a little 'broder.'

I sat him down on my lap, well what little lap that I did have left. If I thought I was big for Anthony I was humongous for my little girl. Not only was I gaining weight in my belly, but I was gaining weight all over my body! "Baby, I know you wanted a brother, but I know you're going to be the most amazing big brother ever…no matter if this little one was a boy or a girl."

He scrunched up his face and his green eyes reminded me of his father, "Gurl's are yucky!"

I laughed, "I'm a girl buddy."

"No yous a mommy."

I couldn't stop laughing at my little man. "What's going on in here?" Edward asked leaning against the door.

"Daddy! Gurl's are yucky, right!"

Edward walked over to us and kneeled down next to his little guy. "I don't think so. Your mommy's a girl and so is your little sister." He smiled and put his hand on my belly. "Here feel." He took little man's and pressed it against my belly, right as his little sister gave a kick.

His eyes widened, "Daddy! Mommy?"

We laughed, "That's your little sister in there." He looked up to me for confirmation and I nodded my head. "You're going to protect her always, right?"

"Yes Daddy." He leaned his head on my belly. "I hear her!" He squealed and felt all around my belly as he listened, "I do wuve her no matter if she's a gurl." He declared happily with his father's smirk. I ran my fingers through his hair and watched him, "Mommy, why's my sista in there?"

I looked at Edward and he lifted his brow. "Daddy's got to go back to work buddy, I love you guys." He said kissing his bronze hair then kissing me on the lips.

"Traitor!" I sighed, as he walked out of the room. Anthony was happy about the baby after that day.

It was a beautiful June morning when I woke up from pains shooting through my body and a soaked bed. Edward freaked out again, but he was a little more collected than he was when I had Anthony. The differences between the pregnancies showed once again when I got to the hospital, because when I delivered Anthony he came out quickly…but this little girl was stubborn, and didn't want to leave my womb. I ended up having to suffer with these pains for ten long hours.

But once she was out I wouldn't take back anything. She was the most precious baby girl, ever. She came out with my dark hair, just like Anthony did, but I knew it would eventually lighten up. Her little eyes were the lightest baby blue, and she kept them open, starring at her father and me as we held her.

"MOMMY!" My little Anthony screamed from downstairs, bringing me back from my memories.

"I'll be there in a minute!" I shouted. I looked down to our new baby, Charlie Carlisle Cullen and picked him up and carried him down the stairs. He was the happiest baby you could have asked for, and barely ever cried, unlike his sister Sophia Esme Cullen, who cried nonstop when she was a baby. Little Charlie was a very, unexpected addition to our family. I didn't even know I was pregnant with him till I was two months along. He was a shock to both his father and me.

My pregnancy with him was smooth, and I was starting to feel like a pro at this pregnancy thing, not that I would tell Edward that…He would make me pregnant every chance he could, and I was not looking forward to having fifteen children.

It was a rainy cold April afternoon when my little guy decided to make an appearance. But unlike his sister he came pretty quickly. I was panicking, thinking I was about to have my little one on the side of the road. But surprisingly, Edward calmed me down and we made it to the hospital with an hour to spare, before my little guy was welcomed into this world…That was eight months ago.

I kissed him on his head and sat down on the couch next to my husband. "What took so long baby?"

I shrugged, "Getting lost in some memories." He hugged me close and we watched Soph and Anthony dig through their stockings. "Don't eat too much candy, please." Sophie frowned, but listened. Edward picked up the little stocking that Santa left for Charlie and handed it to him, and we watched as he took out all the candy and threw it all around the room until he reached the plastic toy that was at the bottom, and squealed his baby squeal making us all laugh.

"You want to pass the presents out now?" I asked my Green eyes. He nodded and got up and started handing the children their gifts. I loved this part the most. Watching my children light up with joy when they got something they wished for. They especially loved helping their baby brother open his gifts. Once they were done unwrapping their gifts I sat Charlie on the ground to let him play in the crumpled wrapping paper; he loved it.

The day passed smoothly as we got ready and waited for the rest of our family to show up. I made all the desserts last night and was waiting for Esme to arrive with the turkey and Rose and Alice to bring the rest of the food.

Life has been good to our family. When little Emma was two, Rose and Emmett had twin daughters, Cali and Carly, and they both looked exactly like Rose with platinum blond hair and baby blue eyes. Surprisingly though, they had their fathers love for sports and were currently snuggled up with him on the couch where all the men where. Em had one twin on each side of him. It was after dinner and Rose was in the kitchen with me sitting on the stool rubbing her small baby bump.

"I just hope it isn't twins again." She cringed. She was only two months along and she already had a slight bump. "It would give Em too big of an ego. He thinks his swimmers are already strong for giving us Cali and Carly." We all laughed.

"Hey at lease you're not this big yet." Alice complained from her spot next to her. She was past her due date by two days, and was very uncomfortable. This was her first child and she and Jasper decided to wait till the baby was born to find out what it was, which started a bidding war on who was going to be right about the sex.

Both Alice and Jasper and Rose and Em have not gotten married yet. They were engaged, but they all agreed they would get married when they were ready, and I guess that time hasn't come yet. "Oh I'm just happy there are little ones running around again." Esme smiled rubbing Alice's belly as Anthony, Emma and Sophia chased each other through the kitchen.

Soon enough the kids were passed out on the couch and Alice was too uncomfortable to sit in the hard stools any longer, and they all left with wishes of a Merry Christmas. After they were gone, we carried the kids up stairs and put them to bed. We didn't even need to read them stories because once their heads hit the pillows they were out like a light.

"Today's been a really good day." I sighed, snuggling into our bed. Green eyes pulled me over so I was nestled into his side.

"We have many more happy days ahead for us beautiful." I moved under him, and he kissed the spot behind my ear that I loved, "I love you." He sighed into my ear.

I brought his face to me and I kissed him deeply on the lips. "As long as I have you and the kids, nothing can stop us." I smiled up at him, and kissed his soft lips again, "I love you my Green eyes."

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