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Emily lay in bed with her eyes wide open. She could feel Reid's arms wrapped around her, and embraced his touch. They had flown back from Atlanta the day before, and the entire time she couldn't get what Morgan had said out of her mind.

Gently she un-wrapped Reid's arms from her and slid out of his grip, being careful not to wake him up. Outside the faint sounds of birds chirping greeted her and she took a moment to gaze out at the blue sky.

Although Stevens had taken the lives of four, they had managed to keep that number from five. They couldn't go back to change anything, but they had given that girl a second chance at life.

And in the back of Emily's minds, she thought, that maybe that little girl hadn't been the only one given a second chance.

Emily pulled her gaze from outside and tiptoed to the dresser drawer that had been in her thoughts. It was the one she had found herself drawn to just a few days ago, but this time it seemed different. She opened it slowly and without looking brought her hand to the small velvet box.

The velvet felt right in her hand as she held it up. She opened it and looked at the beautiful ring that Spencer had given to her all those months ago, the one she had taken off after Sophia's death. Then she couldn't even look at it, the small weight of it carried a heavy burden, but now that burden had been lifted.

Picking it up she slipped it around her finger; it looked right. It no longer slipped, but rested peacefully in its place. It glimmered in the sunlight and Emily smiled.

It looked right.

She placed the empty velvet box back in the drawer and closed it. She turned and looked at her fiancé. She couldn't remember the last time she had called him that. Although the words felt new to her mouth;

They felt right.

Reid's brown hair plastered to his peaceful face and he adjusted himself in sleep. The stress and pain from the past few months had drained from his face, now only leaving his handsome features. She could tell that there had been a change in both of them.

After taking another glance at the ring Emily left the room and walked downstairs. She entered the kitchen and went to the refrigerator. She took out the egg carton and started to fix them breakfast.


Reid awoke to a delicious smell, and when he rolled over saw that Emily was gone. He rolled out of bed and rubbed his eyes. He stumbled down the stairs, still tired, but following the smell of breakfast. When he entered the kitchen he saw Emily standing in front of the stove in the process of making French toast.

"I was just going to wake you up sleepy head," Emily said as she motioned for him to sit down. Reid smiled, and complied.

Emily dished out a generous portion of the French toast onto each plate and sat them down on the table. After that she set a bowl of fruit alongside the plates, and poured them glasses of milk.

She sat down next to Reid and dug into her food. He almost didn't recognize her, but followed her lead happily and inhaled his huge breakfast.

Reid was taking in the last bite of his toast when he looked over at Emily, and saw something that he hadn't been expecting. On her ring finger was the engagement ring he had given her. For so long he had prayed that she would wear it, and now she finally was.


After they had finished breakfast they went outside and lay on their hammock. Emily opened up her latest Kurt Vonnegut book and curled into Reid's side.

As Emily read, Reid listened to her peaceful breathing. The even sounds made him relax as he pulled Emily closer into his arms.

After a while Emily put her book down and turned to face Reid. "I love you Spencer." She smiled and leaned down to kiss him.

As their kiss ended Reid gazed into Emily's deep brown eyes. "I love you too Emily, and I will always love you."

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