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Penny, Lina, and Myles all came out in matching uniforms of gray. They were scratchy and uncomfortable, but they all knew better than to complain.

"Now that you have changed, I believe you are ready to know what your jobs are." A door opened to reveal one of the henchmen that had kidnapped Myles and Lina. He took them roughly by their arms, and lead them out of the room and into many hallways, before finally stopping at a large metal door which opened at the touch of a button, and of course many scans and prints along with verification were needed too. Then, the door slid open and the three hostages were shuffled inside to meet whatever awful fate would await them.

41 hours, and 29 minutes until Opal's deadline

Holly was in her office, waiting for Artemis and Butler to return from Fowl manner with the supplies they would need to find and capture Opal. Or so Artemis had said, however Holly had known that the man wanted to see his old childhood home. She understood how it was important to Artemis to see this, for he had been away for so long.

But Holly hadn't expected to be called to the hospital that she would 'want to see this.' in accordance to Trouble. And so, the elf had raced up to Haven Hospital once again.

Now Butler was explaining to her about how these creatures had attacked himself and Artemis when they were at the Manor, and how Butler had managed to save only four, while Artemis saved another. Foaly told Holly that these creatures were Opal's experiments, for each of them were branded with a mark on their necks. The Koboi logo.

Foaly had figured out that the children had been left abandoned for so many years that they went a little insane, okay. Very insane. However. With some therapy the kids had gotten back to normal. Well, five children and one adult.

Holly noted that Artemis wasn't there and Butler said that he had gone to find the twins and make sure they were not torturing Juliet. As she was lead into the room, all she saw were six figures lying on white sheets.

One had short blonde hair, and she was arguing with a boy who looked almost exactly like her, but he had hazel eyes instead of the girls blue eyes. Holly thought they were family at first, then realized they were just close friends. Like what her and Artemis used to be.

Another was a girl with chestnut brown hair that had grown out to mid back, and she had almost white skin, like paper. Her red eyes gleamed as if someone had let her drink a vat full of liquid sugar.

A boy with tan skin, green eyes, black hair and a large nose was chattering away to a boy with blonde corkscrew curls,a chocolate bar in his hands, and blue eyes, who looked like he was ready to kill the boy.

Then Holly realized who the last two figures were. Beau and Gaspard Paradizo.

Foaly cleared his throat when he saw Holly staring at the Paradizo's. He knew this was an uncomfortable situation for them, as he had questioned them before Holly showed up.

"Holly, these are the experiments Butler and Artemis found at Fowl Manor. I'll let them introduce themselves."

The boy and girl who had been fighting recently looked up, and Foaly nodded at them that it was okay to talk. The girl went first.

"I'm Katrena. Most people call me Karma, though." The girl spoke with an almost defiant tone to her voice, as if she were sizing everyone in the room up. "I'm 16. also I'm part elf, and part cat."She said, and all the others in the room were surprised, the girl and the boy looked no more than 14.

The boy seemed to have a more caring tone to his voice, as if he were happy. But Holly saw right past that to see that unlike his friend, he would make a better spy than a warrior like Karma. "Hey. My name's Kitsune. Though I do prefer Redemption, or Dem, for short. I'm like Karma, part elf and part cat." Holly noticed Dem's sharp nails and pointed ears.

It was the albino girl's turn to speak. "I'm experiment 5." Kama and Dem gave her a look and she glared back at them. " Also known as Spearmint. I'm 14 years old, and I was wondering if you had any sugar?" she asked, a devious grin creeping up onto her pale face.

Beau grabbed the chatterbox, who was ranting about some unicorn and Pegasus war that would be happening soon, (A/n: It will happen, or so my friend says., but be prepared!) and turned him around to face the new guests. The boys green eyes widened to the size of golf balls. " Hi! I'm Inferno, but for some weird reason everyone calls me Infernal. You know, my parents always used to tell me to 'Stop that infernal racket.' And my last name is Rackquet, which sounds a lot like racket, so I assumed that this was my name. Anyway, I'm 12." The boy continued his rant until Spearmint finally clapped her hand over his mouth.

"And Holly, you know who these last two are." Beau and Gaspard looked up, and their eyes widened at the sight of the elf.

Holly coughed and turned to face the two Paradzios. "Beau, Mr. Paradzio. We need to talk."


"AAARRRRTTTEMMMISSSSSS! Beckett took my doll!" Cammie cried as Beckett hung the doll out over the window sill of the hotel the three were staying in. Artemis rushed over to where Beckett was standing.

"Beckett, give it back."

"Nooooo!" Beckett shrieked like a slow motion falling hero. Soon, he and Artemis were wrestling on the floor with Cammie cheering them on.

Finally, Artemis prevailed, and plucked the doll from Beckett's out reaching hand.

Then, the man promptly delivered it into Cammie's outstretched hands.

Beckett threw himself on the bed and began to scream in outrage.

"Beckett, I swear everyone is going to think I'm murdering you." Artemis stated as he placed Beckett upright and covered the shrieking boy's mouth with his own hand.

Beckett reached out his tongue and licked Artemis's fingers, causing him to jump back and let the boy go.

"Devious devil!" cried out Artemis, and Beckett just laughed. Even Cammie couldn't suppress a smile. They all screamed and laughed and rolled everywhere. Then the figure in the doorway made himself known.


"Mr. Paradzio, what did Opal do to you when you were captured?" asked Holly and the man sighed.

" Opal Koboi kept us in that prison for three years, then released us onto the Fowl Manor grounds. While we were her prisoners, she tried to make different things out of us."

" A few were when she tried to make us into warriors, spy's, masterminds, and evil doers. She was trying to replicate an army of experiments loyal to only her. An army of experiments that she knew could bring down your police unit. She couldn't locate Artemis Fowl and take revenge on him, so Haven was the next best thing. Opal said so many times in her rants and raves to us."

"Has she succeed in this, Mr. Paradizo?" Questions Holly, now thoroughly interested in how Opal Koboi would attempt to gain power once again.

Gaspard gave a loud sigh and placed his graying head in his hands. Holly noted that they were full of small silver scars and scabbed, healing cuts. Signs of torture, the same was with little Beau, who was merely a teenager.

"Yes, Opal Koboi has prevailed in this task, Miss. Short. All of the people in that room back there, us included, were failed experiments. If we could not meet Opal's expectations of a perfect, working, human weapon, we would be banished to Fowl manor. She most likely figured that to get revenge on the missing and eldest Fowl, she would destroy his childhood home with wild and crazy experiments, so that if Artemis ever did come back, he would be greeted with some nasty surprises."

All of the room's residents were shell shocked, with their mouths hanging open with disbelief. Butler was the first one to recover. " Sir, could you please give us some examples of these human weapons."

Beau spoke for his father. " Some had powers, like the ability to fly and be telekinetic. Others she made literal human weapons. They would have chainsaws for hands, or ax feet or legs. One girls hair was made out of tiny knives that only she could control. Some of us, like Dem and Karma, were successful but absolutely refused to cooperate. No matter how much they would be tortured, they never gave in because they knew the difference between right and wrong."

"What did they try to do to you two?" Foaly asked quietly, as if there was someone listening in. Which someone might have been, considering the groups luck this past week.

Beau laughed. "Almost all of us have powers of some sort, but mine is this." the boy stood up, and closed his eyes. Then, his hair became spiked up as if he been struck with 10,000 volts of lightning. Then, the hair strands began to turn silver and Beau's eyes shot open. He then quietly, as if he was picking flowers, plucked one of the hairs off of his head. In a flash of silver, the hair strand had impaled a piece of paper from the desk onto the wall behind Butler, Holly and Foaly.

So Beau could make his hair become silver throwing blades. Interesting. "I probably have the worst and most useless power compared to some of the others." Beau said honestly, and Butler had no doubt in his mind that Opal would, as much as he hated to admit it, most likely succeed if the fairy people went to war against her.

"How many people do you think she has?" asked Holly, knowing somewhere in the back of her mind that it would mainly depend on how powerful and how many of the experiments were.

Beau's face turned to a look of pure grief and fear. "When we were there, there were about 20 people in the first year. It doubled almost every year."

"So nearly 1,280 experiments."

"Yes. And only about a third of those failed, or died in the process." Gaspard said regretfully.

Holly knew instantly that they would need a miracle to make it through this war. Something was coming, something, she was afraid, that Artemis Fowl wouldn't be able to prevent or solve.


Dr. Monce stood in the door frame, three, large, glass syringes in his hand.

"Dr. Monce?" asked Artemis, as he got up, pushing himself away from the two children that had stuck to his legs.

The doctor advanced forward, the needles glimmering off the light that the light bulbs in the room gave off.

"Miss. Koboi will be very pleased, oh yes, very pleased!" He shouted and Artemis instantly backed away, and placed himself between himself and the insane man.

"What do you mean, Dr. Monce?"Artemis asked, taking a step back, making Monce step forward.

"You know what I mean, Fowl. Opal will succeed, and you need to know who's side you are on if you want to survive." the doctor smiled and cackled like a crazy man.

Artemis quickly turned himself and the kids around towards another door that would lead to a dead end, he knew.

"Dead end, Fowl. But of course you knew that." The doctor closed his eyes for a moment, which was just enough time for Artemis shove the kids into the bathroom and shut the door before he swung a large kick upwards, and into the doctor's face.

"I'll take that as their side." snarled the doctor, and launched himself at Artemis.

He dropped two of the syringes, and they cracked on the ground, spewing liquid that ate away at the carpet. Artemis easily dodged the first attempt, and slugged the man

in the stomach. The blow should have knocked out the man, but he merely laughed, a hollow and dark sounding thing.

"You could have everything you ever wanted." hissed the doctor, and brought his leg up to nail Artemis right in the jaw. Artemis felt his jaw dislocate.

"I have everything I could ever want." He whipped his fist into the other mans nose.

"No, you don't. You settled for second best. You settled for another life since you felt that no one could love you again. Especially Holly Short." Artemis froze, and Monce grinned darkly, knowing he was right.

"I'm right, aren't I?" He said in question form, but it was stated as a fact.

This fueled Artemis's ever growing rage. This man had tried to harm him, his family, was working for the women with the same motives, and he had enough. Artemis grabbed a lamp, ripping the thing from it's socket. Then he brought it down over the doctors head, shattering the lamp, and burning in the acid that had begun burning the floor away and made it give way.

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