Having played the game through many times, I know a little bit about this universes time travel. The thing with Buzz-buzz always confused me, why did they send a bee? It's flimsy and weak, why not send a person who would be taken seriously?

This is what I came up with. :)

-Chapter 6: In This Together-

They arrived back at Ness's house and pondered the stone. He and Paula sat across from one another at a small table Ness had in his room. "You sure your mom won't mind?" Paula said, breaking the silence.

He shook his head, "Nah, her pills knock her out. Even if she were up, she probably won't remember it tomorrow." She had warned him when the doctor prescribed them eight months ago that a sort of amnesia would occur.

Her eyebrows rose somewhat, "People normally give me an odd look when I say I was on pills, but you didn't. Is it cause your mom's on them too?"

"Sort of. I know she's been a wreck since dad left, so I don't care. It get's her through her day, well, night, and that's what matters. You gotta do what you gotta do, right?" He poked the eye level rock on the table and it spun slowly. Among the things he had to do, saving the world was one of them, it was looking grim for his future. How much of this was true, how much was a dream? It was hard to tell.

"Your dad left, how come?" she asked innocently and insensitively.

"Honesty, I'm not sure. It was something to do with money. Even though he's not here, he keeps sending a cheque, which I guess is alright." He wasn't really alright with it, but he knew that getting upset wasn't going to do any good. Ness had tried that card when this change occurred, to no avail.

"I always thought it would be better with only one parent. I guess she's making up for the other half then?" she said, displeased with the lack of success in Ness's fatherless endeavor."

Can we not talk about this?" he was beginning to get bummed out thinking about it. If he was going to get any sleep tonight, he needed to clear his mind of the unpleasantness of it all. It was bad enough he was also having a 'pseudo-sleepover' with a girl, that was nerve racking enough."

Ness?" a voice came from the other side of the door, "you're still up..." she cracked the door and peeked in. It was his sister. Sadly she didn't give Ness enough time to to get Paula into hiding. Tracy gasped, "I'm sorry!" She noticed that they were only sitting at the table, "Hi there, I'm Tracy, his sister," she began, "I need to borrow him for a moment," she said and quickly hooked Ness's arm, effectively pulling him from the room and shut the door. "What are you doing?" she said in a whispered hush.


"There's a girl in your room, and after hours no less. What's up," there was no getting by his sister, she could see the tension in his face. She had done something similar to this in the past, and it didn't appear that she was trying to scold him.

"Paula got in a spat with her parents and needed to cool off. She'll be gone before Mom gets up," he said reassuringly, "Don't worry."

She sighed, smitten by the prospect of young love, "Hold on," she said and disappeared into her room for a second and came back out, holding her hand shut. "I didn't see her, she was never here, and please be safe." Tracy took his hand and placed a plastic square in his palm.

His face turned beet red, "No, that's not what this is," he said and tried to hand it back.

She pushed his hand away, "Treat it like a gun, it's better to have it and not need it, than need it and not have it." That being said she hugged him and went back into her room. The only reason she came out in the first place was because she heard the sound of her little brother's voice. When he was on the phone late at night it was usually because he was talking with his father, which normally ended in a long spell of apathy. Tracy wanted to be there for him and since she opened her new small business, Escargot Express, she had been particularly absent.

Ness sighed and placed the sealed condom in his back pocket, it was the only one deep enough to hide the noise of the wrapper. The last thing he needed was to give Paula the wrong impression. They had just met and where he had never done anything like that before, now wasn't the time to start. Some of his friends at school had said they fooled around with girls and encouraged him to do the same, but he declined. The girls, he felt, weren't interested in him. The ones that were, he didn't care for.

"What was all that?" he was grilled by Paula the second he came in. "Did she think we were going to do something?"

"Yeah," he said sounding rather embarrassed, "I told her otherwise, she didn't believe me."

Paula shifted uncomfortably in her spot, "That's cool...so...about that promise?"

Ness blushed, it would seem that was happening to him a lot lately. "It wasn't going to be anything like that!" he sounded shocked.

"And why not? Is there something wrong with me?" she snapped, cocking her head in a demeaning way.

He was about to get apologetic but she finally got on his last nerve. It was bad enough she got him talking about his family issues, now she was implying that he would take advantage of her based on what little he knew of her. "You want to know what that 'promise' was going to be? You have to promise to work on your vicious attitude. And yes, there is something wrong with you, but it's nothing personal, I don't know who you are. What I do know about you, makes me not want to get that close." He flipped his switch off, leaving only the outside front light for vision in his room. "Here's a blanket," he said as he grabbed an extra from his shelf, "Don't talk to me until morning." He tossed her said blanket and retreated to his bed, getting deep into his covers.

A few minutes of silence passed until he heard something. It was similar a sound to the one he heard coming from his mother's room from time to time, except this one wasn't muffled by a door. It was unmistakable, it was sniffling. 'You idiot,' he said internally. 'She's crying...isn't she...' he rubbed his face and listened closely. He only wanted to make a point without cutting her like a knife, but he may have gone too far. Once again Ness had forgotten her situation; Paula was pretty much alone in the world and flat out telling her 'yes' there was something wrong was really insensitive. If he was expecting her to show him compassion, he figured he'd have to go out of his way to show it to her. "I'm sorry," he said, face turned slightly toward the sound of the stifled sobbing.

"No...I'm messed up...I'm sorry." Her head laid on her sweater on the table, the place she was granted to sleep for the night.

"We both are then. I forgot that we're in this together, you're under the same stress as me. Being a bit rough around the edges is how you deal with it. I bet if we met under different circumstances, I wouldn't have said what I did. Probably would have said the opposite..." He felt that smoothed things over nicely.

"Thank you, Ness. I'll have to mark down all the nice things you say, so when I start flipping out I can reference them to cheer me up." She giggled, "I think we're going to do alright...what do you think?"

He thought, "...that we should go check the meteor out again tomorrow. Picky sent me a text earlier that got me thinking," he said and sat up some, "The police aren't paying any attention to the meteor, they're focusing on the Sharks. The thing is still really hot, but no one's doing anything about it."

Paula sat up and looked in his direction, clearing her eyes, "Really? That is odd," she sounded worried. "As soon as the sun is up, we should head out." They slept surprisingly well, despite their current situation, and headed out the next morning as planned. Paula shivered as her feet slogged through the wet grass. The dew of the cliff was particularly cold first thing in the morning, the wind didn't help any. "Maybe the rain cooled Onett down," she said. The gentle sound of rain had fallen upon them before they dozed off the night before.

"Here's hoping it cooled the Sharks down too," he said. When they finally got there they could see the meteorite was still glowing. "It's been two days, why is this still hot?"

"Maybe it's not a meteorite. It could be disguised as a space rock to stop people from tampering with it, this very well could be the ship the time traveler came in." As she said this her vision turned over to the small burial site they made for Buzz-Buzz. A small twig served as a marker. "He had a lot of information for you, it's a shame he's gone. Now we're going to have to play a lot of this journey by ear."

"Journey? You mean travel?" he sounded sad. Not only had his father left, but it was beginning to sound like he'd be leaving too. He didn't know if parting with his mother was going to be easy.

"I'm not sure. All I know is that we have a lot of ground to cover. Maybe it's because we have to look for the other two-who am I kidding-I know we have to look for them..." she said and sat on the ground next to the 'meteor'. "I wonder where they're at." In frustration she kicked the rock. Paula usually had dreams that gave her guidance on her next move. Unfortunately, the dream she had last night didn't reveal anything else about Buzz-Buzz and the message he had; it didn't make any sense at all she felt. It was truly looking hopeless from her point of view.

"Did you hear that?" Ness said and went to the spot she kicked, there was still a wet footprint on it. "Look," he said and pointed.

"I left a boot print, I doubt I broke anything." Her sun dress was oddly accompanied by a large pair of black boots. They looked nice, but still out of place with her current ensemble.

"No, look. The water isn't evaporating. It's supposed to be hot, right?" He knelt down next to the rock and slowly reached his hand into one of it's craters.

"Good eye," she complimented him.

As his hand made contact with the surface of the glowing meteor it seemed strange to the touch. "...it's not hot at all. It's warm..."

"Maybe there's a hatch," she went to make contact and received a shock. "Or not..." She tried again in a different spot and received the same shock treatment. "I guess only you can touch it."

Ness laughed out loud, "Really? Only me?" he chortled.

Paula rolled her eyes, "I bet you're really proud of yourself for that one."

"Oh, I am," he smirked and reached in as far as he could, pleased his video-game logic paid off. "It feels like a man-made...bee-made, structure." Unintentionally knocking something, the whole rock began to hum and whir with metallic sounds. "Please don't explode," he said and cringed as he backed away with Paula.

The pod opened and revealed the inner workings; it was a full scale ship, sized for a bee. A few more pieces moved and spun until there was a long rod sticking up from the middle of the device. Ness looked at Paula, who was as equally as confused as he was. The long rod lifted two equal length arms out at it's sides and the webbing in the middle acted as a screen. It lit up with a tall slender man sitting in a chair, nothing else. Giving it another go, Ness poked the screen in hopes that it would play, it did.

"Ness, I'm sorry I couldn't be there to tell you this in person, but time is running short." He and Paula sat down to watch the screen from the grass. The man continued, "If you're watching this, it means I've died on my journey to the past, so you must listen carefully; your adventure to defeat Giygas begins now. To be victorious, your own power must unite with the Earth's. In the end, Earth will channel your power and multiply it. I know a lot of this doesn't make sense, but please continue listening. There are eight points that you must visit, make those places your own. Each of these locations is called your 'Sanctuary'. For now, the only one I know of is near Onett. It is called "Giant Step."

"Giant step? That's on the other side of town," Ness said, knowing the other side of town wasn't that far. Onett was a small enough town that if you stood on one side, you could have a yelling match with someone on the other side.

"We should go there after this," Paula said, staring at the man on the screen.

"You are a very intelligent young man, but I don't know if I want to trust you with the fate of the world. I know there's no choice as of now, so I must." His image said and he held up something in his hand, the glowing stone. "...it is the Sound Stone. You can record the vibrations of the planet from the eight 'Sanctuary' locations, it is an awesome item. It'll be a lot smaller when you first see it," he said and placed it into his bag, which was the size of a thimble. The stone shifted and shrunk as it sunk into the small sack. "Holding the two nodes on either side of the bag for five seconds will reset the size and you can use the stone as normal." Paula smacked her forehead.

As he finished doing all this, he was seen to pull a lever. When pulled, he was surrounded in a brilliant show of electricity. The man shrunk into a small form and landed on the table in the corner of the video. It was a bee. He walked in front of another camera and his bee-like image magnified and appeared on screen. "I can only time travel in the smallest of forms, so I have chosen a bee. They have venom and will expend their last effort to protect their hive, even though it means they will draw their final breath doing so. I feel that this is what I'm doing, it suits me well. Ness," he said, "My code name is Buzz-buzz, and I have done my best to get this piece of equipment to you, I hope it finds you well. Don't let us down. The Apple of Enlightenment has predicted that you existing is the only way to stop Giygas, lending you power is how we will seal his fate. Live, Ness, find the sound locations." Then the video terminated and the rod projecting it went up in smoke.

Paula laid back on the grass. "Sanctuary? And the first one is up on 'Giant Step'?"

"Apparently." Ness stood and brushed the loose grass from his clothing. "With any luck the locations of these places are probably in some sort of pattern, scattered over the planet." Again, video-game logic.

"Possibly...we could always hope for a ground pattern in this country alone," she said while pondering.

"...Know what's worse? Giant Step is where the Sharks hang out. We'll be cutting right through their territory." He looked off in the direction of the first 'Sanctuary', which didn't seem to be living up to it's name, it wasn't very safe.

Paula huffed, "Is there a time they leave? Like, to go home for the night?"

"They keep a lot of stuff there, it's probably watched overnight by someone." He tapped a finger on his jaw, deep in thought. "Maybe if we went in the back...but then we'd have to scale the cliff."

Paula drew a deep breath and her arms fell and flopped at her sides, "Got any rope?" she said with a ruthful smile. After a few minutes of back and forth on why it was a bad idea, it was decidedly the only way to avoid a Shark encounter. They were really moving up in the world, whether they wanted to or not, literaly.

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