I Do Not Own Avatar: The Last Airbender

This story doesn't really have a setting, but Aang and Azula are off on their own fighting, while Sokka and Katara fight Mai and Ty Lee.

I have no plans at all to continue this, I just thought it would be a funny scenario and had to share it.


Katara growled as her stream of water missed the acrobatic girl, but they widened in worry as she closed the distance, and jabbed her fingers into specific points of her body.

Katara's eyes widened as a rush of intense pleasure shot through her body, bringing her to her knees.

"Oops," Ty Lee said, staring at the girl moaning in ecstasy.

The waterbender's moans were loud enough to draw the attention of the other two fighters, Mai, and Katara's brother Sokka.

As a wet patch of cloth became visible at the waterbender's crotch, Mai asked, genuinely curious, "Ty Lee, what did you do?"

The acrobat sheepishly looked at the other two. "I may have accidentally given her a, rather powerful, orgasm."

The two stared at Ty Lee in shock, before Sokka said, "You mean my sister is...EEEWWWWW! GROSS!"

As the water tribe boy was freaking out about witnessing his sister experience an orgasm, Mai looked at the still writhing waterbender. "How long will that last?"

"Ten minutes," was the sheepish answer.

Mai turned to look at her friend.

"First bit of privacy we get, you are doing that me."


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