If Amy and Elder were more 'lovey-dovey' then this the story if she was got pregnant with Elder's kid.


"I'm what?" I ask confused, and then a horrible thought crosses my mind "wait, is it El-"

Kit cut's me off with, "Yes its Elders, would you like me to tell him?"

"No, would you like me to help you pack?"

"I would but im done"

"Ok, just remember, get down stairs in 40min."


As I leave the room still shoked I com-link Elder to ask him where he is.

He picks up and right away asking "Amy are you alright?"

And then I replie slowly with "I don't know, but where are you, and why do you jump to conclusions?"

His confused resposne is "Because i'm worried about you you seem, different, and I'm in the captins chair, why?"

"I'll tell you when get down there ok?"


On my walk down to the 'contingency' room I ponder how I will tell him that i'm pregnant. I still can get MY head wrapped around it!

But all too soon i am there and I still haven't found out how to tell him. Lucky it takes a couple minutes to get there and I come up with a good plan.

I weave my way thought the crowd carrying spindles, clothing,and baby caragies, thinking I might need one in just under a year.

And then I see him, wondering how i wasn't struck with how handsome and caring he was when we first met-I just brushed him of.

Just then he sees me, those beautiful eyes light up and he loses his train of thought, stumbleing when he is talking to the new top shippers and hastily excuses him self to talk to me.

"Amy, what's wrong?" He gently asks me before he sees I'm crying. When he does he closes the gap between us and kisses me lightly on the lips.

When I pull away, slighty catious of the stares that we were getting I ask, "How do you feel about being a father?"