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(There's a lemon in this chapter. its in italics)

Elders Point of view.

"Amy? Amy!" I speak, gentaly shaking her shoulder. When she does not respond, I sigh and place her in my chair.

"Ok, Mr Martin, Is this Earth. Is this your earth?"

"Y-yes-ss" he stutters before falling to his knees.

After 3 minutes of scilence, I hear the most musical voice saying the most dreaded thing. "This is bad."

I turn toward my fiannce, and look into her eyes, so much different from the eyes I made love to all those nights ago.

She kissed me. She kissed me.

Not any of the other men on this ship.

She slowly pulls away, and rests her hands on my chest.

I want to kiss her this time, but I have to ask her something.

"Amy?" she looks up into my eyes and I see only one thing in them. Longing. "Its not safe on this level. Will you stay in my room?"

Instead of answering, she wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me. I let my tonge press along the line of her lips. she parts them and we start a battle in our coneted mouths.

We pull apart, breathless and she rests her chin on my shoulder.

I do the natural thing and pick her up bridal style and carry her up the elevator and then into my room.

Laying her down in my bed, I realise how messy my room is, but before I can blush, she pulls me down and kisses me with the most passion yet.

Before I can respond to what my hands are doing, I've stripped amy of her tunic and under shirt and she's pulling mine off of my shoulders, my hands run along the top of the leggings that cling to her small frame.

She throws the most recentaly removed clothing away towards the door. We watch it fall and then simultaneously look at each other, "Are you ready?" i whisper in the near darkness.

I feel her hands slide out from under me, and then work their way down. as my legings slide down around my ankels and kick them off as she whispers back. "Yes."

I flip us over so shes on top, and slowly pull the cotton underwear off of her. She moans as the bluge in my underwear presses agaist her.

Seamingly of their own accord, my underwear is off, and we are flipped over again.

I slide my hands against her chest and hear her atempt to stop her moan.

She can't hold it in as my mouth laches around her nipple, and my other hands rubs the other one.

"Don't tease me!" she sighes and I move my mouth back up to hers.

I place the tip right at her opening and slowly push my way in.

I feel tears form in her eyes and double the passion i'm pouring into our kiss.

After a moment I can feel how much she wants this, and slowly pull myself out a little before pushing back in.

The sharp points of her nails dig into my back as I speed up our love-making.

Her nails rack down my back as I feel her opening flush out and constrict around me, forcing me to cum and collapse onto her.

"I love you Elder."

"I love you Amy."

All this comes back to me as I look into her eyes.

Just then, I relised how lucky I was to have her as mine, and then, in front of the co-captins and Amy's family, I kiss her.