Loggerhead is safe the Virals are together and things aren't going that badly for once. Until new problems arise, and Tory and Ben's parents start to worry about their children's antics. Sorry not a great summery but please read and review. Sorry I have a few cuss words, but I don't really like using them that much just as the characters would.

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Ben's POV

After everything that had happened over the summer school was really mild, and by mild I mean so boring that I thought I was going to go nuts. I didn't like having to sit still and listen to a teacher drag on about how Photosynthesis works in plant cells. I never really liked Biology, but don't get me wrong I was pretty good with school. I liked figuring things out and learning odd, interesting things. Still I wasn't like the other Virals I wasn't a total genius at anything and honestly the only thing I thought I would ever be good at was handling Sewee and even that was a little iffy at times.

Finally the lunch bell rang. I packed up my bag and was just about to get out the door when my teacher called for me.

"Ben, could I see you for a moment?" I fought a curse turning around to go back to the teacher's desk when some d-bag decided to shoulder me as hard as he could.

"What's your problem?" I asked, fighting the urge to throw him thru a wall. He was a jock a stupid meat headed jerk who thought he could do whatever he wanted because his daddy had deep pockets.

"You talkin' to me Island trash?" the jock asked puffing up like he would even know how to throw a punch. Everyone called me and the other Virals Island trash or something to do with the fact we all lived on an island and our parents were all scientists at the loggerhead research institute.

"Hey Dan cool it." A voice came from beside me. I turned to see the king of the meat head, pretty boy, jocks.

"Why don't you stay out of it Jason." I snapped.

"Come on Dan." He said not answering me but grabbing his friend to go. I wanted to pound him into a meat pie, guys like him always drove me nuts, and ever since Tory came along Jason was my least favorite (well I guess Chance was my least favorite but he didn't go to Bolton anymore). Just because they were rich didn't mean they could have whatever they wanted, my brain chimed in, especially not Tory.

Damn. I thought Shut up! I did not like Tory she was a friend that was it, but somehow she was so… different, she was funny, smart, brave. Stop it! I thought.

"Ben." The teacher called interrupting my inner cranial argument.

"Yes Ms. White." I said as politely as I could manage (although it still came out half in a growl).

"Is there something bothering you Ben?" she asked Oh no I failed the test! I thought.

"Why do you ask?" I said praying I was wrong.

"Well you seem tense lately, and just now…"

"Oh." I said "I've just had a lot on my mind lately."

"Well if you need to talk to someone I'm here, and if you don't want to talk to me…"

"I'm fine really." I insisted.

"Ok I just wanted to see if you could get this to Miss Brenan." She held out an envelope addressed to Tory. Yes! I didn't fail the test!

"Sure." I said

"Thank you." She said and I turned to walk away "And Ben," I turned back. "Don't worry about what that boy thinks; you and your friends are some of my best students." She said like every other teacher who ever overheard some brat jerking us around. I just nodded and went out to lunch.

"Hey Ben." The voice came from behind me. It was Val Lawson, unlike most of Bolton's students she wasn't half bad she was in my grade she had black hair and blue grey eyes, she liked Paranormal stuff like ghosts, which explained why she handed me a flyer for the Old City Jail ghost tour. "I got a job at Bull Dog, and they handed me these to give out here, the tours really cool, you should come sometime the coupon gets you five bucks off." She said. I thought about the last time I had been on a ghost tour it was with a couple who later tried to kill me and the other Virals, at a place where we were almost killed a couple of times by booby traps, and found a dead body while searching for Ann Bonny's Treasure. To be honest a ghost tour was not my best option for a good time but I took the flyer anyway I didn't want to be mean to the only reasonably nice, non Viral, at my school.

"Thanks I'll think about it." I said

"Ok I'll see you later." Val said before walking off.

I made my way to the cafeteria, got something that resembled food and found the other Virals out in the court yard lined up on a short wall. The Virals consisted of Shelton Devers, Hiram (Hi) Stolowitski, Victoria (Tory) Brennan, and me Ben Blue. Shelton was the resident one man geek squad, he was small, thin and stringy, he wore thick black glasses, had chocolate colored skin and could probably build a super computer with a broken cell phone and a couple paper clips. Hi was a short, plump, aspiring standup comedian, he liked to make random references to pop culture and was an expert in sarcasm. Tory is the newest member of our rag tag team of misfits she is also the youngest, the only girl, and the fearless leader of the Virals. In fact none of us would be Virals without her and her knack for major trouble. See she came to loggerhead about a year ago and a short six months later we all broke into our parent's work place and rescued a wolf dog pup named Coop, within the next few days we all got insanely sick, eventually the bad stuff subsided but we were left with some really weird side effects. We called them flairs, because it felt like a huge flair going off and heightening all our senses, and making us a heck of a lot stronger and faster. We used these mysterious abilities to solve a murder and avoid getting killed by two psychos who had at one point went to our school (Chance being one of them), we then barely got out of trouble before we risked our lives and our secret multiple times to find Ann Bonny's treasure and save the loggerhead institute (I doubt even the devil has that kind of luck). Tory was average height with Red tingly hair, pale skin that seemed to be starting to get used to the Charleston sun, and beautiful emerald eyes that I had seen reflect her brave, stubborn, and intelligent nature. I wasn't much compared to them I'm not all that smart, I'm the oldest but mostly I'm just the only one who can drive. I got my looks from my Sewee decent I had tan skin, black hair and dark brown eyes.

"Hey guys." I said

"Hey Ben." Tory said.

"Oh Tory." I said setting down my things and giving her the envelope "Ms. White gave me this to give to you." she looked at the envelope.

"Ohhhh… Tory's in trouble." Hi said as Tory opened it. She pulled out some papers,

"Well what is it?" Hi asked Tory looked over the papers and refolded it before stuffing it back in the envelope.

"Nothing just a letter about a scholarship." She said but we all knew that wasn't it by the look on her face. "Anyway, I have to get to the library to look up some stuff for my history report." She said gathering her book bag and trash from her lunch.

"I'll go with you." I said without really thinking about it first. "I need to work on a Biology report." I added quickly.

"Ok." She said waiting for me to get my stuff up before we left. "So what the report on?" I asked as we made our way down the hall

"Historical Buildings in Charleston." She said. "I can't seem to think of anything that isn't already taken."

"Well what's taken?" I asked.

"Um, Fort Sumter, a bunch of old houses, something about a mill house." I laughed at her extensive knowledge of Charleston. "What?" she demanded.

"You mean the Mills House Hotel?" I said.

"Oh, yeah that was it. Since you're such an expert maybe you can think of something."

"Well what about Fort Moultrie?" I said.


"How about the bunkers? That would be cool and it was a fort." I said.

"Hi is in my class, we flipped a coin to figure out who could do that one, he won."

"Oh, umm what about this." I said holding up the flyer Val gave me.

"That's perfect!" she half squealed and sped the rest of the way to the library with me trailing after her. By the time I caught up she was already on a computer I took the seat next to her. "Ben you are a genius!" she said. "This place is nutty with history, and it's not taken yet."

"You're easily impressed aren't you?" I said. She smiled, she had a nice smile.

"Weren't you going to do some essay or something?" I was already mostly done with the essay but I pulled out the paper anyway.

"If you want we could take the tour sometime." I said. "I'm sure the ghost stories will be the best way to weed out the most interesting facts." I said

"You don't have to…" she started to say.

"I think it'll be fun." I said cutting her off.

"Will your dad let you?" she asked referring to the fact that unlike her dad the other Viral's parents weren't giving up on controlling us. However my dad was pretty lenient as long as I didn't let mom know (she was not happy that dad "allowed" me to do such dangerous things).

"Yeah, still we should probably sign up for the earlier one." I said.

"What about the others?" she asked.

"We'll have to see but I think it'll be cool." He said.

"Ok and thanks." She said. The bell rang and I realized I hadn't eaten any lunch, but at that particular moment I didn't really care.

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