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"What are you talking about Tor?" Ben asked softly rubbing my back and being the amazing best friend that I didn't deserve.

"Nothing" I said wiping my eyes. "Forget I said anything."

"Tory what do you think is your fault?" he insisted. We heard the argument outside our parents against the Agents.

"We should probably get out there before they kill each other." I felt Ben's eyes on me. So I looked at him meeting his gorgeous brown eyes, silently willing him to drop it.

"Fine but you owe me an explanation." I smiled slightly, giving my silent thanks. He stood pulling me to my feet as well. As we came out of the bathroom we met the fire fight of words between my dad, Agent Sharp, the other agent, and Ben's mom. Dad stopped upon seeing me and rushed over.

"Are you ok Tory? what happened? Why were you crying?..." he would have gone on for longer but I cut him off.

"I… I just got a little over emotional I guess, I just needed a minute to pull myself together." Dad looked as if he were about to start arguing but I cut him off again. "I'm fine. Really."

"Well we're leaving!" Ben's mom said. "If you want to ask my son any more questions you can speak with my lawyers."

"It's not that big of a deal mom." Ben said but his reasoning went absolutely nowhere.

"Yes it is Benjamin no one is going to speak to my son as if he is a common criminal. I don't care if they are federal agents. Now let's go." Ben tried to argue but caught my eye first nodded telling him to go. He sighed but gave in.

"Come on Tory we're leaving too." I didn't argue ether I simply let him lead me outside and into the car. I was surprised to find that it was already one in the after noon. I said a silent prayer that Shelton and Hi had better news from the loony bin.

I signed back onto the chatroom and sent a message to the guys.

Alphawolf: meeting at the bunker tonight 9:30. Ben's response came in first.

Lilboiblue: can we make it ten? Gotta sneak around mom.

Alphawolf: you don't have to come if it'll get you into trouble, we could just put you on video chat.

Lilboiblue: You can't get rid of me that easy Brenan. Make it ten and I'll be there.

Alfawolf: fine but be careful you can't go with me to the stupid sociopath society if you're grounded.

Lilboiblue: I wouldn't bet against me if I were you Tor.

Alfawolf: of course not if you were me I wouldn't be so concerned.

Lilboiblue: you're hilarious Brenan.

Alfawolf: I'll be here all week.

Larryduckableguy: logged on

Larryduckableguy: He wasn't there.

Alfawolf: you made it!

Larryduckableguy: We just got out, the place looked like a set for Men in Black and when we asked about Chance we got the run around. We snuck farther in and none of the other patients have seen him in a week or more. If he is still there they've got him locked up somewhere super-secret.

Lilboiblue: what do you mean 'Men in Black'?

Larryduckableguy: Oh come on! Even you have to know that one it's a classic movie!

Lilboiblue: I know the movie! I was asking why you made the reference.

Larryduckableguy: There were government stooges all over the place, none of them funny as Will Smith.

Alfawolf: do you know why.

Larryduckableguy: I'm pretty sure they're there because of Chance they got pretty jumpy when we brought him up.

Alfawolf: Can you guys get to the bunker at 10?

Larryduckableguy: can do.

Lilboiblue: gotta go see ya tonight.

Lilboiblue: logged off.

Larryduckableguy: so what's this about you going to one of your social torture sessions with our little Benji?

Alfawolf: I'll see you tonight Hi.

With this I logged off.

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