Me: just a little drabble. It's really short.

Ty stared at Deuce and glared at the cookie in the other boy's mouth.

That damn chocolate cookie is taking up all my time! Ty said to himself as he once again glared at the cookie. Deuce didn't notice a thing because he was so focused on his favorite snack, a chocolate chip cookie, and he wanted the moment to last. Ty continued to stare at Deuce and fuel his hatred for the cookie. After a while, Ty had had enough. He grabbed Deuce by the shoulders and made him face him with the cookie hanging from mouth. He brought his mouth to the other boy's slowly and bit the treat in half.

"H-hey!" Deuce said whining at the loss of his snack.

"It's your own fault. You gave a cookie more attention than me." Ty said as he kissed Deuce on the lips. " That damn chocolate chip cookie. "

Me: It was just an idea I had in my head. Hope you guys liked it.