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"Aye Deuce!" Ty said walking through Crusty's front door, disturbing customers I might add.

"I told you not to bother me when I'm working." Deuce said while whipping off the counter and trying to ignore his boyfriend.

"But I'm borrred!" The other boy wined. Deuce sighed.

"Go hang out with Gunther."

"I'd rather not have another lecture about "the importance of sparkles"." The other boy laughed.

"Well I get off work in an hour so wait till then."

"Hmm...No." Ty said pulling Deuce in for a kiss. He grabbed the back of this head and ran his other down Deuce's leg, resting back on his rear. The Latino boy let him have his way for a few seconds but the pushed him away.

"Working~" Deuce sang as he ran back into the kitchen. Once again, Deuce had left him hot and bothered.

"Damn job..." Ty sighed, leaving the restaurant and ignoring the awkward stares from people.

Me: I wish had a boyfriend to bother me... T-T